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Updated October 14, 2016 - 11:25 PM EDT
CIA Prepping for Cyber Strike Against Russia
US Unsure Who Fired Yemen Missiles, Retaliates
  US Enters Yemen War Directly for First Time With Attack on Houthis
  Coastal Attacks Raise Profile of US Involvement in Yemen War
  Hype Surrounds Iran's Deployment of Aged Ships 'Near' Yemen
Obama, Aides Meeting to Discuss Attacking Syria
  Rescue Workers: 150 Killed in East Aleppo Airstrikes This Week
  Rebels, Families Evacuate Suburbs of Syrian Capital Under Deal
  Car Bomb Kills 20 at Syria-Turkey Border Crossing
Taliban Kills 100 Afghan Police in Helmand Capital
As Mosul Invasion Looms, Growing Fear of Refugee Exodus
FBI Claims Russia Behind Clinton Chairman Email Hacks
WikiLeaks Release of Clinton Emails Smeared as Russian Plot  by Kevin Gosztola
The Convoluted Discourse: Was the Women's Boat to Gaza an Existential Threat?  by Ramzy Baroud
Growing Danger of Military Conflict With Russia  by Nikolas Gvosdev
Maintaining Influence in Afghanistan  by Edward Hunt
Is US Vulnerable to War Crimes Charge in Yemen?  by Sarah Lazare
Let's Hope Hillary Clinton Is Lying About Syria and Russia  by Michael Brendan Dougherty

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Colombia's President Extends Ceasefire With FARC Through Year End
Trump Camp Says Serbia Apology Interview Was Hoax
Accused NY Bomber Pleads Not Guilty From Hospital Bed
Portugal's Guterres Appointed Next UN Chief
Ankara, Baghdad in Talks About Troops; 22 Killed in Iraq
Cash-Strapped UN Faces Huge Challenges in Mosul Offensive
Turkey Says Botched Assault on Iraq's Mosul Would Trigger Refugee Wave
What's Behind Sadrists' Return to Iraq's Shi'ite National Alliance?
UK MoD: 'No Civilian Deaths' Claim in Syria Strikes Challenged
Britain Looking at Its Military Options in Syria: Foreign Minister
Observatory: Shells Kill Four Children in Govt-Held Aleppo
Syria's Assad: Taking Aleppo Will Push 'Terrorists' Back to Turkey
Syrian Government Okays UN Aid Plan but Not for Aleppo
Russia Says Damascus Embassy Targeted in Mortar Attack, No Staff Hurt
Russia Completes Delivery of S-300 Missiles to Tehran
Iran Dismantles Foreign ISIS Cell Plotting to Bomb Ashura Mourners
Top Adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Resigns
Israel Slams UNESCO Over 'Occupied Jerusalem'
Palestinians Push for UN Membership and Against Settlements
Senior Israeli, Palestinian Clergy Denounce Violence
Abbas Pardons Palestinian Official Jailed for Criticizing Him: NGO
Middle East
Amid Saudi Row, Egypt Reasserts Commitment to Gulf Allies
Yemen's Houthis Say Ready to Help Investigate Attacks on International Shipping
Turkish Soldier Killed in Suspected PKK Bombing
Man Who Rejected MI5 Convicted of Terror Charge After Semi-Secret Trial
Scotland's Sturgeon Sparks Brexit Duel With May, Plans Independence Bill
A War of Words: A Look at Britain's Arabic Propaganda During the Second World War
Montenegro PM Accuses Russia of Financing Anti-NATO Campaign
Germany Would Be 'Strong' if NATO Member Was Attacked: Foreign Minister
Kosovo 'Is a State' Albanian PM Rama Tells Serbs
Greek Guerrilla Group Claims Bomb Attack, Warns of More Hits
Former Catalonia Head to Stand Trial Over 2014 Independence Vote
EU Set to Keep Emergency Border Checks as Members Argue Over Migration
Seventeen Migrants Missing After Late-Night Mediterranean Rescue
The War at Home
Armed '3%' Militia Fights Against Proposed Mosque in Tiny Georgia Town
Soldier Convicted of Murdering Three Afghan Civilians Wins a Round in Court
Dear Clinton Team: We Noticed You Might Need Some Email Security Tips
US Tells Pakistan to Shut Down Access to Terrorists
Pakistan Police Say Security Forces Killed Eight Militants
Pakistani Government Defends Travel Ban on Leading Journalist
Thailand Wakes to Uncertainty, Grief Without King Bhumibol
Thai King's Death Adds to Uncertainty About Obama's Faltering Asia Pivot
China Rejects British Concerns Over 'Legal Interference' in Hong Kong
China Says to Tackle Veterans' Benefits After High-Profile Protest in Capital
Japan to Expand Djibouti Military Base to Counter Chinese Influence
Japan Protests Over Signs of Renewed Chinese Gas Exploration
Vietnam Says No to Foreign Military Base on Its Soil
India, Russia to Sign Delivery Deal for S-400 Missiles Saturday
Death Toll Rises as Myanmar Battles Border Attackers
After Court Ruling, Australia and East Timor Discuss Maritime Boundary
New Uzbek Leader to Share Power Due to Clan Rivalries
At Least 30 Killed in Central African Republic Fighting
Egypt's Sisi Denies Supporting Opposition in Ethiopia
Nigeria Confirms Release of 21 Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram
Burkina Faso 'Wants France to Release Sankara Archives'
Four Malian Soldiers Killed in Mine Explosions: Sources
Algerian Forces Kill Commander of ISIS Affiliate Behind French Murder
UN Sends Envoy to Burundi for Crisis Talks
Africa Migrants Storm Spanish Enclave of Melilla
Maldives Quits Commonwealth, Weeks After Democracy Warning
UK Supports Call for EU Sanctions Against Congo Officials
Colombia's Opposition Wants to Modify Peace Deal With a Scalpel, Not a Hammer
Paraguay: Rancher Kidnapped, Guerrilla Group Suspected
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