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Updated June 7, 2016 - 10:47 PM EDT
Fleeing Fallujans Tortured, Killed by Shi'ite Militias
  Militia Leader Accuses Iraqi Army of 'Betrayal' Over Fallujah
ISIS Hits Syrian Army in Hama Counterattack
  26 Civilians Killed as Syrian Airstrikes Hit Deir Ezzor Market
  UN: Offensive on ISIS City of Manbij Could Uproot 200,000 Syrians
UN Removes Saudi Coalition From Childkiller List
  MSF Charity Hospitals in Yemen Received 134 Casualties in One Day
Attack on Jordan Intel Office Kills Five
NATO Begins Largest E. Europe War Game Since Cold War
Sen. Rand Paul To Introduce Bill to End Selective Service
Clinton Accidentally Admits Drone Killings of Civilians Are War Crimes  by Ben Norton
Democrats Launch Severe Attack on Free Speech to Protect Israel  by Glenn Greenwald & Andrew Fishman
Permanent Mideast Intervention Won't Stop Terror  by Charles V. Peña
Muhammad Ali's Real Legacy: True Patriotism  by Ivan Eland
Will Hillary Clinton Get Favored Treatment?  by Ray McGovern
Libya's 'Chaos Theory' Undercuts Hillary  by Robert Parry

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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: I'd Eliminate NSA if Elected
Anti-US Base Assembly Members Win Majority in Okinawa Election
NY Governor Cuomo Created Blacklist of BDS Supporters
How Arabic Translator Got Caught in a Net Designed for Terror and Gang Leaders
Blair Camp Readies Its Defense to Chilcot Report
Campbell's in the Clear but Blair Left Sweating Over Chilcot
Russia to Finland: We Will Respond to NATO Baltics Activity
Ukraine Says Detained Frenchman Planned Attacks on Euro Soccer Championship in France
After EU Pressure, Macedonia Cancels Political Pardons
Romania Leftists Win Mayoral Election, Gear Up for Polls
Greece Discovers Huge Quantity of Opiates, Investigates ISIS Link
Berlin Rebuffs Turkey in Armenian Genocide Row After Green MP Receives Death Threats
Paris Evacuates 1,800 Migrants in Filthy Park to Shelters
Bangladesh Home Minister Suggests Israel Behind Spate of Killings
Bangladesh Bans Three on a Motorcycle After Killing of Policeman's Wife
Kazakh Police Kill Five More Aktobe Gunmen in Raid After Suspected Islamist Attack
Kazakhstan Accuses Businessman of Inciting Protests in Coup Plot
North Korea 'Appears to Reopen' Plutonium Plant: IAEA
Taiwan 'Won't Recognize' Any Chinese Air Defense Zone Over South China Sea
US Navy Slaps Drinking Ban on 18,600 Sailors in Japan
Will Turkey Modernize Pakistan's Attack Submarine Fleet?
Maldives' Former Vice President Jailed on Terrorism Charges
Venezuela Opposition in New Protests for Recall Vote
Jailed Venezuela Leader Says He Won't Negotiate Freedom
Venezuelan Woman Shot Dead During Latest Looting
Haiti to Redo Both Rounds of Disputed Presidential Election
Chile Takes River Dispute With Bolivia to UN Court in Hague
Bombings Continue in Baghdad; 75 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Has $1 Billion Worth of US Humvee Armored Vehicles
UN Backpedals on Syria Airdrops
Deadly Air Raid Hits Busy Market in Syria's Deir Ezzor
Russia Says Its Warplanes Did Not Hit Syrian Market in East: Agencies
Air Strikes, Turkish Shelling Kill Seven ISIS Militants in Syria: Media
Hamas Official: Palestinians, Not Israel, Need Security Guarantees
Israel's Artillery Brigade That Can Send Missiles Into a Living Room Window
Arab League Chief Claims Kerry Thwarted Strong French Initiative
Israeli Parliament to Decide if NGO Restrictions Also Apply to Right-Wing Groups
Israeli Group: 2nd Palestinian Attacker 'Executed' in Hebron Incident
Bennett Blasts Netanyahu for Supporting 'Land of Israel in Hebrew and Palestinian State in English'
Lieberman Calls on Bennett to 'Relax' and Work Within Governing Coalition
Netanyahu Admits Accepting $40,000 From Alleged Fraudster
Middle East
Yemen's Warring Sides Agree to Release Child Prisoners: UN Envoy
As Iran's Oil Exports Surge, International Tankers Help Ship Its Fuel
UN: Small Arms Imports to Middle Eastern Countries Doubled
Peacekeepers Linked to Grisly Murders in Central African Republic
UN Mulls Allowing EU to Search Boats for Illicit Arms Off Libya
Boko Haram Retakes Niger Town of Bosso: Mayor
US Wants Sanctions on Congo Leaders, Europe Not So Sure
Burundi Journalist Arrested, Feared Tortured, Radio Says
Jailed Nigerian Governor Alleges Misconduct by British Prosecutors
Opposition Says Two Protesters Shot Dead in West Kenya
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