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Updated September 1, 2016 - 11:06 PM EDT
Obama Extends Libya War, Sends Warships
Turkey Won't Accept Ceasefire With Syrian Kurds
  US Strategy to Fight ISIS Has Set Off a New Conflict in Syria
  Russia Echoes US Call for Turkey to Stop Attacking Syrian Kurds
  Russia, US Both Claim Credit for Killing ISIS Spokesman
  How Serious a Blow Is the Killing of Al-Adnani to ISIS?
4,245 Killed in Iraq During August
Saudi Airstrike Kills 16 Relatives of Yemen Imam
Israel Approves Hundreds of Homes in WB Settlements
Does Killing Terrorist Leaders Make Any Difference?
When Putin Bailed Out Obama  by Ray McGovern
Hillary Clinton, the Podesta Group, and the Saudi Regime: A Fatal Ménage à Trois  by Medea Benjamin
Activism' and Its Consequences: Syrian Refugees Are Not Subjects for a Social Media Gallery  by Ramzy Baroud
The Media vs. Putin  The National Interest
Obstacle to Peace: Washington's Role as Israel's Enabler  by Philip Giraldi
'This Is Our War and It Is Shameful:' US Role in the War on Yemen  by Andrew Cockburn & Amy Goodman

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Almost No Chance Our Elections Can Get Hacked by the Russians: Here's Why
US Court Voids $655 Million Verdict Against PLO Over Israel Attacks
Brazil's Rousseff Removed by Impeachment Vote
US Washes Hands of Rights Violations at Okinawa Helipad Site
Civilians Beheaded; 27 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Sunni Militias Recruit Mid-Teens to Fight ISIS
Iraq Blacklists Three Oil Tankers for Shipping Kurdish Crude
Turkey Wants to 'Cleanse' Strip of Territory on Syrian Border
Iranian Revolutionary Guard General Killed in Aleppo
Syrian Rebels Advance Further Toward Government-Held Hama City: Monitor, Rebels
Turkish Interior Minister Quits, After String of Attacks
US Journalist Lindsey Snell Detained in Turkey
Kurdish Activists Call Turkey Hunger Strike Over Jailed Leader's Fate
UN Envoy: Military Escalation in Yemen Is Fueling Extremists
Saudi Foreign Minister Says Houthis Will Never Rule Yemen
Iran's Khamenei Says Need to Boost Offensive Military Capabilities
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Arrest Another Iranian-American
US: Retroactive Legalization Lets Israel Expand Settlements in a 'Potentially Unlimited Way'
Israeli Military Shuts Palestinian Radio Station, Arrests Five Journalists
Ex-IDF General: We Have Elevated Occupation to an 'Art Form'
UN Test Ban Head: Israel Should Ratify Treaty Within 5 Years
Lieberman Denies Report That He Refuses to Negotiate With Hamas for Soldiers' Remains
Middle East
Bomb Blast in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley Kills One, Wounds 11: Red Cross
Israel, Iran, and Pakistan Said Cooperating on Landmark Science Project
Karachi Mayor to Run Office From Prison
Pakistan to Acquire Eight Attack Submarines From China
Philippine Leader Rejects Emergency Power vs Extremists
Philippines' Duterte: Obama Must Listen to Me on Human Rights
Kerry Says No Military Solution to South China Sea Dispute
North Korea Executes Vice Premier in Latest Purge: South
Japan's Military Seeks Record Spending to Counter North Korea, China Moves
Myanmar Peace Talks Begin, High in Symbolism and in Skepticism
After Blast, China Tells Citizens in Kyrgyzstan to Avoid Going Out
The War at Home
Colin Kaepernick Receives Support From America's Military Veterans
Trump Says He, Mexican Leader Discussed Border Wall but Not Who Pays
Trump to Receive Second Intelligence Briefing: Report
Donald Trump Wins Over Secretive 'Children of Israel' Megadonor
Former Anti-Terror FBI Employee Now Finds Himself a Target
Air Force Opens the Door to All Enlisted to Fly Drones
White House Congratulates Itself on Modest Refugee Milestone
Bing Translation Error Connects ISIS With Saudi Arabia
Last Remaining US Maker of Cluster Bombs Stops Production
FBI's Comey Proposes an 'Adult Conversation' About Giving the FBI Whatever They Want
Libyan Forces Prepare for Last Push Against ISIS in Sirte
Libya's Stockpile of Toxic Chemicals Removed
Calm Seas, Libya's Lawless State Open Door for Migrant Flows
Gabon's President Bongo Re-Elected, Parliament Set on Fire
US Troubled by Gabon Events, Urges Restraint by Security Forces
Somalia: Death Toll in Mogadishu Truck Bomb Rises to 22
US Designates Former Shabaab Leader Allied to ISIS as 'Terrorist'
130 Still Missing in Cameroon After Crackdown, Says Amnesty
Tunisia Police Kill Two Militants, Civilian in Raid After Army Ambush
UN Reports on Western Sahara Ceasefire Violations
Tanzania's Opposition Suspends Pro-Democracy Demonstrations
Zimbabweans Ignore Strike Call, Organizers Blame State Intimidation
No Staying in the EU by the Back Door, Says UK's Theresa May
Poland Slams Door on Chechnyan Refugees
Swiss Find Dead Pilot From Crashed Air Force Jet
Germany Investigating 64 Suspected Extremist Islamists in Armed Forces
Wary of Russia, Lithuania Builds Fake Town to Practice Warfare
Venezuela Govt, Opposition in Volatile Test of Strength
Venezuela Protests Could Trigger New Stage in Political Showdown
Venezuela Says Freezes Relations With Brazil Due to Rousseff Removal
US Resumes Scheduled Passenger Flights to Cuba After More Than 50 Years
US Expands Its Foreign Drone Sales to Canada
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