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Updated August 22, 2016 - 11:14 PM EDT
Pentagon: Syria 'Exclusion Zone' Isn't 'No Fly Zone'
US Commander Threatens Russia, Syria
  Syrian Army, Kurds Continue to Fight Amid Ceasefire Efforts
  Syrian Rebels Prepare to Attack ISIS City From Turkey
  Syria: More Than 500 Civilians Killed in One Week
  Baghdad, ISIS Carry Out Executions; 238 Killed in Iraq
Child Suicide Bombs Turkey Wedding, Kills 51
  US Sends Team to Turkey to Probe Gulen Extradition Request
Taliban Seizes Key Part of Afghanistan's Kunduz
Clinton Campaign Manager: Trump a Kremlin Puppet
Congressmen Critical of US Support for Saudi War in Yemen
A Lawless Plan to Target Syria's Allies  by Ray McGovern
Making Sense of Trump and His National Security State Critics  by Rebecca Gordon
The Woulda Coulda Shoulda School of Foreign Policy Analysis  by Paul R. Pillar
Nicholas Kristof: War Crimes Enabler  by Justin Raimondo
India, Pakistan and the CPEC Road  by Peter Lee
Breaking From Saudi Arabia!!! Two Month Old Misleading News  by Marcy Wheeler

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Judge Orders Written Testimony From Hillary Clinton on Emails
Turkey PM: Russia Can Share Incirlik Airbase With US 'if Necessary'
Westerners Flock to Battle ISIS While They Still Can
Troops Using 'Clinton Defense' in Classified Cases
Iran Forms Liberation Army to Deploy Abroad
Baghdad, ISIS Carry Out Executions; 238 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Hangs 36 Convicted in ISIS Massacre of 1,700 Soldiers
Baghdad Authorities Clear Site of Deadly Mall Bombing
Peshmerga Forces Don't Get Orders From Iraq Army: KRG
Media Worker Killed in Western Iraq: Employer
Security Forces Foil 2 Suicide Bomb Attacks in Iraq's Kirkuk
Kurds Versus Syrian Army Battle Intensifies, Complicating Multi-Fronted War
Turkey: Assad Can Be Part of Transition in Syria
Aleppo's Underground Orphanage Offers a Haven for Children Bereaved by War
Turkish PM Rules Out New Peace Process With Kurdish Rebels
Four Killed in Third Bomb Attack on Turkish Troops in a Day
Turkish Evidence for Gulen Extradition Pre-Dates Coup Attempt
Turkey's Post-Coup Crackdown - in Figures
Turkish PM: We Want to Repair Ties With Egypt
Turkish Journalist Fears Government Bid to Link Him to Coup
Hundreds Protest in Istanbul Over Transgender Activist's Murder
Turkey Vows Active Role in Syria, Better Regional Ties
Turkish Parliament Approves Israel Reconciliation Deal
Turkey's Gulen Crackdown Comes to Bosnia
Yemen's Ex-President Saleh Says Could Work With Russia to 'Fight Terrorism'
Yemen Government Forces Liberate Parts of Taiz
Defiant Yemeni Rebels Poised to Form Government in Days
European Diplomats Vainly Trying to Set Up Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting
Gaza Militant Rocket Hits Israel, Israel Responds With Air Strikes, Shells
The IDF's First Combat Robot
UN Slams Israel's Administrative Detention Amid Palestinian's 67-Day Hunger Strike
One Killed and Dozens Wounded at a Palestinian Refugee Camp, All for Two Pistols
Israel Welcomes Turkish Parliament's Ratification of Rapprochement Deal
Netanyahu, Herzog Deny Report of Renewed Talks for Unity Govt
Germany to Tell People to Stockpile Food and Water in Case of Attacks
Germany Tightens Swiss Border Controls: Swiss Minister
Ukraine's Honoring of War Criminals Leaves Its Jews Uneasy - and Divided
Russian 'Putin Mask' Activist Claims Asylum in Ukraine
Venezuelan President Warns Rivals: 'Did You See What Happened in Turkey?'
Venezuela Condemns 'Bold Threats' From Paraguay
Police Killings of Favela Residents Continue as Games Go on in Rio
Executions, Burned Testicles: Apparent Massacre Stains Mexican Police
Canadian Man's Bomb Did Not Fully Detonate Before Police Shot Him
Nicaragua Election Campaign Begins With Ortega as Clear Favorite
The War at Home
Michele Bachmann Says She's Advising Trump on Foreign Policy
How the NSA Snooped on Encrypted Internet Traffic for a Decade
Ex-US Navy SEAL Author Agrees to Pay $6.8 Million to Government
Submarine, Support Vessel Collide Off Washington Coast
Obama Wants $8bn Fighter Jet Deal With Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar in Last 100 Days
California Woman Sentenced for Conspiring to Send China Military Gear
Indian Forces Fire at Kashmir Protesters, Killing 1
Clashes Continue in Indian-Held Kashmir, 80 Injured Amid Curfew
Pakistani Troops Kill 9 'Terrorists' Near Afghan Border
Indian Army Says Kills Three Militants From Pakistan
Four Bullet-Ridden Bodies Found in Balochistan's Kalat District
Philippines' Duterte Threatens to Quit UN After Drugs War Censure
Philippines and Communist Rebels Agree on Ceasefire
Who Are the Philippines' Communist Rebels?
China & Her Neighbors
China to Strengthen Communist Party's Role in Non-Govt Bodies
China, Myanmar Vow Closer Ties as Suu Kyi Visits Beijing
Chinese Ships, Planes Hold War Games in Sea of Japan
Hundreds Swelter in Hong Kong Protests at Perceived Election Meddling
South Korea, US Start Drills Despite North Korea's Nuclear Threat
Indonesia Investigates Suspected Militant Plot to Attack Bali
Paralyzed Afghan, His Family Ripped Apart, Bears Pain of Perpetual War
Ethiopian Runner in 'Death' Protest Against Government
Ethiopia Pledges Probe Into Killing of Protesters
Anger Still Boils in Northern Ethiopia After Protest Crackdown
DR Congo
Congolese Vote Delay Keeps Kabila in Power After Mandate Ends
Congo Opposition Rejects Talks With Kabila Government Over Election
DR Congo Puts 215 Fighters on Trial for Civilian Massacres
Rebels in Niger Delta Cease Attacks on Oil Platforms, Agree to Peace Talks
2 Nigeria Pipelines Attacked as New Activist Group Emerges
Anger in the Delta Keeps Oil Majors Quiet – and Nigeria's Crude Offline
Libyan Forces Say They Capture Mosque, Prison From ISIS in Sirte
Twin Suicide Bombs Claimed by Al Shabaab Kill 20 People in Somalia
Rwandan Police Kill 3 Suspected Terrorists
Motorcycle Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in North Cameroon Market
Angola Passes Laws to Crack Down on Press and Social Media
Fundamentalists Gain Ground in Algeria as War Memory Fades
In Tunisia, Returning Migrants Find a Ray of Hope
Gunmen in Egypt Kill Informer, Soldier at Checkpoint North of Cairo
South Sudan's New Vice President to Visit Khartoum
Morocco King Urges Diaspora to Reject Islamist Extremism
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From Cops to Clinton: Impunity Corrupts

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NATO in Montenegro: Securing the Rear Before Barbarossa II?

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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Questioning the Powerful

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