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Updated September 18, 2015 - 11:23 PM EDT
The GOP Debate: Outsiders Versus Warmongers
  Fiorina's Military Would Cost an Extra $500 Billion (Plus New Nukes)
US-Trained Syrian Rebels Will Stop Fighting ISIS
  Syrian Warplanes Hit Aleppo Districts, Killing at Least 53 Civilians
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill 17 Civilians in Rebel-Held South
Senate Rejects Two New Anti-Iran Votes
  US Starts Carrying Out Iran Nuke Deal as Time Expires on GOP
  US Threatens to Re-Sanction Iranian Banks After Nuclear Deal
Pro-Saudi Forces Pound Yemen's Houthis
  Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemeni Capital, Killing Nine Civilians
Taliban Attack on Pakistan Base, Mosque Kills 42
PKK Commander: Ceasefire With Turkey Must Be Mutual
Netanyahu Claims 'Victory' as Israel Isn't Called to Join NPT
Burkina Faso Military Confirms Coup, Dissolves Govt
The GOP Debate: Outsiders Versus Warmongers  by Justin Raimondo
Here's What the Clock-Making Kid Should Ask Obama  by Dan Sanchez
It's Time to Break With Saudi Arabia's 'Kingdom of Horrors'  by Stanley Heller
Putin: Friend or Foe in Syria?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Are We Getting Somewhere on Tech Privacy?  by Lucy Steigerwald
Neocons Babble Over Syria Crisis  by Daniel Lazare

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Government Shutdown: House Wants 'Martial Law' Power to Pass Spending Bill
Bowe Bergdahl Planned Desertion, Prosecutor Claims
A Look at Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's Article 32 Hearing
US Sends Home Moroccan Held in Gitmo Since 2002
The Man Who May Unlock the Secrecy of the FBI's Controversial Subpoenas
64 Killed, 119 Wounded Across Iraq; Bombs Blast Baghdad
Iraqi Militia Leader Condemns Turks' Abduction, but Slams Ankara Policy
Finger-Pointing, but Few Answers, After a Syria Solution Fails
US and Russia Willing to Hold Talks on Syrian Conflict
Syrian Army Starts Using New Weapons From Russia
Syria Would Request Russian Troops if Needed but No Combat Troops Now: Minister
Syrian Refugee Crisis
EU Nations Pull Welcome Mats for Migrants, Imposing New Restrictions
German Spy Says Salafists Trying to Recruit Refugees
Slovenia Halts Trains to Stem the Flow of Immigrants From Croatia
For Syrian Migrants, Many Reasons to Leave Turkey for Europe
Hungarian Mayor Threatens Migrants in Homemade Action Movie
Croatia Puts Army on Alert as It Reels From Migrant Influx

Czech PM Says Can Help Thousands of Migrants; Still Rejects Quotas

Hungary Is Callous, Xenophobic, Anti-Muslim, UN Rights Chief Notes
In Egalitarian Sweden, Richer Regions Reluctant to Share Refugee Burden
EU Wants New Aid for Eritrea Soon to Help Stem Migrant Exodus
Spanish Enclave Offers Glimpse of Fortress Europe
Israeli Police Could Use Live Sniper Fire Against Palestinian Rock-Throwers Under Netanyahu Plan
Israel Threatens 'Grave Consequences' to Abbas Over UN Speech
Israeli Bus Catches Fire in East Jerusalem Attack
Brand New Palestinian City Opens Its Doors After Years of Delay
Saudi King Urges Obama to Stop Israeli Attacks on Temple Mount
Declassified CIA Missives Shed Light on Opening of Six-Day War
Over 10,000 March Against Terrorism in Turkey's Capital
Opposition Journalists Under Assault in Turkey
Turkey Seeks Up to 34-Year Jail Sentence for Erdogan Rival
Yemen Rebels Claim Capture of Saudi Troops, Show One on TV
Yemen Ministers Hold First Meeting After Return From Exile
Bahrain to Form Parallel 'Mini-Government'
Japan Takes Key Step to Passage of Security Bills Despite Protests
Drone Strike Targets ISIS Affiliated Militants in Afghanistan
Mullah Omar's Family Moves to End Taliban Leadership Dispute
US Commander Backs Challenging China Over Disputed Islands
China's Island Airstrips to Heighten South China Sea Underwater Rivalry
Pakistan Accuses India of Killing Three Civilians in Border Shelling
Three Attackers Dead as Gunmen Attack Pakistan Air Force Base in Peshawar
US Says More Sanctions a Possible Response to Any North Korea Launch
Motorcycle Blast Kills Two in Southern Thailand Bomb Attacks
US Says Concerned Over Barring of Candidates in Myanmar Vote
Nepal Approves New Constitution After Years of Debate
Somalia Bomb Kills Three Soldiers; Al Shaabab Claims Responsibility
Trial Against Alleged Somali Pirate Kingpin Begins
UN: Boko Haram Mayhem Has Displaced 1.4 Million Children
Soldiers Crush Protests as Military Seizes Power in Burkina Faso
Egypt Bans Publication on Killing of Tourists Investigation
Libya Coast Guard Seizes Tanker, Detains 12 Russians
Monitor: S. Sudan's Govt Violated Truce With Copter Attack
Nigerian Refugees in 'Atrocious' Situation in Niger: UN
Mozambique to Be Declared Free of Landmines: NGO
Guinea-Bissau President Confirms New Prime Minister: Decree
Russian Who 'Saved the World' Recalls His Decision as 50/50
Ukraine Backtracks on Some Media Sanctions After Backlash
UK Spy Chief Calls for More Powers to Fight Terrorism Threat
About 150 Youths Attack Police With Petrol Bombs in Athens
European Union Moves to Suspend Sanctions on Belarus
Cuba Has First Ambassador to US in Half a Century
Cubans to Welcome 'Socialist' Pope; Don't Expect Miracles
US, Cuban Diplomats Meet at Haiti Hospital to Provide Care
Colombian Rebels Step Closer Towards Becoming Legal Political Group
Mexican Police Capture Suspect in Disappearance and Deaths of Students
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Justin Raimondo
The GOP Debate: Outsiders Versus Warmongers

Lucy Steigerwald
Are We Getting Somewhere on Tech Privacy?

Dan Sanchez
No Peace Through Politics

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US Response to Syrian Civil War and Refugee Crisis Is Telling

Nebojsa Malic
America's 'Junkyard Dogs': Operation Storm, 20 Years On

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Questioning the Powerful

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

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