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Updated April 28, 2015 - 11:22 PM EDT
Iran Seizes Marshall Islands Cargo Ship
Al-Qaeda Advances, Captures Another Syria Base
  Set to Begin, US Plan for Syrian Rebels Already Mired in Doubt
  30 Police Killed in Heavy Fighting in Iraq's Ramadi
Dozens Dead as Taliban Overruns Afghan Province
  US: Gitmo Detainee Won't Be Released Because Afghan War Isn't Over
Food Shortages Mount in Blockaded Yemen
  Yemenis Wait for Aid as Airstrikes Continue
US, Japan Unveil New Military 'Guidelines' with Eye on China
  Effort by Japanese Government to Stifle News Media Is Working
  Where Japanese Fight a US Military Base With Kayaks
Obama Had Looser Rules for Drones in Pakistan
UN Report Blames Israel for Dozens of Gaza School Deaths
Sudan Accuses UN Troops of Killing 7 Civilians in Darfur
Miyazaki’s Beautiful Antiwar Dreams  by Dan Sanchez
Congress's Pathetic Charade on the Iranian Nuclear Deal  by Ivan Eland
The Pope Rebukes Turkey – and Should Challenge US and Israel  by Philip Giraldi
Syria's Nightmarish Narrative  by Robert Parry
The Swaggering Idiot: George W. Bush Returns  by Simon Maloy
Israeli City Revives Historic Mission to Keep Out Arabs  by Jonathan Cook

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Rand Paul: Ousting Saddam Was a 'Mistake'
Rand Who? GOP Hawks Look Past Paul
Uruguay Urges Former Guantanamo Detainees to Sign for Housing
Whistleblowers Back 'Surveillance State Repeal Act'
The War at Home
F-35 Engines From United Technologies Called Unreliable
New Red Alert for Billions-Over-Budget F-35 Fighter
2nd Navy SEAL Dies at Virginia Base
Rights Groups Criticize Senator Burr After Report He'd Called for Killing US Citizen
Army Seeks Gun Industry Help on M4 Carbine in Tacit Admission of Rifle's Flaws
Stating Security Concerns, Egypt Gags Media
Mubarak: Israel Tried to Deceive Egypt in Every Way
ISIS Kills Five Journalists Working for Libyan TV Station: Army Official
Opposition Says 1,000 Civilians Killed in Angola Clash With Religious Sect
Nigeria: Over 2000 Boko Haram Fighters Invade Borno Town
Niger Army Pushes Boko Haram Fighters From Island
Sudan's Al-Bashir Re-Elected With 94 Percent of Vote
Pro-Government Militia Seize North Mali Town After Battle
Three More Protesters Killed in Burundi Clashes
President Museveni: Train Ugandan Youths to Tackle Al-Shabab
EU Won't Send Armed Force to Ukraine Despite Clashes
Russia to Move Ukrainian Pilot From Jail to Hospital Over Weight Loss
Terrorist Attacks Bosnian Serb Police Station, Kills Policeman
Saudis Pound Arms Depots in Yemen
Yemen's Exiled Government Declares 3 Disaster Zones
Iranian General Accuses Saudis of Following in Israeli Footsteps
More Bombs for Baghdad; 148 Killed Across Iraq
Israel Denies Report It Struck Near Syria-Lebanon Border
Syrian Dissident Louay Hussein Flees to Spain
American Voters Back Iran Deal by Wide Margin
US's Kerry, Iran's Zarif to Meet at UN Anti-Nuclear Arms Conference
Iran Slams Israel, Nuclear Powers at UN Atomic Treaty Meeting
Top US Official Intimates UN Veto Policy on Israel Could Change
Netanyahu's Offer to Make Bennett Education Minister Irks Likud
Palestinian Christians Resist Israeli Conscription
Palestinian Indicted for Killing Israeli in Car-Ramming
Cops Beat Ethiopian IDF Soldier in Alleged Racist Attack
PM Abe's Party Eyes Revision of Japan Pacifist Constitution by Late 2018
Japan's PM Abe Says 'Heart Aches' Over WW2 Sex Slaves
Pakistan Military's Move on Karachi Seen Part of 'Creeping Coup'
Kazakhstan's President Wins Third Term
US Vets Come to Vietnam to Confront Past, and Find a Home
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