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Updated September 2, 2016 - 9:05 PM EDT
Did Hillary Just Threaten To Attack Russia?
  US Imposes Sanctions Over Russia's Bridge to Crimea
Syrian Rebels Seize Much of Northern Hama
  Turkey-Backed Rebels Will Struggle to Hold Vast Border Zone
4,245 Killed in Iraq During August
  US Troops Increasingly Active Around Mosul
Philippines: 14 Dead, Dozens Hurt in Market Blast
Pentagon: Nowhere to Run for ISIS in Libya
US Jails Hacker Who Started Clinton Email Probe
The Pentagon's Not-So-Secret Commando Army
US Army Official: Australia Must Choose Between US, China
US Disputes Claims of 'Secret Exemptions' in Iran Deal
US Arms Makers Invest in a New Cold War  by Jonathan Marshall
Americans Should Reject Bipartisan Warmongering  by Doug Bandow
Israeli-Arab Relations: Muddling Through by the Sword
 by Paul R. Pillar
The Other Speech: Hillary the Hawk Spreads Her Wings  by Justin Raimondo
Turkey's Coup: Winners and Losers  by Conn Hallinan
Clinton's American Legion Speech  by Daniel Larison

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Time Is Running Out on US Funding for Colombia Peace Deal
UN to Issue 'No Excuses' Card in Effort to Curtail Peacekeeper Sex Abuse
Ex-Gitmo Detainee Plans Hunger Strike in Uruguay
Cluster Bombs Kill More Than 400 in 2015, Over a Third of Them Children
The War at Home
Navy Analysis Found That a Marine's Case Would Draw Attention to Afghan 'Sex Slaves'
#veteransforkaepernick Trend Shows Freedom Means More Than Flag to Many Who Serve
Israeli-Built Facebook Satellite Destroyed in Launchpad Explosion of SpaceX Rocket
FBI Trains Campaign Staffs to Avoid Spies
US Army Set to Destroy Chemical Weapon Stockpile Using $4.5 Billion Plant
China Pressures Hong Kong to Squash Independence Calls Ahead of Poll: Sources
China's New Tibet Party Chief Urges Stronger Criticism of Dalai Lama
Clashes at Kabul Rally to Rebury Afghanistan's Bandit King
Myanmar: Ethnic Group Storms Out of Peace Talks
Japan Woos Russia With Deeper Economic Ties in Face of Rising China
Sri Lanka Nationalists Protest Against UN Chief Visit
Philippine President Turns Down Meeting With UN Chief After Drug War Dispute
Cambodia Opposition Senator Loses Immunity Amid Fears for Free Speech
Far-Right Indian Paramilitary Group Decides They'll Recruit Better Without Dumb-Looking Shorts
DR Congo
Mystery Killers Spread Terror, Fuel Tensions in East Congo
Congo Opposition Supporters Clash Before Election Talks
Hundreds Detained, 3 Dead in Gabon Election Protests
Nigeria Targets Officials Accused of Stealing Food From Boko Haram Victims
Zimbabwe Police Ban Anti-Mugabe Protests in Harare
Zambia's General Elections: Africa's Flagship Democracy Under Scrutiny
Venezuela Opposition Says 1 Million Join Anti-Maduro Demo
Venezuela's Maduro Mocks Protesters Who Want to Force Him From Office
Militants Stitch Civilian Mouths Shut; 59 Killed in Iraq
New US Ambassador Arrives in Baghdad
UN Hopes for Aleppo Truce, US-Russia Talks Seek Wider Ceasefire
German Official Calls for UN Sanctions Against Syria
ISIS Bans Football Referees in Syria Because They Enforce 'Laws of FIFA Not Sharia'
Turkish Air Strikes Kill Three PKK Militants in Southeast Turkey
Turkey's President Says More Changes Possible in Cabinet
Turkey's Judiciary Body Dismisses 543 Judges, Prosecutors
Kurdish Politicians in Turkey to Protest at Militant's Isolation
EU Visa-Free Travel for Turks Still Stuck on Rifts Over Security Law
British Airways Resumes Flights to Iran as Ties Warm
Iran, Russia to Start Work on Two Nuclear Reactors at Bushehr
Retired General Calling Israel 'World Champion of Occupation' Sparks Outrage
Palestinian Journalist and Hamas Critic Is Arrested in Gaza
Israeli Soldier Shot and Wounded at West Bank Shrine
Israel's High Court Orders Demolition of Homes in Outpost Built on Palestinian Land
Israel Tells Palestinians: Our Textbooks or No Funding
Liberman Says Israel Will Obey Court Order to Raze Amona Outpost
US Skeptical About German Call for New Arms Pact With Russia
Former Enemies Clear Mines Together in Bosnia
Report: German Spy Agency Systematically Broke the Law
14,000 Migrants Saved in Med in 5 Days: Italian Coastguard
Chechnya's Asylum Seekers Are Reminding Europe of Its Old Refugee Crisis
Coca-Cola Accused of Funding Colombian Death Squad
Ex-Soldiers Sentenced for 1985 Massacre of Villagers in Peru
Chile Sentences 9 Ex-Agents for Dictatorship Killings
Mexico President Blasts Trump's Policies as 'Huge Threat' After Meeting
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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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The Hunger To Fix Syria, and the Indifference Towards Yemen

Sheldon Richman
NATO and Trump's Misconceptions

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From Cops to Clinton: Impunity Corrupts

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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Questioning the Powerful

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