The big pro-war think tanks and lobbying groups raise multi-millions to bamboozle the American people into supporting Washington’s foreign policy of perpetual war. They don’t have to make pleas on their web sites. They just have to make a few phone calls to a few oligarchs and the cash is on its way.

We, on the other hand, just have … you.

We only have our readers and supporters for the money we need to keep fighting the War Party. And our current fundraising effort has reached a crucial crossroads: a group of generous donors has contributed $21,000 on the condition that we match it with smaller donations.

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The question of war and peace is a matter of life and death.

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Updated February 24, 2015 - 11:21 PM EST
Massive New Spy Leak: An Overview
Mossad Contradicted Netanyahu's Iran Nuke Claim
  Iran Civilian Nuclear Limits Would Taper Off in Next Decade
Abbas and Israel Allied Against 2009 UN Probe
  Israeli Settlement Building Soared 40% in 2014
Justice Dept: We'll Go After ISIS' Twitter Army
  NSA Director Defends Maintaining Backdoors in Americans' Software
  CIA Plans 'Major' Cyber-Espionage Expansion
  Officials: US Carried Out Mock Mall Attacks to Test Readiness
ISIS to Declare 'Emirate' in Lebanon
Ukraine Won't Abide by Deal to Withdraw Heavy Weapons
Pakistanis Must Surrender Fingerprints or Give Up Cellphone
The President's Excessive War Power  by Ivan Eland
Mandatory Military Service for Congress  by Chad Nelson
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Snowden Releases Statement Following Citizenfour Oscars Win
VA Suicide Hotline Film Wins Oscar
Marine Found Guilty of Desertion for Disappearing in Iraq, Lebanon
UK Spies in US Terror Trial Must Be Faceless in Sketches: Judge
OSCE Says Ukraine Ceasefire Has Lowered Military Exchanges
Russia's Vladimir Putin Says War With Ukraine 'Unlikely'
Kiev Says Two Soldiers Killed, 10 Wounded in 24 Hours
Ukraine Rebels Celebrate Victory at Key City With a Festive Rally
German Govt 'Extremely Worried' No Full Ukraine Ceasefire Yet
Russia's Lavrov Accuses West of Trying to Dominate World
Russia's Military Budget May Shrink 10 Percent in 2015: Rostec
French President Hollande Vows Stiffer Penalties for Hate Speech
Germany Ready to Assist Lithuania in Tank Deal
Afghan Chief Executive Backs Taliban Peace Effort 'in Coming Days'
Afghan Refugees Are Pushed to the Exits in Pakistan
Two UK Troops in Afghanistan Ruled Killed by Friendly Fire in 2009
Thai Pair Jailed for Insulting Monarchy in Student Play
Egypt Minister 'Recorded Discussing Protest Crackdown'
Egypt Sentences Leading Activist to Five Years in Jail
Catch-22: Western Terrorism Alerts May Fuel Terrorism
Kenya Anti-Terror Laws: Court Scraps Main Clauses
Libya's Internationally Recognized Parliament Suspends UN-Mediated Talks
Boko Haram Violence Hits Fish Industry in NE Nigeria
Somalia: Majority of Capital Residents Feel Safer Than in 2013
Ivory Coast's Former First Lady Rejects Charges Over Election Violence
Ex-Child Soldiers in Colombia Face Their Tormentors
Dissidents Say as Many as 200 Arrested in Cuba
Venezuela's Ruling Socialists Target Another Opposition Leader
Global ISIS Reaction
New US Defense Chief Hints Little Change in ISIS Strategy
ISIS Uses Social Media to Groom British Muslim Girls: Think Tank
France Seizes Passports of Suspected Jihadists Headed for Syria
Family of US Aid Worker: Bergdahl Deal Emboldened Her Captors
Reported Plan to 'Invade' Iraq Last Year Rocks Australian Politics
New Zealand Prepares Troop Deployment; 68 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Moving to Retake Town From ISIS: US Officer
In Soldiers' Rescue, Turkey Plays Off Warring Sides in Syria
Four Killed in Twin Suicide Bombings South of Damascus
Syrians Slowly Return to Kobani After Kurds Win Back Border Town
Syria Says Must Be Part of Fight Against Antiquities Theft
Russia Offers to Sell Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Iran
South Africa Monitored Iranian Agents Under US Pressure, Spy Cables Show
South African Spies Wary of Iran Operations
Spy Cables: MI6 Intervened to Halt South African Firm's Deal With Iranian Client
Bomb Explodes Near Military Academy in Yemeni Capital: Security Sources
Egypt Shuts Embassy in Yemen Over 'Bad' Security
Israel Temporarily Cuts Power in Parts of West Bank, Citing Unpaid Palestinian Debt
US State Department Expresses Concern Over Israeli Power Cut to Palestinians
CIA Attempted to Contact Hamas Despite Official US Ban, Spy Cables Reveal
Israeli Cable Reveals South Africa Missile Theft Cover-Up
CIA Documents Sought on 1960's Transfer of Enriched Uranium From US to Israel
US Senate Democrats Invite Netanyahu to Meeting During Visit
Herzog, Livni to Haaretz Readers: We Don't Rule Out Arab Parties
Joint List Raises Arabs' Hopes for Upcoming Israeli Election
In Jerusalem, a Taste of Forbidden Fruit From Gaza
Middle East
Turkey to Make Long-Range Missiles Compatible With NATO Systems
Bomb Damages Bahrain Mosque as Police Detain 'Terrorist Cell'
Lebanese Satirist in Hot Water Over Claims He Defamed Islam
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