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Updated September 16, 2015 - 11:24 PM EDT
US Has '4 or 5' Syrians Left Fighting Against ISIS
  Pentagon Sees Russia Tensions 'Reshaping' Military Budget
  West 'Ignored Russian Offer in 2012 to Have Syria's Assad Step Aside'
US Training Helped Mold Top ISIS Commander
  38 Killed, Many Children, as Syrian Rebels Shell Aleppo
  120 Killed in Iraq; Turkey Warns of More Airstrikes
  Lebanese Official Absurdly Claims 2% of Syrian Refugees Are ISIS
Corker: Senate Could Override Veto on Sanctions
  Senate Leader Seeks to Tie Iran Vote to Recognition of Israel
Texas HS Has Muslim Teen Arrested for Building a Clock
US Drones in Yemen Killed More Civilians Than al-Qaeda
Egypt: Over 400 Militants Killed in Nine-Day Sinai Offensive
US Warns North Korea Over Nuclear Plant 'Provocation'
Maintaining American Supremacy in the Twenty-First Century  by Alfred McCoy
'Yemen After Five Months Looks Like Syria After Five Years'  by Michael Avender
Next Hurdle for Iran Deal: AIPAC's Plan B  by Jim Lobe
US Foreign Policy Goes Retro: Hating On Russia  by Justin Raimondo
It's Time for Israel to Disarm  by Alex Kane
US Insistence on Weak Encryption Puts Citizens in Harm's Way  by Trevor Timm

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Map Captures the Gigantic Size of US Military Spending
Emails Show Close Ties Between Heritage Foundation and Lockheed
Police Break Up Protest at US Embassy in Manila
Bergdahl Lawyer Wants Interrogation Made Public
Federal Court Lifts National Security Letter Gag Order; First Time in 14 Years
US Senate Democrats Again Block Iran Nuclear Deal Disapproval
The Iran Deal Ruined Rosh Hashanah, Senate Republicans Argue
Pope Francis Endorses Iran Nuclear Deal
UN Rights Committee Hears Appeal Over Post Reporter Held in Iran
Iran Firm Signs Deal With French Hotel Chain
Yemen Loyalists Say Advancing Against Rebels in Marib
Saudi Guard Killed in Yemen Border Firefight: Ministry
Hadi Appoints Several New Ministers to His Cabinet
Israeli Police Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque for a Third Day
Several Palestinian Groups Call for 'Day of Rage' Friday in Light of Temple Mount Clashes
Palestinians Expect 'Hundreds of Leaders' at UN Flag-Raising
Saudi FM: 'Zionist Enemy' Trying to Seize Al-Aqsa Mosque
UN: Israel-Palestinian Clashes a Threat Beyond Jerusalem
In East Jerusalem, Settlers Plant Their Flag Among Arabs
Israel Vows to Stop Palestinian Stone Throwers 'Using All Means Necessary'
Kuwaiti Court Sentences 7 to Death Over Shia Mosque Bombing
China Appears to Be Building Another Airstrip in the South China Sea
Wary of China, Japan and Vietnam Boost Security Ties
China Frees Activist Academic Before Xi Trip to United States
China Trying to Undercut Germany on Submarine Offer to Egypt
Blast Injures Eight Scouts in South Waziristan
Pakistani Soldier Killed by Fire From Indian Side in Kashmir
North Korea Confirms Restart of Nuclear Reactor
Thai Bomb Revenge for Trafficking Crackdown, Not Uighur Expulsion: Police
US, India Urge Restraint in Nepal Constitutional Debate
Ukraine Wants Western Weaponry if Minsk Deal Fails: Official
Next Test for Guatemala's Protest Movement: Improving Citizen's Lives
Operation Naked King: US Secretly Targeted Bolivia's Evo Morales in Drug Sting
Cuba's Castro to Travel to New York for UN General Assembly
120 Killed in Iraq; Turkey Warns of More Airstrikes
Saddled With 2 Million Syrian Refugees, Turkey Shows Signs of Strain
Assad Says Political Solution Possible Only After Terror Defeated: Russian Media
PKK Bomb Attack Kills Two Turkish Police Officers: Sources
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Hungary Shuts EU Border, Taking Migrant Crisis Into Its Own Hands
Hungary to Build Anti-Immigrant Fence on Romanian Border
Hungary Begins Mass Arrests
Asylum Seekers Start Hunger Strike as They Refuse to Leave Hungarian Border
Caught in No Man's Land Between Serbia and Hungary
Serbia Minister: Key Hungarian Border Crossing Has to Remain Open
Croatia Fears 'Spillover' After Hungary Shuts Border
Libya Peace Talks Hit Snag Over Proposed Deal Amendments
Libya's Internationally Backed Government May Block Exports by Some Oil Companies
Egypt Rejects Criticism Over Airstrike That Killed Mexican Tourists
Egypt Attack: Mexican Victims' Families Head to Cairo
Egypt Sentences 8 Alleged Islamists to Death for Killings
Kenyan Security Agents Behind 'Killings and Disappearances'
Ethiopia Says Hundreds of 'Eritrea-Backed' Rebels Lay Down Arms
Nigeria: Army Frees Women and Child Hostages of Boko Haram
Russia Opposes Sanctions on Rival South Sudan Generals
At Least Three Wounded at Congo Opposition Rally: Government
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Reads Wrong Speech at Opening of Parliament
Colombia's President: Venezuela Gestures Could Solve Border Spat
Venezuela Was Saved From a 'Pinochet,' Leader Says After Opponent Jailed
Poll: Half of Colombians Fear Venezuela War Over Border Crisis
The War at Home
Analysts Detail Claims That Reports on ISIS Were Distorted
Clinton PAC Ties Sanders to Venezuela's Chavez
Army Chief: Mistakes Behind Live Anthrax Shipments 'Correctable'
Brother of San Diego ISIS Fighter Charged With Lying to FBI
High School Cheerleaders Defend Controversial 9/11 Routine
Nun Who Vandalized Uranium Bunker Resentenced to Time Served
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