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Updated July 25, 2016 - 8:06 PM EDT
German Officials Seek Military Powers
  Prosecutors: Teen Planned Munich Shooting for a Year
  Syrian Man Denied Asylum, Dies Carrying Bomb in Germany; Injures 12
Erdogan Closes 1,000 Schools as Purge Grows
  Amnesty: Credible Evidence Turkey Torturing Post-Coup Detainees
  Massive Fire Near Turkey NATO Base
  Growing Fear in Turkey as Detainees Disappear in State of Emergency
Airstrikes Hit Five Clinics Across Syria's Aleppo
  US Military, Intel Officials Pan Kerry's Plan to Cooperate With Russia
  Heavy Fighting in Manbij as ISIS Refuses Surrender Demand
  164 Killed in Iraq; Bombers Strike Near Shi'ite Shrine
Congressmen Push Dueling Plans for US Nuke Arsenal
  Failed Coup Raises Concerns About US Tactical Nukes in Turkey
Is Maia Selling Assault Weapons to Islamist Terror Groups?
Media Blames Putin Conspiracy for Homegrown Trump Phenomenon  by Adam Johnson
The DNC Breach and the Hijacking of Common Sense  by Jeffrey Carr
Afghanistan: Obama's Vietnam  by Jonathan Marshall
The Hunt for Red Trump-tober  by Justin Raimondo
Crimes Against the Future  by Tom Engelhardt
The NATO Alliance Is Terminally Ill  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Wasserman Schultz Steps Down as DNC Chair
Ukraine Reports 6 Soldiers Killed in Rebel East
Malicious Computers Caught Snooping on Tor-Anonymized Dark Sites
ASEAN Deadlocked on South China Sea, Cambodia Blocks Statement
164 Killed in Iraq; Bombers Strike Near Shi'ite Shrine
Sadr Threatens British Troops in Iraq
Up to 21 Killed in ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack in Iraq's Baghdad
Sense of Deja Vu as US Once Again Sees 'Victory' Coming in Iraq
Iraq: Army to Dig 'Security Trench' Around Fallujah
Defense Chief Decides to Keep Kurdish Flag on Canadian Uniforms in Iraq in an Act of Solidarity
Mortar Attack Kills Several People in Old Quarter of Damascus: Monitor
What Pokemon Go Looks Like in Syria; Children Hold Pokemon Pictures, Asked to Be Saved
Ten Years After Last Lebanon War, Israel Warns Next One Will Be Far Worse
Lebanon PM to Affirm Hezbollah's Role at Summit
Iran Urges Global Anti-Terror Fight After Munich Attack
Iran Destroys 100,000 Satellite Dishes in Crackdown
Iran Acknowledges Detaining Iranian-American Visiting Family
'In Choice Between Territories and Peace, I Prefer Peace,' Ben-Gurion Said in 1968
In the Settlement of Kiryat Arba, the Demand Is to Expand
In Israel, Ex-Saudi General Says Palestinian State Would Curb Iran Aggression
Putin, Netanyahu Discuss Cooperation Against Middle East Terrorism: Agencies
Palestinian Poet at Heart of Row on Israeli Army Radio Broadcast
Honey Provides Relief for Palestinian Women
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi Air Defense Forces Shoot Down Missile Fired From Yemen
Flight of Doctors and Nurses Adds to Yemen's Woes
Syrian Refugee Kills Woman, Wounds 2 With Machete in Southern Germany
Police Say No Indication That Machete Killing in Southern Germany Was Terrorist
Terrorist or Disturbed Loner? Munich Attack Reveals Shifting Labels
Munich Shootings: Police Arrest 16-Year-Old Afghan
German Military Training 100 Syrian Migrants in Pilot Project
Minister Rejects Charges of Changing Report on Nice Attack
Government Denies Cover-Up of Nice Police Deployment
France to Assess Security Every Week Amid Fears of Terror Attacks
Rio Olympics 2016: Russia Not Given Blanket Ban by IOC
Tougher Europe Borders Push More Migrants Towards US
Rebel Nagorno-Karabakh Says One Soldier Killed, One Wounded by Azeri Fire
UK Police: More People Likely Involved in Abduction Attempt of British Serviceman
Bulgaria Calls Rise in Airspace Violations by Russian Aircraft a 'Provocation'
Gunmen Release Hostages, Demand Armenian President's Resignation
FBI Led Brazil to Suspected Militants Mulling Olympic Attack: Prosecutor
El Salvador Looks for New 'National Reconciliation' Law
Turkey Ruling, Opposition Parties Rally Together After Coup
'Law Is Suspended': Turkish Lawyers Report Abuse of Coup Detainees
Kurdish Militants Kill Policeman in Eastern Turkey
Turkey Failed Coup: Presidential Guard to Be Disbanded
Turkey Can Hold Suspects Without Charge for Up to 30 Days: Official
Turkey Keen for Mention in G20 Communique, but Rejected
Turkey Captures Key Gulen Aide After Coup Attempt
Turkey to Hire 20,000 New Teachers Amid Coup Probe
Turkey Open for Business With Purges Nearly Over, PM Says
Turkey Spy Chief Survives Despite Erdogan Criticism... for Now
Eight Turks Who Fled to Greece Are a Diplomatic 'Hot Potato'
Afghanistan Increases Security After Kabul Bombing
Anger, Mourning in Afghanistan After Kabul Suicide Attack
Kabul Bombing Adds New Layers of Agony for Afghanistan's Hazaras
Afghanistan's Hazaras: Targeted by Militants, Neglected by Government
Rocket Attack in Central Kabul, No Casualties
Kidnapped Indian Aid Worker Rescued in Afghanistan
Putin Tells Afghan Leader Ready to Fight Terror Together
Bangladesh Arrests Four Female Militants in Hunt for Cafe Attackers
Indian Cleric Under the Spotlight After Dhaka Cafe Attack
China Urges Pakistan to Put Army in Charge of Silk Road Project
India Urges Security Forces to Exercise Restraint in Kashmir
Philippine President Gives Order to Free Up Information
Nepal Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli Resigns
Malaysian Police Say Bomb Plot on Top Officers Foiled, 14 Held
Thousands in Funeral March for Slain Cambodia Activist
French Ambassador to Libya Summoned Over Military Presence
41 Migrant Bodies Wash Up on Libya Beach
Libya Loyalists Take ISIS Bomb Factory in Sirte
A Photographer's Challenge: Libyan Forces Battle for ISIS Stronghold
Former Militants Confirm Talks With Nigerian Government to End Niger Delta Attacks
Five Missing Soldiers Found in Nigeria: Army
Zimbabwe Threatens Traitorous War Veterans After Mugabe Attack
Somalia: Huge Blast Targets Amisom Convoy, Two Dead
Venezuela About to Find Out if Maduro Recall Vote Can Happen
Venezuelan Civil Servants Signed a Petition to Oust the President. Now They're Losing Their Jobs.
Jailed Venezuelan Opposition Leader Appeals 14-Year Sentence
Venezuela First Lady's Nephews Confessed to Drug Scheme, US Says
Mexican Mayor Shot to Death, Second in 2 Days
Five Killed, 12 Injured in Clash in Southern Mexico
Mexican Group Decapitate Musician, Shoot Wife and Child
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