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Updated January 27, 2015 - 11:24 PM EST
Israel Attacks Syrian Army Posts Along Golan
CIA’s Syria Rebel-Arming Program in Tatters
  ISIS: Japanese Hostage, Jordanian Pilot Have Less Than 24 Hours
  Kurds Claim Victory Over ISIS in Kobani Fight
  Assad Seeks Agreement on US Airstrikes in Syria
Militias Kill 70 Civilians After Iraq Retakes Diyala
  Controversy as Canadian Troops Get Into More Fights With ISIS
US Resumes Drone Strikes in Yemen, 3 Killed
  Yemen Chaos Forces Closure of US Embassy to Public
Secret 'BADASS' Program Spied on Smartphones
  US Spies on Millions of Cars
Militants Hit Power Line, Black Out All of Pakistan
FBI Charges Three Russians Over Spying Plot
Army: Bergdahl Reports Untrue, No Decision Made
Former CIA Officer Sterling Convicted in Leak Case
Rand Paul: Sanctions Would Ruin Iran Negotiations
Putin: Ukraine Army Is a 'NATO Legion'
If Anyone Needs Me, I'll Be in Prison  by Barrett Brown
NYT Is Lost in Its Ukraine Propaganda  by Robert Parry
NSA Was Not the Only Government Agency to Spy on You  by Ivan Eland
The Persians Are Coming!  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Don't Torture in My Name  by Andre Dion
Drones and the New Ethics of War  by Neve Gordon

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Gen. Dempsey Sponsors Essay Competition to Honor Saudi King
Saudis Carry Out First Beheading Under New King
Saudi Succession Hints at Shift in Foreign Role
Flying 'Quad Copter' Triggers White House Alert
Israeli Intel Unit Drops Soldiers Who Refused to Spy on Palestinians
Interview: Syria's President Speaks
Syrian Opposition Starts Talks in Moscow, Expectations Low
Assad Rejects Syria Opposition 'Puppets' as Moscow Talks Begin
Japan Enlisting Jordanian Help in Securing Hostage Release
Syrians Risk Everything in 'Ghosts Ships' Sailing From Tourist Spot
215 Killed in Iraq, Including Civilians Executed by Shi'ite Militiamen
Gunshots Fired at Emirati Plane on Landing in Baghdad
Iraq Invasion 2003: The Bloody Warnings Six Wise Men Gave to Tony Blair as He Prepared to Launch Poorly Planned Campaign
Iran Nuclear Deal Unlikely by March as Significant Gaps Remain, Official Says
Iran Just Canceled Its Space Program
Did Israel Find Iranian General in Syria by Cell Phone?
Israel's US Envoy: PM's Planned Congress Speech 'A Sacred Duty'
Boehner: Netanyahu Invitation Did Not Blindside White House
Quartet Envoys Urge Action on Humanitarian Situation in Gaza
Yemen Shi'ite Militia Block Fresh Protest Efforts
Al-Qaeda Militants Kill Yemeni Soldier in Southern Yemen: Official
Greece's Syriza to Form Government With Right-Wing Party
Greek F-16 Crashes in Spain During NATO Exercise, Killing 10
EU Hawks Lead Calls for Tougher Sanctions on Russia
Security Review After Hoax GCHQ Caller Put Through to Cameron's Phone
Five Indicted in Kosovo on Terrorism Charges
Rock Concert, Rallies Overwhelm Germany's Anti-Islam Group
The War at Home
USAID Suspends IRD, Its Largest Nonprofit Contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan
GOP Senator Wants to Make Sure the Full CIA Torture Report Never Sees the Light of Day
GAO Auditors Question Pentagon Plan to Reduce Expenses
WikiLeaks Threatens Legal Action Against Google and US After Email Revelations
Female Guards File Discrimination Complaints Against Gitmo Judges
Toll of Filipino Commandos Killed in Rebel Clash Rises to 43
Philippines Says Deadly Clash a Mistake, Hopeful Peace Not Derailed
US Envoy Urges Thailand to Lift Martial Law
Afghanistan Launches Poppy Eradication Campaign in Former Taliban Stronghold
Mubarak's Sons Released From Egyptian Prison
Killing of Protester Prompts Rare Criticism From Egyptian State Newspaper
Over 100 People, Mainly Militants, Died in Fight for Nigeria's Maiduguri: Reporter
Congo Protests Expose Weakness of Kabila's Coalition
Central African Republic Rebels Free Eight Kidnapped Officials
Corruption Protest in Kenya's Maasai Mara Region Turns Deadly
Argentina to Dissolve Intelligence Body After Prosecutor Death
Argentina Says Journalists Safe After One Flees, Fearing for Life
Mexico Missing: Thousands March to Demand Full Investigation
Mexico Investigates Local Mayor After Journalist Murdered
Cuban Youth Build Secret Network Despite Wi-Fi Ban
Fidel Castro Appears to Lend Support to Cuba Talks With US
Dominican Republic
New Agreement Expands Military Training With Dominicans
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