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Updated September 16, 2016 - 11:25 PM EDT
US-Backed Rebels Threaten to Kill US Soldiers
  US, Russia Trade Blame in Deadly Syria Airstrikes
  No Signs of Syria Rebels Cutting Ties With Nusra Front
Yemen Houthis Seize Military Post in Saudi Arabia
  Fighting Around Yemen's City of Taiz Kills 40
Trump Aide: US Aid for Israel 'Won't Be Limited'
  Colin Powell Email: Israel Has 200 Nukes, All Aimed at Tehran
House Votes to Ban Any More Gitmo Releases
Post 9/11 US Cost of Wars at Nearly $5 Trillion
Obama, Saudis Lobby Senate Ahead of 9/11 Lawsuit Veto
House Intel Report: Snowden 'Not a Whistleblower'
Swedish Appeals Court Upholds Assange Detention Order
America Has Spent Nearly $5 Trillion on Wars Since 9/11  by Eric Levitz
How War Lost Its Politics  by Mary L. Dudziak
Harder Times for Palestine if Clinton Wins US Election  by Stanley L Cohen
Two Boys in Aleppo
 by Justin Raimondo
Going All in With Netanyahu  by Paul R. Pillar
Syrian Truce Holds – but Balance Lies With Armed Opposition  by Patrick Cockburn

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Clinton Says Success of Syria Agreement Rests With Russia
The FBI's Own Watchdog Signs Off on Agents Impersonating Journalists
Russian-Iranian Bank May Ditch the US Dollar
Poll Shows Rift Between US Jews, Israel on Religious Affairs
Tech Money Lurks Behind Government Privacy Conference
41 Killed in Iraq; Bombs a Daily Ritual for Baghdad
A Walk Down One of Baghdad's Most Bombed Streets
Rights Group Accuses Turkey, Pro-Kurdish Forces Over Syria Civilian Deaths
Their Streets and Skies Suddenly Quiet, Syrians Watch Ceasefire With Unease
Syrian Opposition Negotiator Says No Date Set to Resume Peace Talks
Top Russian General Discusses Syria With Turkish Counterpart
British Embassy in Ankara to Close on Friday for Security Reasons
Turkish Cleric, Accused in Coup Plot, Calls Crackdown 'Dark Pages' in History
US Issues Sanctions Against Two Turkey-Based ISIS Supporters
Tankers Seized in Yemen Port, Risking Deeper Import Crisis
Houthis Study US Truce Proposal for Yemen: Negotiator
UN Chief Calls Netanyahu's 'Ethnic Cleansing' Video 'Outrageous'
Netanyahu's Ghost on 'Ethnic Cleansing' Video Is Rightwing Pollster Luntz
Palestinian Charged With Negligent Homicide After Cops Shoot His Cousin
Former Israeli PM Says 'Reckless' Netanyahu Harmed US Aid
Both Sides Report Violations of Ceasefire in Ukraine
Foreign Ministers Visit Eastern Ukraine as Fresh Ceasefire Begins
Muslim Fashion Shops in Germany Linked to Extremist Salafists
Right-Wingers and Asylum Seekers Clash in Eastern Germany
Merkel Wants Germany to Get Refugees Into Workforce Faster
Report: EU Officials 'Believe Britain Will Give Up on Brexit if They Make Negotiations Tough Enough'
Kosovo War Crimes Prosecutor Vows Independence
Frontex Says 23,000 Migrants Reached Italy in August
The War at Home
Concern Over Colin Powell's Hacked Emails Becomes a Fear of Being Next
Guccifer 2.0 Leaks House Race Strategy Memos
2 More Indicted in Massive US Navy Bribery Scandal
Top US Special Operations General: 'We're Hurting Ourselves' With All These Movies and Books
Marines Scrutinize a Culture of Toughness After a Muslim Recruit's Death
Philippines Is Not 'Little Brown Brother' of US: Foreign Minister
Former 'Death Squad' Hitman Links Philippine President Duterte to Over 1,000 Murders in Senate Testimony
Philippine Witness: We Killed for Duterte, Fed Body to Crocodile
North Korea Says Ready for 'Another Attack' Against US 'Provocations'
Japan to Boost South China Sea Role With Training Patrols With US: Minister
US Lawmakers Say Afghanistan Corruption Threatens Future Spending
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Calls for Investment After Obama Pledges Sanctions Relief
China Deports Canadian Detained Two Years on Suspicion of Spying
Libya Oil Exports to Resume 'Immediately'
Chased by a Dictator's Legacy, an Arms Dealer Navigates Libya's Chaos
Kenyan Police Find Note Suggesting ISIS Link to Mombasa Attack
Congo-Based Militia Seizes 10 Truckers From Tanzania, Kenya
Kenya Denies Abuse of Refugees in Push to Close Somali Camp
Family of Three Killed in Grenade Attack in Burundi Crisis
Congo to Form Interim Govt That Includes Opposition Members
Mexican Journalist Killed in Highway Shooting
Colombia Accepts Role in 1980s Killings of Leftist Politicians
Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner Out of Coma, Not Danger in Uruguay
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