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Updated July 27, 2016 - 8:16 PM EDT
Obama: Maybe Russia Hacked DNC to Help Trump
  Did Russian Intelligence Hack the DNC Servers?
  Snowden: If Russian Intel Did Hack the DNC, the NSA Would Know
  Unpacking the Democratic National Committee Emails
  DNC Sought to Hide Details of Clinton Funding Deal
Syria: 67 Killed in ISIS Attack on Kurdish City
  USAID: $239 Million in Syria Aid Frozen Over 'Significant Fraud'
  Syria Tightens Aleppo Siege, Calls on Rebels to Surrender
Turkish Special Forces Hunt Coup Plotters
  Turkey Arrests Two Generals Based in Kabul in Growing Purge
  Amnesty: Turkey Must Halt Torture of Detainees
  PM: Turkey 'Heartbroken' by US Handling of Gulen Extradition
Obama Details Response to Future Cyberattacks
Man Who Killed French Priest Was Under 'House Arrest'
Hillary Clinton: Class President of a Failed Generation  by David Stockman
Fact-Checking That 'Trump & Putin' Thing  by Jeffrey Carr
Washington Rolls Out Another Myopic Anti-ISIS Strategy  by Daniel L. Davis
How to Arm a 'Volatile' Planet  by William Hartung & Tom Engelhardt
The Ghosts of Direct Action  by Anthony Walker
Take Away the President's Blank Check for War  by Bonnie Kristian

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Erdogan Takes Control
by Philip Giraldi
Facebook Admits It Blocked WikiLeaks Links, but Won't Say Why
Kremlin: US Politicians Being 'Paranoid' About Russia
MI5 Resisting Independent Oversight of Bulk Data Collection
Murder of French Priest Opens a New Frontier for Catholic Church
N. Korea Says Decision on Nuclear Test Depends on US
74 Killed in Iraq, Including Family Fleeing ISIS
Kerry Hopes to Work With Russia on Syria, UN Aims to Restart Talks
Tehran Says No Info on al-Qaeda Members Alleged by US to Live in Iran
Iran Caps Public Officials' Salaries After Row
Israeli Cops Filmed Shooting Prone Palestinian Attacker in Jerusalem Won't Be Charged
Israel Reopens Palestinian Camp Entrance After Nearly a Month
Abbas Prepares to Sue Britain Over Balfour Declaration
Israeli Arabs Cry Foul on Move to Tie State Funding to Demolition of Illegal Construction
Bennett Invokes 2014 Gaza War in Warning Over 'Past Mistakes'
Middle East
Bahrain to Try Scores of People on Charges of Setting Up Militant Group
Saudi Court Sentences Two to Death for Killing Army Colonel: Media
Amateur Terror Attacks May Mark a New Chapter in the ISIS War in Europe
Bulgaria Softens Tone but Still Points Finger at Russian Aircraft
3 Wounded in Shooting at Armenian Police Station
2 Dead in Azerbaijan Defense Plant Blast
Controversial Religious Procession Barred From Entering Kiev on Foot
Serbia, Croatia Trade Protest Notes Over Rehabilitation of 'War Criminal' Catholic Cardinal
Turkey Backs Continued Cyprus Peace Talks, Warns Greek Cypriots
Migration Is 'Poison' for Europe, Says Hungary PM
Libya Army Commander Threatens to Target Oil Tankers
Libya's UN-Backed Government Summons Ambassador Over French Presence
Libya to Sue Ex-Gadhafi Loyalists Over 'Misappropriated' Millions
Suicide Bombers Hit Peacekeeping Base in Somali Capital, 13 Dead: Police
UN Fine-Tunes Central Africa Mission Ahead of French Pullout
Zimbabwean Women March Against Police Brutality
US, Senegal Troops Wind Up First-Ever Emergency Exercise
UN Western Sahara Mission Still Recovering From Morocco Dispute
Turkey Paper Blames US General Campbell for Coup
Geraldo Rivera Vouches for US General Accused of Plotting Failed Turkish Coup
Turkey Religious Affairs Body Says Has Removed 1,112 Personnel Since Coup
Turkish Military a Fractured Force After Attempted Coup
Turkey's Proof on Gulen 'Crystal Clear': Turkish PM
Turkey's PM Warns EU Over Post-Coup Attempt Statements
Secular Pakistanis Resist Turkey's 'Authoritarian' Demands
Turkey Asks Kosovo to Punish Journalist Over Coup Comments
Turkey's Erdogan Criticizes EU Over Syria Refugee Deal
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Violence in Mainly Kurdish Southeast
US Authorizes Departure of Diplomats' Relatives in Turkey
US Army Announces 800-Soldier Aviation Unit to Deploy to Afghanistan
Key ISIS Leader Saad Emarati 'Killed in Afghanistan'
Afghanistan Weighs ISIS Threat After Kabul Attack
Afghanistan, Pakistan Vow to Battle ISIS Together
Pakistan Arrests Two Over Suggestions Army Seize Power
Gunmen Kill Two Military Officials in Pakistan's Karachi
US Says Backs Resumption of China-Philippines Talks on South China Sea
US Says Looking at More Counter-Terrorism Cooperation With China
US Tells China That Anti-Missile System Not a Threat
China Denies Demolitions at Center for Tibetan Buddhist Learning
South Korea Warns Citizens Against Attack, Abduction by North
Thai Rights Activists Charged Over Report on Army Torture
Force-Fed Indian Activist Irom Sharmila to End 16-Year Hunger Strike, Run for Office
Venezuela Opposition Demands Key Maduro Recall Ruling
Obama Expanding Refugee Program for Central Americans
Two Brazil Warplanes Collide While Training for Olympics Duty
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