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Updated October 13, 2015 - 11:15 PM EDT
Afghan Taliban Sweep Continues, Nears Ghazni
New Syrian Rebel Faction Forms, US Vows Arms
  US Airdrops Weapons, Ammunition to North Syrian Rebels
  Syrian al-Qaeda Leader Urges Escalated Attacks on Alawites
  A 'Kaleidoscopic' Mix of Rebel Alliances on Syria's Battlefield
  Amnesty Accuses US-Backed Syrian Kurds of Demolishing Homes
NATO Says Will Help Turkey Against Russia
  Turkey: Concrete Evidence ISIS Involved in Weekend Bombings
Opposition MPs Barred From Iraq Kurdish Capital
Five Years Is Five Years Too Long: Free Julian Assange!  by Thomas Knapp
Russia Versus the United States in Syria  by Ivan Eland
The Debate the Democrats Should Be Having on Defense  by William Hartung
Make America Good Again  by Dan Sanchez
Will Sanders Challenge Clinton on Foreign Policy?  by Norman Solomon
Echoes of Afghanistan in Syria  by Paul R. Pillar

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Rand Paul: No-Fly Zone in Syria 'Could Lead to WWIII'
RNC Slams Clinton Over Supporting Iraq War in 2002
Hope Fades on Obama's Vow to Bring Troops Home Before Presidency Ends
No Jail Time Is Being Sought for Bowe Bergdahl, Lawyer Says
McCain Promises Hearing if Bergdahl Avoids Prison
86 Killed in Iraq Including Civilians in Airstrikes
ISIS Can Draw on Veteran Jihadists, Ex-Iraq Army Officers for Leadership
Iraqi Kurdish PM Fires Four Ministers After Violent Unrest: Spokesman
China Helps Iraq Military Enter Drone Era
Supply of US-Made Missiles Picks Up, Syrian Insurgents Say
2 Powerful Gulf Sheikhs Talk Syria With Putin
Saudis Tell Russia Its Actions in Syria Will Have 'Dangerous Consequences'
Syrian Refugee Crisis
German Conservatives Agree on 'Transit Zones' for Refugees
'Women Weep, Young Men Are Collapsing'
British Universities Offer Refuge to Academics Fleeing Syrian War
17 PKK Militants Killed in Southeastern Turkey
PKK to Keep to Ceasefire as Conflict Drags on in Turkey's Southeast
Tensions Rise Between Kurds and Turks in Germany
Iran Says Missile Didn't Violate Nuclear Deal
Iran Could Be Target for $1 Billion in Gasoline Sales, Once Sanctions Lift
Iranian Publishers Defy Frankfurt Book Fair Boycott
Yemen's Saleh Says Ready to Commit to UN Peace Terms
No Fuel Delivered to Yemen Despite President's Pledge: UN
Israel 'Wants Third Intifida': Palestinian Foreign Minister
In Apparent Defiance of Abbas, Fatah Leaders Visit Militant's Home
Six Wounded in Three Jerusalem Stabbing Attacks
Palestinian Youths Stab Israeli Boy of 13 as Violence Rages On
Netanyahu Accuses Arabs of Incitement in Wave of Stabbings
The War at Home
Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks Source, Sues Justice Department Over FOIA Documents
Women Will Likely Have to Register for the Draft, Army Secretary Says
Gunmen Shoot UN Doctor in Afghanistan
Two Americans Among Five Killed in Afghanistan Chopper Crash: Coalition
Suspected Japanese Spies Arrested in China
Thailand to Try Hong Kong Photographer for Possessing Flak Jacket
Protesters Vow to Disrupt India Launch of Book by Former Pakistan Minister
Russia Resumes Gas Deliveries to Ukraine
Dutch Safety Board Set to Say Mh17 Downed by Russian-Made Missile, but Not Point Finger
Kosovo Politicians Stage Teargas Protest in Parliament
Protesters in Kosovo Clash With Police Over MP's Arrest
In Moldova, Politics Is Literally Crap
Cyprus Peace Talks to Pick Up as 'Serious Work' Still Ahead
Swedish Police Called on a Beard Club Because They Were Mistaken for ISIS
Rebels Kill at Least 7 Civilians in Attacks in Eastern Congo
2 Tunisia Soldiers Killed in Clash With Jihadists: Ministry
Uganda Says to Start Troop Exit From South Sudan
Egyptian Court Releases Two Mubarak Sons From Prisonuters
Latest Attempt to End Guinea-Bissau's Political Crisis Collapses
Former Governor of Mexican State Shot Multiple Times
Guatemala: Mob Kills Village Mayor Over Attack on Rival
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