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Updated September 17, 2015 - 11:21 PM EDT
US Has '4 or 5' Syrians Left Fighting Against ISIS
  Russia Urges Talks With US on Cooperation Against ISIS in Syria
Centcom Chief Denies Skewing ISIS War Intel
  Counterspy Chief Dismisses Senate Questions About OPM Hacks
  CIA Declassifies Trove of Cold War-Era Intel Memos
Burkina Faso Military Coup, Dissolves Govt
Yemeni PM, Ministers Return From Exile to Aden
Key Senators Spurn Revisions to Iran Sanctions Bill
Ukraine Imposes Sanctions on East for 'Illegal Elections'
9th Grader's Arrest Is the Result of Endless Lies About Muslims  by Glenn Greenwald
14-Year-Old's Unconscionable Arrest  by Paula Young Lee
Why Do So Many People Want So Little From the Deal With Iran?  by Stephen M. Walt
For the State, Blowback Is a Feature, Not a Bug  by Kevin Carson
Israelís Unabashed Role in Syrian Refugee Crisis  by Ramzy Baroud
Hillary Pledges Unconstitutional War With Iran  by Bruce Fein

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Nobel Official: Obama Peace Prize Didn't Have Desired Effect
East Libya to Punish Oil Firms Backing Rival Govt
Russian Elton John Prankster Admits 'Putin Call'
Retribution Increases Against Those Aiding Human Rights Inquiries
Pentagon: F-35 Not Yet Combat-Ready
53 Killed in Iraq as Two Lawmakers Escape Kidnapping Attempt
Baiji Mayor Blames Govt for Iraqi Military Failure
Two Turkish Workers Kidnapped in Baghdad Are Released
Syria's UN Diplomat Supports Idea of Russian Airstrikes
Assad Calls on Syrian Rebels to Join Him in Fight Against ISIS
Russian Helicopters Spotted at Syria Airfield: US Officials
Netanyahu to Tell Putin in Russia: Military Aid to Syria Threatens Israel
ISIS Syria Advance Pushes France to Begin Air Strikes
Australian Jets Complete First Attack Against ISIS in Syria
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Syria's Assad Blames West for Refugee Crisis
Refugees Seeking New Route to Safety in Europe Could Be Forced Through Croatia Minefields
Border Closings Are Leaving Desperate Migrants Trapped in the Balkans
Factbox: Benefits Offered to Asylum Seekers in European Countries
Serbian PM Urges EU to React to 'Brutal' Hungarian Behavior
Refugee Crisis: Hungary Uses Teargas and Water Cannon at Serbia Border
Twenty Police, Two Children Hurt in Hungary-Serbia Border Clashes
Refugees Find Paths Around Hungary Amid Clashes on Blocked Border
Charities Say US Should Take Tens of Thousands of Syrians
Hungarian Riot Police Detain Migrants, Including 'Terrorist'
Avoiding Hungary, Migrants Leave Serbia for Croatia
UN Weighs Authorizing EU Migrant Mission in Libyan High Seas
Europol Tracking 30,000 Suspected People Smugglers
Croatian Demining Experts Sent to Border Area Crossed by Migrants
'The Nuclear Deal Will Also Benefit Jews in Iran'
Iran's Ayatollah Suggests He May Not Be Around in 10 Years
PKK Bomb Attack, Clashes Kill 12 in Southeast Turkey: Sources
Turkish Police Detain Executives in Gulen-Linked Operation
Israel's Chief Rabbinate Blasts 'Spiritually Dangerous' Christian Event in Jerusalem
Mohammed Allaan Resumes Hunger Strike After Israel Rearrests Him
Israel PM 'Declares War' on Stone-Throwers After Riots
Eminent Palestinian Sheikh Asserts Right to 'Self-Defense' on Temple Mount
Iceland's Capital Bans All Israeli Products
Middle East
Saudi Police Seize Suspected Militants With Guns and Suicide Vest
Arab Solidarity, Fear of Iran Bring Hi-Tech Gulf Troops to Yemen Desert
The War at Home
Ahmed Mohamed: No Charges for Boy, 14, Arrested Over Clock
7 Kids Not Named Mohamed Who Brought Homemade Clocks to School and Didn't Get Arrested
Google Forges Ahead With Data Encryption Despite FBI Warnings
Top Intel Lawyer Says Terror Attack Would Help Push for Anti-Encryption Legislation
Cornyn's Call for Special Counsel Ups Ante in Clinton Email Inquiry
FBI Keeps Telling Purely Theoretical Encryption Horror Stories
Federal Air Marshals Under Investigation for Filming Sex With a Prostitute While on Duty
Chinese-American Cleared of Spying Charges Now Faces Firing
Somali-American to Plead Guilty to Recruiting for ISIS
Pakistani Police Accuse Former Air Force Pilot of Helping al-Qaeda
Over 8,000 Suspects Arrested in Balochistan This Year
Pakistan Asks Germany to Revise Bilateral Agreement
Kerry: More Than Sanctions Needed to End N. Korean Threat
Afghan Taliban Says Leadership Dispute Resolved
Tajikistan Minister Nazarzoda Killed by Government Forces
Child Among Four Killed in Nepal in Police Firing at Charter Protest
Pro-Govt Malaysian Rally Raises Worry About Ethnic Tension
Victims and Activists Back Special Court on Sri Lanka War Crimes
Ukraine Extends or Applies Sanctions on 400 Individuals, 90 Legal Entities: Decree
Ukraine Bans Journalists Who 'Threaten National Interests'
Russia Says Kremlin Websites Targeted by US Hackers During Weekend Election
US Prosecutor to Be Stationed at Europol for Cyber Crimes
UK Navy Aims to Put Laser 'Death Ray' on Ships by 2020
Burkina Faso Presidential Guard Seize President and PM
Algeria Spy Chief's Ouster Renews Debate Over Presidency
Dissidents Expelled From Congo's Ruling Coalition
South Sudan Sanctions 'Blocked by Russia and Angola'
Rights Groups Accuse Angola of Crackdown After Activist Jailed
Cuba Seeks UN Vote to End US Embargo; Pope, Obama May Help
Finally Enjoying Freedoms, Cuban Catholics Press for More
Cuban Migrants Land on South Beach to Cheers: 'You Guys Made It, Bro!'
Mexican FM Urges Exhaustive Probe Into Egypt Tourist Deaths
Forensic Experts May Have Identified Second of 43 Mexican Students
Thousands of Mexican Families Mourn the 'Other Disappeared'
Venezuela Extends Border Crackdown to 3rd State
12-Year-Old Girl Killed by Dynamite Attack in Peru's Capital
Canada Govt to Press for Ban on Veil at Citizenship Ceremonies
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