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Updated September 18, 2016 - 11:26 PM EDT
 'Intentional' Explosion Wounds 29 in NYC
US Bombs Syrian Army Base, Killing 83 Troops
   US Envoy Slams Russia for Calling UNSC Meeting Over Bombing
   US Expresses Regret For Killing Scores of Syrian Troops in Blunder
US-Backed Rebels Threaten to Kill US Soldiers
  US Troops Now Embedded With Turkish Military in Northern Syria
  Russian FM: US Needs to Separate 'Moderate' Rebels From Nusra Front
  US: Joint Targeting With Russia on Hold Until Syria Aid Flows
  Turkey Demands Role in Mosul Battle, but Coalition Unconvinced
One-Third of Saudi Airstrikes Hit Yemen Civilians
  Repeated Saudi Airstrikes Take Toll on Yemeni Civilians
Suicide Bombing Kills 36 at Pakistan Mosque
  US Gives Italian Aid Worker's Family Slain in Drone Strike $1.2 Million
Minnesota Mall Stabber Was 'A Soldier of ISIS'
The Religious Fervor of the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem  by Lucy Steigerwald
Who Are the Crazies on Korea?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Netanyahu Added 100,000 Settlers, and US Rewards Him With Largest Aid Package Ever  by Zaid Jilani
It Can Happen Here
 by Uri Avnery
The Restraint Constituency and US Foreign Policy  by Trevor Thrall
Despite '28 Pages' Release, Saudi's 9/11 Involvement Still Buried  by Paul Sperry

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Swedish Court Upholds Assange Detention Order
Japan Court Rejects Okinawa Move to Block US Base Relocation
TNT Traces on Egyptair Plane Debris Split Investigators: Report
ISIS-Inspired Briton Found Guilty of Murdering Imam
Violence Continues
Child Killed in Mosque Among 55 Killed in Iraq
UK Troops Condemned Over Drowning of Iraqi Boy Forced Into Canal
Attack Tests Iraqis' Failing Faith in Leadership
Obama to Meet Abadi at UN as Mosul Offensive Looms
Iraqi Cleric's Supporters Demonstrate for Reform
Russia Says UN Meeting Canceled Over US Objections
US Flags Flown by Kurdish Group in Northern Syria
Pentagon: US Strike Killed ISIS 'Propaganda Chief'
Troops Replace Tourists in Aleppo's Old City
US Designates Syria Insurgent, Hamas Official as Terrorists
UN Inquiry Blames Syrian Military for Chlorine Bomb Attacks
As Turkey's Purge Widens, So Does the Opposition to It
The Return of Turkey's 'Dirty War' Against the Kurds
Turkish Army Kills Kurdish Militants Suspected of Politician's Murder
As Turkey Seeks Fethullah Gulen's Extradition, How Will the US Respond?
Israeli Soldiers Murdered Dozens of Captives During One of the Wars the IDF Fought in the First Decades of Israel's Existence
Israeli Settlements Have Grown During the Obama Years
Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Israel Made a Mistake by Signing Security Deal
Palestinian Man Killed by Israeli Soldier During Arrest in West Bank
Israeli Forces Say Killed Three Assailants in East Jerusalem, West Bank
Family of Man Killed by Israeli Army Feels 'Powerless'
South Sudan
More Than 1 Million Refugees Fleeing South Sudan: UN
South Sudan Rejects Report on Leaders' Wealth
Shabaab Seize Somalia Town Near Kenya Border
Burkina Faso Ex-PM Detained on Charges of Killing Protesters
16 DR Congo Opposition Activists Arrested: UN
Egypt Takes Delivery of Second French Mistral Warship
UN Expert: Eritrea Must Reveal Fate of Detained Officials, Reporters
European Leaders Debate Proposals for Closer Military Ties
Divided European Leaders Struggle With Post-Brexit Vision
Kosovo Expels Russian, Ukrainian Journalists
Divided Bosnia Expects EU to Accept Application Bid Next Week
The War at Home
Former McClatchy DC Bureau Chief: Clinton Surrogate Blumental Pitched Me 'Birther' Story in 2008
Debate Commission Blocks Gary Johnson and Jill Stein From Stage
DHS on Election Security: We Won't Violate Your State's Rights
The F-35 Gets a Big Win as Israel Scores $38 Billion in US Military Aid
US Air Force Grounds F-35 Fighters Over Cooling Line Problems
Residents Near Ex-Navy Bases in PA Sue Makers of Firefighting Foam
Refugee Crisis
Sweden Says EU Has Capacity to Take a Million Refugees a Year
Switzerland Expects Fewer Refugees After Border Clampdown
Swiss Play Down Talks With Juncker on EU Immigration Curbs
Libya Says 1,425 Migrants Turned Back Over Two Days
EU Grants Bulgaria 108 Million Euros to Stem Migrant Flows
Poll Shows Most Europeans Sympathize With Syrian Refugees, 'Have Not Lost Their Hearts'
Hungarian PM Says EU Migrant Policy Self-Destructive, Germany Should Cap Numbers
Between Reckless Ally and Old Rival, China in a Bind Over North Korea
Canada Says It Made No Concessions to China for Detainee's Return
Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran Aim for China Oil Market Share
Pakistan May Be Building New Nuclear Site: Analysts
Myanmar Soldiers Jailed With Hard Labor for Village Killings
India Detains Leading Kashmiri Human Rights Activist
15 Years On, Colombia's Road to Peace Passes Through Town
Venezuela Opposition Running Out of Options to Force 2016 Maduro Vote
Mexico: Calls for President Enrique Pena Nieto to Quit
Airlines Pulling Cuban-Americans Off Crews for Flights Between Countries
Weekend Reviews
The Myth of American Retreat
The Night We Almost Lost Arkansas – a 1980 Nuclear Armageddon That Almost Was
Oliver Stone’s New Movie Snowden Tackles the Myth
New Film Tells the Story of Edward Snowden; Here Are the Surveillance Programs He Helped Expose
America and the World in the Post-Cold War Era
Americans Still Dying
Mill Creek (WA) Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Injury in Kuwait
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The Religious Fervor of the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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NATO and Trump's Misconceptions

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From Cops to Clinton: Impunity Corrupts

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What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

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Questioning the Powerful

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