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Updated September 13, 2016 - 11:14 PM EDT
US, Israel Agree $38 Billion Military Aid Deal
US Sends Nuke-Capable Bombers to Korea
Obama to Veto 9/11 Saudi Lawsuit Bill
  Saudi Airstrikes on Yemen Water Well Kill 30 Civilians
Few Violations as Syrian Ceasefire Takes Effect
  Is the Syria Ceasefire Deal Important... and Will the Truce Hold?
  Kerry: US Must Approve All Syrian Airstrikes During Ceasefire
  Turkey Army Chief: Syrian Offensive Will Continue
West Demands CIA General to Withdraw From Libya Ports
Philippines President Demands US Troops Withdraw
Russian DM: International Order Isn't Just US's Wishes
How Israel Stole the Bomb  by James DiEugenio
Warnings and Lessons 15 Years After 9/11 and the Afghan Invasion  by Richard M. Ebeling
Dangerous Manichean Foreign Policy Narratives  by Leon Hadar
Isn't It Time to Ban the Bomb?  by Lawrence Wittner
The Human Rights of the Settler  by Nicola Perugini & Neve Gordon
What Comes After US Primacy  by Christopher Layne

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Facebook Collaborating With Israeli Govt to Determine What Should Be Censored
Traditionally Dressed Muslim Woman Set on Fire in NY
Police-Involved Injuries of Civilians Rise Nearly 50%, Harvard Researchers Say
167 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Arrests Civilians for Observing Eid
UK Supplying Ammunition, Heavy Weapons to Kurdish Peshmerga Forces in Fight Against ISIS
Skeptical Pentagon Weighs Cooperation With Russia
Syrian State Determined to Recover All Areas: Assad
As Syria Ceasefire Goes Into Effect, Some Rebels Sit on the Fence
Russia Calls on Free Syrian Army to Stop Fighting Kurds
Syrian Kurdish YPG Welcomes US-Russia Ceasefire Deal
Turkey Aims to Send Aid Convoy to Aleppo: Erdogan
Senior Russian Diplomat Sees Syria Peace Talks in Early October
Car Bomb Targets Government Buildings in Eastern Turkish City, Wounding 50
Jailed Kurdish Militant Says Conflict With Turkey Could Be Settled in Six Months: Brother
Yemen Conflict: UN Disturbed by Deadly Air Strikes on Water Well
It's Not the Bullets Forcing Yemeni Troops Off the Battlefield. It's the Pay.
How Israel Aims to Redefine 'Ethnic Cleansing'
In Apparent Split With PM, Liberman Calls for Moving Arab Israelis to Future Palestinian State
Lieberman: Israel Must Back Soldiers, Despite Their Occasional Errors
Lieberman: No Way to Prevent Evacuation of Illegal Settlement Amona
Israel Eyeing Gaza-Bound 'Women's Flotilla' Setting Sail From Barcelona
Israel, PA to Sign Deal Resolving Massive Palestinian Electric Debt
David Cameron Resigns From UK Parliament
UK Will Have Public Guidelines for Brexit Talks Before Triggering Article 50: Minister
Officials: A Single ISIS Recruiter Links Attackers, Jihadis in France
Swedish Appeals Court to Rule on Julian Assange's Case This Week
Ukraine Says Prepared to Hold 'Good Faith' Talks With Russia on $3 Billion Debt
Croatia Coalition Wrangling Starts After Conservative Shock
Germany, France Seek Stronger EU Defense After Brexit: Document
Arsonists Increasingly Target Refugee Shelters in Germany
EU to Slash Funds to Eastern Europe to Step Up Migration Budget
Seven Police Injured, 49 Arrested in Chile Coup Commemorations
Top Cuban Dissident Halts 54-Day Hunger Strike
Dominican Republic Questions Why US Annulled Diplomatic Visa
The War at Home
Donald Trump, After Blasting Iraq War, Picks Top Iraq Hawk as Security Adviser
Long-Secret Stingray Manuals Detail How Police Can Spy on Phones
Foreign Spending on US Elections Threatens National Security, FEC Commissioner Says
House Intelligence Committee to Discuss Classified Report on Snowden Ahead of Movie Launch
Trump Calls Afghanistan Safer Than America's Inner Cities
Rep. Chaffetz Subpoenas FBI for Full Clinton Email Probe File
Military Data Reveals Obesity Issue, and It's Getting Worse
How the Atomic Tests Looked Like From Los Angeles
Edward Snowden: ACLU and Amnesty Seek Presidential Pardon
Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Fire Set at Gunman's Mosque
Arlington National Cemetery Increases Security Measures
North Korea
China Says Sanctions Alone Can't Solve North Korea Nuclear Issue
US to Keep Up Economic Pressure on North Korea After Nuclear Blast
Sino-Russian Drills Show Mutual Support
China Suppresses Protests in Fishing Village, Arresting 13
China Says Has Tightened Judicial Procedures to Protect Rights
Taiwan Tour Operators Demand Help Over Business Hit by Worsening China Ties
Indian Kashmir to Impose Curfew, Use Drones for Vigil Ahead of Eid
Violence in Southern India as Top Court Orders Water Sharing
Afghanistan Close to Peace Deal With Gulbuddin Hekmatyar: Ghani
Thai Junta Will Stop Prosecuting Dissidents in Military Courts
Fiji Opposition MPs Freed After What Amnesty Calls 'Brazen Crackdown' on Rights
Italy to Open Hospital, Deploy 300 Soldiers and Doctors to Libya: Source
Haftar, the Strongman Who Seems Himself as Libya's Savior
South Sudan
South Sudan Leaders Profit From Deadly War
Flight of South Sudan Fighters to Congo Poses Security Threat: UN
DR Congo Opposition Walks Out of Key National Talks
Zimbabwe Opposition Parties Say to Protest for Election Reform
Seychelles Opposition Wins First Vote in Decades
Colombia 'On Alert' After New Activist Killing
Colombia's FARC Apologizes for Taking Captives During Conflict
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