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Updated September 6, 2016 - 11:16 PM EDT
US Probes Claims Russia Trying to 'Disrupt' Vote
  Obama Hypes US Cyberwar Capabilities, Warns Russia
ISIS Launches Bombings Across Syria, Killing 53
  Turkey: 30 PKK Fighters Killed in Airstrikes Against Northern Iraq
  US Contractors Tell of Abuse as Captives of Govt-Allied Iraqi Militia
  161 Killed in Iraq, Including PKK in Turkish Strike
Triple Bombing Targets Afghan Defense Ministry
  Afghan Forces Recover Key Border District From Taliban
Fighting in Yemen Oil Region, at Least 26 Killed
Obama Cancels Meeting With Philippines Leader Over Insult
Hillary Clinton's 'Exceptionalist' Warpath  by Daniel Lazare
5 Myths About American Foreign Policy  by Bruce Fein
Despite 10,000 Civilian Casualties in Yemen, US Reaffirms Support for Saudi Arabia  by Ben Norton
FBI's Secret War  by Branko Marcetic
The Empire Versus Little America  by Bill Kauffman
The Non-Nuclear Option: The Most Urgent Threat to Human Civilization Isn't Trump  by Todd Gitlin

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Obama to Address Lethal Legacy of Secret War in Laos
Israeli Trump Supporters Open Campaign Office in West Bank
Bill Clinton Compares Himself, Foundation to Robin Hood
161 Killed in Iraq, Including PKK in Turkish Strike
Advance on Mosul: Booby-Trapped House Explosion Kills 18
ISIS Claims Suicide Bomb That Kills Nine in Central Baghdad
Iraqi Shia Parliamentary Bloc Elects New Leader
Amnesty International Concerned Crimes Against Journalists Go Unpunished in Kurdistan
Israel Maintains Wary Eye on Syria as Conflict Turns to 'Balagan'
Russia Plays Key Role in Determining Aleppo Ceasefire: Merkel
Lebanon Dialogue Suspended as Christian Party Pulls Out
Lebanon's Speaker Berri Says Zahle Bomb Targeted His Amal Party: Al Akhbar
Around 50 US Soldiers Arrive in Turkey to Use Newly-Deployed Himars System
In Turkey, Kurds Begin Hunger Strike Over Jailed Leader
Court Rejects Turkish Novelist's Plea to Be Freed From Detention
Palestinians Paying Thousands in Bribes to Leave Gaza
Palestinian PM: Settlement Activity Threatening Two-State Solution
PA Officials Deny Report Abbas Willing to Meet Netanyahu in Moscow
Landmark Ruling Gives New Hope to Eritrean Asylum-Seekers in Israel
Most Israelis Support Referendum on Two States
Palestinian Killed in East Jerusalem Refugee Camp After Suspected Attempt to Run Over Police
Middle East
Britain Says Appoints Ambassador to Iran for First Time Since 2011
Brazilian Arms Manufacturer Sold Guns to Trafficker for Yemen War, Prosecutors Say
Iran, Saudi Arabia Spar Over Running of Haj Pilgrimage
Bahrain Brings New Charges Against Man Believed to Be Top Democracy Activist
Brazil Activists Occupy Govt Office Demanding Farmland
Brazilian Police Break Up Anti-Temer Rally in Sao Paulo
Journalist Charged in Venezuela After Anti-Maduro Protest
Colombia's War Has Displaced 7 Million. With Peace, Will They Go Home?
Friend Says Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Weak From Hunger Strike
As Bodies Pile Up in Philippines, Many Fear to Talk About Duterte's War
Philippines Eyes 14 Percent Defense Budget Rise to Secure Seas, Fight Rebels
North Korea
North Korea Fires Three Ballistic Missiles as G20 Leaders Meet in China
UN Security Council to Meet Tuesday on North Korea Missile Launches
EU Calls for End to North Korean Ballistic Missile Program
US Calls on North Korea to Avoid Fueling Regional Tensions
China/Hong Kong
Obama Plays Down Confrontation With China Over His Plane's Stairs
Seeking Smoother Summit, ASEAN to Skirt Mention of South China Sea Ruling
Hong Kong Election: Youth Protest Leaders Win Council Seats
Beijing Warns Hong Kong Radicals Over Calls for Independence
Decades After Vietnam War, Laos Grapples With Unexploded Bombs
India to Replace Some Pellet Guns With Chilli-Filled Shells in Kashmir
French Farmers, Truckers Block Roads in Migrant Camp Demo
Veiled Muslim Mothers Prevented From Entering French School
Number of Migrants Claiming Benefits in Germany Surges by 169 Percent
Merkel Unsatisfied With German State Election Result
Britain Presses for 'Unique' Deal With EU After Brexit
UK Wants Government Control Over Migration, Not Points System: PM Spokeswoman
Russia Declares Influential Polling Agency a 'Foreign Agent,' Effectively Muzzling It
Italy Says 15 Boat Migrants Died, 2,700 Saved
EU Moves Closer to Visa-Free Travel for Georgia, Ukraine May Follow
Gabon Opposition Leader Urges General Strike After Disputed Election
Gabon Justice Minister Resigns, Calls for Vote Recount
France Warns ISIS Fighters Could Flee Libya to Tunisia, Egypt
Egypt's Christians Say They Are at a 'Breaking Point'
Nigeria Detains Reporter Over Boko Haram Link
South Sudan Spells Out Unresolved UN Protection Force Issues
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