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Updated September 15, 2016 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Signs Record $38 Billion Military Aid for Israel
  Senator: $38 Billion Israel Aid Deal Not Enough
Syria Truce Holding: US, Russia OK Extension
  Cooperation Deal Signed, Pentagon Still Loathe to Work With Russia
  Arguments Keep Syria Aid Stuck at Border, Despite Ceasefire
Saudi Official: US 9/11 Bill Would 'Fuel Extremism'
FBI Chief: US Could Be Retaliating Against Russia Secretly
House Committee Votes to Ban Cash Payments to Iran
Inspector Gen. Report: US Aid Fueling Afghan Corruption
The Veeps on War – They Are Both Hawkish  by Kelley Vlahos
Why One US Marine Renounced War After 9/11  by Brad Hoff
Obama Is Blocking the Path to Justice for 9/11 Victims' Families  by Kristen Breitweiser
Perpetuating Stalemate in Syria  by Edward Hunt
Pardon Edward Snowden, Now  by Jill Stein
The Ethnic Cleansing of
 by Noam Rotem

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FBI Director Blames Twitter for Loss of Trust in Govt
FBI Director: Cover Up Your Webcam
Kremlin: Obama's Trump Criticism Anti-Russian, Won't Foster Better Ties
US Confidence in Media Hits Fresh Low: Gallup
Republican National Comm. Denies It Was Hacked
51 Killed in Iraq; Militants Hack Off Feet of Taggers Calling Citizens to Arms
US Offers Humanitarian Aid as Iraq Prepares Mosul Offensive
Iraqi Kurds Seize ISIS-Held Land, Bolstering Leverage for Future
'Lack of Options' Force Four Million to Flee From Syria to Iraq
Iraq FM: 'Third World War' Has Begun
Russia: Syria Ceasefire Violated 60 Times in First 48 Hours
Russia Says Prevented ISIS Attack on Syria's Palmyra
Syrian Opposition Politician Not Confident Truce Will Last
Turkish Ruling Party Member Shot Dead in Largely Kurdish Southeast
Refugees Pour Out of Turkey as Deal With Europe Falters
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
15 Fighters Killed in Southwest Yemen: Military Sources
Oil Tankers Seized in Yemen
Now the Saudis Have Killer Drones, Too
Touting Aid Deal, Obama Says True Israeli Security Requires Palestinian Statehood
Liberman Orders Defense Ministry to Blackball UN Mideast Envoy
ADL Chief Harshly Rebukes Netanyahu's 'Ethnic Cleansing' Rhetoric on Palestinians
Gaza-Bound Aid Flotilla Sails Off From Spain's Barcelona
Gaza Rocket Fired at Israel, Lands in Open Field
Israeli Trio Accused of Smuggling Cars Into Gaza
Israel Gives Palestinians Autonomy Over Electricity in Debt Pay-Back Plan
Landmine Hits UNIFIL Vehicle in South Lebanon
UN Chief Says He's Never Seen Tensions So High in Koreas
Top Diplomats From US, Japan, S. Korea to Meet on North Korea
Chinese Villagers Describe Police Beatings in 'Wild Crackdown' on Protest
China Warns Taiwan Not to Allow Dalai Lama to Visit
Obama, Meeting With Suu Kyi, Says US Ready to Lift Myanmar Sanctions
US Senator Blasts Suu Kyi's 'Dismissive' Reaction on Trafficking
India Raises Balochistan at United Nations; Hits Out at Pakistan
Turkmenistan's Constitutional Amendment Allows President to Serve for Life
India Offers $1 Billion in Fresh Aid to Afghanistan
Exiled Maldives Ex-Leader Says Working With Rival to Bring Down Government
Indonesian Islamic Council Issues Fatwa on Forest Fires
The War at Home
Sanders, Ellsberg to Obama: Pardon Edward Snowden
Nearly Half of Americans 'Very Concerned' About Clinton Emails: Reuters/IPSOS Poll
Colin Powell Emails That Claim Bill Clinton 'Is Still Dicking Bimbos'
Powell Reveals Disgust With Trump, Distaste for Clinton in Hacked Emails
Arrest Made in Arson Fire at Florida Mosque Where Orlando Gunman Prayed
Lawmakers Visit Parris Island After Recruit's Death Highlights Hazing
Marine Drill Instructor Accused of Running a Clothes Dryer With a Muslim Recruit Inside
Remains of Alabama Soldier Who Went MIA During Korean War Returned Home to Cullman
GCHQ's 'Great British Firewall' Raises Serious Concern: Privacy Groups
MPs Deliver Damning Verdict on Cameron's Libya Intervention
In Leaked Emails, Iraq War Architect Expressed Relief That Brexit Distracted From UK War Inquiry
Britain's Secret WWII Plan: Stink Bomb Hitler
Germany and France See Fresh Momentum From Ukraine Ceasefire
IMF Board Approves $1 Billion Loan Disbursement to Ukraine
French Police Arrest Another Teenager Suspected of Plotting Attack
Rescuers Pull 650 Boat Migrants to Safety, Find 5 Corpses: Italy
Post-Brexit EU Needs Joint Military HQ, Juncker Says
European Parliament Urges Poland to Observe Rule of Law
Cyprus Leaders Say Committed to a Peace Deal This Year
South Sudan
South Sudanese Authorities Shut Prominent Newspaper
US Threatens UN Arms Embargo on South Sudan
New Boko Haram Video Threatens to Kill Nigeria's President
Nigerian Oil Ceasefire Threatened by Local Anger at Military
Clash With Boko Haram in Niger Kills Five Soldiers, 30 Militants
Obama Lifts Economic Sanctions From Ivory Coast, Citing Progress
Congo Government Strikes Deal With Some Opponents on Elections Sequence
AU Plans to Send Observers to Gabon Election Appeal
2 Dead, 3 Wounded in Shooting at Mexican Prosecutor's Office
Students of War: Mexico Welcomes Syrian Students
Colombia Top Court: State Responsible for Satirist's Murder
Doctor in Uruguay Says Former Gitmo Prisoner in Coma From Hunger Strike Over Resettlement
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