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Updated July 21, 2016 - 8:10 PM EDT
US Kills 200 Syrian Civilians Mistaken for ISIS
  Al-Qaeda Releases Video Executing at Least 12 'Pro-Govt' Syrians
  Israeli Airstrike Claimed as Explosions Rock Syrian Golan
  US-Backed Syrian Rebels Say Beheading of Child 'A Mistake'
  Kerry: US Forces Will Face More Challenges in Iraq After ISIS
Erdogan: Foreign Plotters Likely Behind Coup
  50,000 Hit by Turkey's Still-Growing Purge
  Turkey Govt Fears 2nd Coup Attempt as Army Commanders Purged
  Turkey Blocks Access to WikiLeaks After Erdogan Email Release
US Nuclear Agency Totally Tricked Top Reporter
  Nukes in Turkey Raise Concerns About Weapons Throughout Europe
  In 1971, the US Navy Almost Fought the Soviets Over Bangladesh
US Appeals Court Overturns Order to Seize Iranian Assets
Taliban Expands Hold in N. Afghanistan Amid Heavy Fighting
Trump Plays Down Role of US in Global Crises Like Turkey
In the US, Money Talks When It Comes to Israel  by Jonathan Cook
The Good News and the Bad News About Turkey's Attempted Coup  by Stephen Zunes
Key Area of Dispute on Drone Numbers: Number of Strikes  by Marcy Wheeler
Neocon Schizophrenia  by Philip Giraldi
The Problem Isn't Tools, It's Terror  by Thomas Knapp
The US Obsesses Over Clinton's Emails. but Why Not the Iraq War?  by Ishaan Tharoor

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The '28 Pages' Explained
by Larisa Alexandrovna Horton
'Guantanamo Diary' Author Cleared for Release After 14-Year Imprisonment
Tor Could Protect Your Smart Fridge From Spies and Hackers
Mother of Baton Rouge Gunman Says VA 'Didn't Want to Help'
US Justice Department Aims to Seize One Billion Dollars in Malaysian Assets
Panama to Identify Victims of 1989 US Invasion
Turkey's Erdogan Says Coup Plotters Were Minority in Armed Forces
Turkey Suspends 262 Military Judges, Prosecutors
Turkey Suspends 900 Police Officers From Ankara Force
Two Members of Turkey's Constitutional Court Arrested
Turkey's Erdogan Announces Three-Month State of Emergency
Turkey Bans All Academics From Travel in Latest Post-Coup Measure
Kerry to Turkey: Send Us Evidence, Not Allegations on Gulen
Erdogan Tells French FM to 'Mind Own Business' Over Post-Coup Crackdown Warning
Turkey Scrambles Fighter Jets After Reported Sighting of Missing Vessels
Erdogan Ally: Coup Attempt Will Tighten Israel-Turkey Ties
Tribunal: Indonesian State 'Responsible for Genocide' in 1965
Indonesia on Alert for Revenge Attacks After Most-Wanted Militant Killed
Britain Adds Chinese Militant Group to Terror List
South China Sea: Taiwanese Lawmakers and Flotilla Head to Taiping Island in Sovereignty, Fishing Rights Push
Pakistani Militant Leader Pledges Support to Kashmir Rebels
Pakistan to Pass Law Against Honor Killings in Weeks: PM's Daughter
Taliban Attacks Threaten Disputed Afghan District Center
North Korea Says It Has Been Practicing to Blow Up South Korean Airports
In Rare Move, Myanmar Military Admits Soldiers Killed 5 Villagers
Protests Erupt in Indian PM's State Over Attack on Low-Caste Men
Bangladesh Seeks Whereabouts of 260 Missing in Hunt for Militants
Cambodia's Military Investigates 'Coup' Plot Against Hun Sen
Germany: Afghan Teenage Ax Attacker Acted Alone
France's National Assembly Votes to Extend State of Emergency
Police and Demonstrators Clash at Seized Police Station in Armenia
Belarusian Journalist Pavel Sheremet Killed in Ukraine Car Bombing
Bodies of 21 Women, One Man Found on Migrant Boat in Mediterranean: MSF
Soldier Dies During Training Exercise in Wales in Hot Weather
Death by Exposure for Children Fleeing ISIS; 49 Killed in Iraq
Britain Doubles Military Trainers in Iraq
Without Reforms, Protests Threaten to Escalate in Iraq
Qayara Airfield Vital for Mosul Operation and Likely to Become Permanent US Base
Iraq PM Accepts Resignation of Another Minister: Office
Islamic Relief Agency Admits Illegal Funds Transfer to Iraq
Seeing No Future, Deserters and Draft-Resisters Flee Syria
After Stormy Debate, Knesset Approves Law Allowing Ouster of Lawmakers
Israel 'Narrowing the Space for Freedom of Expression'
Bennett and Kahlon Go Head-To-Head With Netanyahu Over Public Broadcaster Deal
Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon Bashes Religious Zionists
Hamas Turns Gaza Tunnels Into Summer Tourist Attraction
Middle East
Yemen Explosion Kills Four Soldiers: Security Forces
US Blacklists Three al-Qaeda Members Living in Iran
Top Saudi Clerical Body Renews Fatwa Against Pokemon
Militants Bomb Shell Pipeline in Delta
Nigerian Activists Urge Action After Male Senator Accused of Threatening to Beat Female Colleague
Mali Declares Three-Month State of Emergency as Islamist Violence Surges
Surge in Violence Hits Aid Delivery to Millions in Mali: Agencies
Dozens Killed, Missing in Kenya Crackdown on Militants: HRW
Lord's Resistance Army Kidnappings Hit Six-Year High: Monitors
China to Send Special Envoy to Africa Over South Sudan Crisis
Zambia Police Arrest 28 in Raid on Opposition Official's Home
Tens of Thousands Rally to Support Zimbabwe's Mugabe
Gambia Sentences Lawyer, 18 Others to Three Years for 'Unlawful Assembly'
Brussels False Alert Due to Radiation Student's Research
Man in Winter Coat Prompts Bomb Alert in Boiling Brussels
Brazil Probes Olympics Threats After Group Backs ISIS
On Anniversary, US and Cuba Cite Progress Toward Closer Ties
Argentina's Spy Agency Regroups, Wins Back Power Under Macri
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