With the Democrats pushing their Trump-is-a-Russian-agent conspiracy theory, and the Ukrainian government escalating their war on their rebellious eastern provinces, chances are we'll see a standoff between the US and Russia over Ukraine in the near future.

Yes, it's all about American politics – nothing to do with national security or American interests.

Who cares if we're in danger of starting World War III – as long as Hillary Clinton gets elected!

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Updated August 12, 2016 - 11:19 PM EDT
Ukraine Puts Army on Alert Along Crimea Border
  Spokesman: Ukraine Has Enough Military Power to Defend Itself
Dems and Reps: Centcom Cooked ISIS War Intel
  Pentagon Won't Reveal How Many Ground Troops Are Fighting ISIS
  ISIS Brags About Costs to US of Ongoing War
US Urges Joint Russo-Turkish Ops to Target ISIS
  Pentagon to Approve Private Contractors to Fight ISIS in Syria
Canadian Man Killed by Police in Anti-Terror Raid
Taliban Again Closes in on Helmand Province Capital
Saudis Resume Bombing Yemen and US Sells More Arms
Will Henry Kissinger Endorse Hillary Clinton?  by Lucy Steigerwald
Why It's So Hard for Members of the Military to Speak Out  by William Astore
Pentagon's Timeline of Latest Libya Intervention Doesn't Line Up  by Joseph Trevithick
Ukraine's 'October Surprise'  by Justin Raimondo
Why the CIA Should Brief Trump  by Philip Giraldi
Obama Is Ignoring the Law in Libya, and Congress Doesn't Care  by Daniel L. Davis

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Ecuador Embassy Will Let Sweden Interview Assange
Overseas Travel Warnings About USA Mount
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The War at Home
How the Government Is Waging Crypto War 2.0
US Air Force Says It's Short of Fighter Pilots
Muslims Sue Michigan Town That Refused Permission for a Mosque
Clinton Vows to 'Stand Up to China,' Oppose Pacific Trade Pact
Navy Officer Filmed in Iran Detention Incident Appeals Punishment
Jonathan Pollard Loses Bid to Overturn US Parole Conditions
ISIS Claims Attempted Attack on Canadian Police
Man in Ontario Raid Made 'Martyrdom Video,' Planned Attack: Canadian Police
Canadian Killed by Police Converted to Islam After Troubled Childhood
FBI Says It Provided Intelligence to Canadian Police to Prevent Planned Attack
Venezuela Is a 'Powder Keg,' Government Will Fall: Opposition Boss
Venezuela and Colombia to Partially Reopen Border
Cuba Hardliner's Change of Heart Leaves His Miami Friends Angry
Paperwork, Rights Concerns Hold Up US Aid for Central America
Thousands Flee as Fighting Threatens Helmand
Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Denounces President Ghani as Unfit for Office
Blast Wounds 13 in Pakistani City on Edge After Big Suicide Attack
Pakistan: Indian Spy Agency's Involvement Can't Be Ruled Out in Quetta Bombing
One Killed, 10 Wounded by Twin Blasts at Thailand Resort; Foreigners Among Casualties
Thai Police Want to Intercept Phone Calls in 'National Security' Cases
Philippines Urges China to Uncompromisingly Respect Rule of Law
Myanmar Soldiers Admit at Court Martial to Killing Villagers: Witnesses
Russia: Killing of Our Servicemen in Crimea Will Have Consequences
US: No Evidence So Far to Corroborate Russia Allegations Over Crimea
Germany Proposes Tougher Security Laws After Terrorist Attacks
German Defense, Interior Minister to Pump Up Joint Training for Attacks
UN Rights Chief Criticizes Bulgaria Over Treatment of Migrants
Intensifying Fight for Aleppo Chokes Civilian Population
Syria Conflict: Aleppo 'Chlorine Gas Attack' Investigated
British Girl Who Joined ISIS Is Reported Killed in Airstrike
Ukraine Blocks Jihadist Routes to Syria: Security Service
Russia to Hold Naval Drills Near Syria From Mid-August: Agencies
Militant Beheads Own Father; 78 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Corruption Row Won't Derail Mosul Offensive, Says US Envoy
Kurds Say ISIS Oil Overseer Killed in Joint Ops With US
UN Says to Help Iraq Tackle Rampant Corruption
Iraq, Oil Companies Agree to Restart Investment, Boost Output
Turkey Has Detained More Than 35,000 People Following Coup Attempt: Official
US Air Force Relationships With Turkey a Concern in Wake of Coup Attempt
Military Attaches, Diplomats Flee Turkey's Post-Coup Inquiry
Turkish Foreign Minister Vows Legal Action Against Diplomats Fleeing Post-Coup Probe
NBA Player Cuts Ties With Family in Turkey Over Support for Gulen
Turkey May Seek Non-NATO Options for Defense Industry Cooperation: Foreign Minister
Turkish Police Raid Pro-Kurdish Party, Detain 17 Across Istanbul: State Media
As Erdogan Cracks Down on Free Press, Journalists Leave Dire Warning as They Flee
How Israel Uses Maps to Erase Palestinian Ties to the Land
Google Blames Bug for Removing 'West Bank' and 'Gaza' From Israel/Palestine Map
PLO Official Claims Abbas Refused Benjamin Netanyahu Meeting; US Denies Meeting Proposed
Stabbing in East Jerusalem Leaves Israeli Teen Wounded
Netanyahu: 'I Care More About Palestinians Than Their Own Leaders Do'
Paris Condemns Israeli Demolition of French-Funded Buildings in West Bank
Netanyahu Cost Israel Billions in US Arms Deal, Rival Lapid Says
Middle East
Yemen Resumes Oil Shipments, the First Since Start of Civil War
Swiss Court Backs Iran in Decades-Old Oil Row With Israel
Libyan Forces in Fresh Clashes With ISIS in Sirte
Militants Blow Up Nigeria Pipeline, Chevron Protest Goes On
Ethiopia's Battle for Land Reforms Could Lead to Civil War: Opposition Leader
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