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Updated July 13, 2016 - 11:24 PM EDT
US to Export $40 Billion in Arms in FY2016
  In Lawsuit, White House Argues Funding War Makes War Legal
US Split on Cooperating With Russia on ISIS War
  ISIS Reports Key Leader Killed South of Mosul
  Attacks on Baghdad Continue; 145 Killed in Iraq
Yemen Clashes Kill 44 as UN Seeks Talks
  Saudi ISIS Described as Poorly Trained but Well-Coordinated
Posters Pop Up in Pakistan Urging Military Coup
  Pakistan: US Drone Strike Killed Sought Militant Leader
Applied Research' Became CIA's Brutal Interrogation Program
China Rejects Tribunal, Vows to Defend Sea Claims
Russian Harassment and Other Fables  by Philip Giraldi
American Pravda: The Legacy of Sydney Schanberg  by Ron Unz
Being Black Palestinian: Solidarity as a Welcome Pathology  by Ramzy Baroud
Are We in for Another Increase in Military Spending?  by Lawrence Wittner
Hillary Clinton and Personal Honesty  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The West's War Games With Russia  by Tim Black

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Protests Erupt in Libya as UN Government Rolls Out Red Carpet
Amnesty: Egypt Uses 'Shocking' Tactics Against Dissidents
UN Assailed in Report by Kosovo Rights Panel
NATO, Russia to Meet After Alliance Troop Boost
Attacks on Baghdad Continue; 145 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Claims Deadly Checkpoint Attack Near Baghdad
ISIS Says 'Minister of War' Shishani Killed
36 ISIS Suspects Charged Over Peace Rally Attack
Turkey PM Yildirim Hints at Mending Ties With Syria
France Shuts Missions in Turkey After Security Threat
Germany Will Recall Soldiers From Turkey if MP Visit Blocked: Vice Chancellor
Israel Fumes at French FM for Meeting With Hezbollah Officials
Israel's Great Divide
Battalion Commander Says Hebron Soldier 'Didn't Tell the Truth' After Shooting
Israeli Military Chief Stands by Choice of Top Rabbi Who Implied Rape Is Permitted in Wartime
Saudi Arabia
Attacks in Saudi Arabia Bear Hallmarks of ISIS: CIA Head
New Generation of Saudi Jihadists Are Poorly Trained, Highly Organized
Boris Johnson Appointed Britain's Foreign Minister
New PM Urged to Respect Scottish Anti-Brexit Vote
Russia Offers to Fly Warplanes More Safely Over Baltics
Russia Bars Head of US Govt-Funded Media Agency
Taiwan, After Rejecting South China Sea Decision, Sends Patrol Ship
Indonesia Hopes Fishermen Can Net Its South China Sea Claims
Taiwan Ramps Up Training After Deadly Missile Gaffe
South Korea Chooses Site of Thaad US Missile System Amid Protests
South Sudan
US Sends 47 Troops to South Sudan to Protect Americans
UN 'Very Worried' About Possible Renewed Fighting in South Sudan
South Sudan: Mass Evacuation of Foreigners
EU Citizens Evacuated From South Sudan
All Three New Zealand Troops to Remain in South Sudan
Burundian Regional Parliament Member, Former Minister, Shot Dead
Mali Protesters Call for Government Resignations After Shootings
Zimbabwe Court Throws Out Case Against Anti-Mugabe Pastor
Venezuela: Maduro Hands Over Economic Power to Defense Minister
Venezuelan Military Takes Control of Five Ports in Economic 'War Strategy'
The Faces of the Venezuelan Crisis
Three Held Over Murder of Another Environmental Activist in Honduras
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