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Updated September 19, 2016 - 11:10 PM EDT
ISIS Overruns Syria Army Base After US Bombs It
  Syrian Military Announces End of Ceasefire, Bombs Aid Trucks
  ISIS Shoots Down Syrian Warplane Over Eastern City, Killing Pilot
  US Commanders Are 'Pissed Off' About the Mission Creep in Syria
More US Troops Arrive at Iraq Airbase Near Mosul
  David Cameron Fails To Stop Probe of Troops Accused of Killing Iraqi
Man Wanted for NYC, NJ Bombings Arrested
  1 of 5 Devices Near Train Station Explodes; No Injuries
  5 People Taken Into Custody in Connection With Chelsea Bombing
  Governor: No Apparent Link Between NY Blast, Overseas Terror
  ISIS-Linked Agency: Minnesota Mall Stabber Was 'A Soldier of ISIS'
Utah Grade School Masked Intruder/Bomb Threat
US Airstrike Kills Eight Afghan Policeman
Gitmo Prisoner: Saudi Royal Family Member Recruited Me
Libyan Unity Govt Forces Fail to Retake Contested Oil Ports
Apologizing to My Daughter for the Last 15 Years of War  by Peter Van Buren
House Intel Committee's Very Bad Snowden Report  by Barton Gellman
Our Hardliners Are Still Helping Iran's Hardliners  by Paul R. Pillar
America, the Helpless 'Superpower'  by Justin Raimondo
Greenwashing Wars and the US Military  by Ann Wright
Five Reasons Why US-Israel Military Deal Stinks  by Marwan Bishara

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Mike Pence: I'd Model My Vice Presidency After Dick Cheney
Feds Side With Anaheim Police Over Secret Stingray Cell Phone Tracking
Obama to Decide on Cuts to US Nuke Arsenal in October
Merkel Suffers Drubbing in Vote Due to Migrant Angst
The War at Home
79 Killed in Iraq as Bombers Focus on Baghdad Suburbs
New York Explosion: NYPD Investigating Tumblr Manifesto Claiming to Be the Suspected Bomber
Secret Papers From WWII Espionage Probe of Tribune Could Go Public
Accused UK Hacker to Be Extradited to the US to Face Charges
Navy Littoral Combat Ship Suffers Two Engine Casualties Days After Commissioning Ceremony
News Story Prompts DoD to Prevent Miami Beach From Receiving $1 Million MRAP Military Truck
UC Berkeley's Ban on Palestine Course 'Mccarthyist'
India Blames Pakistan for Kashmir Attack That Kills 17 Soldiers
Deadly Attack on Army Base Inflames India-Pakistan Tensions
Pakistan, India Set to Clash on Kashmir at UN
Pakistan Rejects Indian Claims of Restraint in India-Held Kashmir
ISIS, Pakistani Taliban Faction Say Kill Three Soldiers in Pakistan
Abu Sayyaf Extremists Free Norwegian Hostage in Philippines
Three Indonesians Freed by Militant Abu Sayyaf Group in Philippines
North Korea
US, Japan, and South Korea Meet to Discuss Tougher Measures Against North Korea
Fourteen Kidnapped Nigerian Oil Workers Freed
Nigeria Ready to Swap Boko Haram Prisoners for Chibok Girls
Niger, Chad Armies Kill 38 Boko Haram Fighters: Niger Army
Somalia General Killed by Al-Shabab Suicide Car Bomber
Central African Republic Rebels Kill 26 Villagers: Presidential Spokesman
Around 10 Killed in Northern Mali in Fighting Between Militias
Sudan Threatens to Close Border With South Sudan Within Days
Libyan Forces Renew Push Against ISIS in Sirte
Zimbabwe Police Deny Using Bullets in Anti-Mugabe Protests
Not All Observers Welcome for Morocco's Elections
Egypt Court Freezes Assets of Rights Defenders and NGOs
Democratic Republic of Congo Adviser on 'Pleading Mission' to US Not to Impose Sanctions
Colombia's FARC Will Fight on as Political Party, Rebel Leader Says
FARC Opens What Colombia Hopes Is Last Wartime Conference
Venezuela Summit Draws Few Leaders in Blow to Maduro
Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Free to Continue Hunger Strike: Uraguay Judge
Child Killed in Mosque Among 55 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Says Presence of Turkish Troops Hampers Mosul Liberation
Iraq Allows Families Back to Fallujah for the First Time, but Just a Handful Make It
'Stack the Bodies Outside the Door': Pollution, Contamination and the Toxic Legacy of the Iraq War on the Iraqis Themselves
Syria Envoy Says Deadly US Air Strikes Aim to Sink Truce
Syrian Soldier Said Killed by Israeli Retaliatory Fire on Golan
Israel's Iron Dome Shoots Down Two 'Projectiles' Fired From Syria: Army
Moscow Says US Strikes Threaten Truce Plan
Turkish-Backed Rebels Push South in North Syria
Australia Offers Condolences Over Air Strike on Syrian Troops
Plans for Homs Evacuation Piles More Pressure on Syria Truce
Turkish Soldiers, Kurdish Militants Killed in Violence in SE Turkey
Turkish Police Detain 40 Over Links With ISIS
Yemeni Leader Relocates Central Bank in Blow to Rebels
Arms for Houthis Found in Yemen Trucks With Oman Plates
Saudi Arabia Accuses Iran of Arming Rebels in Yemen, Urges UN to Sanction Tehran
Liberal Pro-Israel Groups to Congress: Don't Obstruct Iran Deal
Soldier Kills 3 Comrades, Himself in South Iran
Iran Urges US to Unblock Aircraft Deals, Seeks Investors
Likud Ministers, MKs Urge Legalization of Illegal Outposts
Palestinian Man Shot Dead After Alleged Stabbing Attack
Palestinian Mushroom Farm Blighted by Israeli Occupation
Death Amongst the Tourists of Occupied East Jerusalem
Jordan Condemns Israeli Army Murder of Jordanian in Jerusalem
Police Arrest Israeli Arab Party Officials in Funding Probe
Putin's United Russia Gets 45% in Duma Election, Exit Poll Shows
US Condemns Russian Elections in Crimea
Slovakia's Fico Says Ukraine Doing Less Than Russia to Meet Minsk Deal
'Token' Belarussian MP Hopes to Give Opposition a Voice
UK Ministry of Defense Invests $40 Million in Killer Laser Cannon
Slovak PM Wants EU Border Guards Deployed by Year End
Just Under 30 Percent of French Muslims Reject Secular Laws: Poll
Swiss Right-Wing Politician Unhurt After Knife Attack
Migrant Flows to Europe Continue as UN Convenes Summit in NY
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