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Updated October 25, 2016 - 11:23 PM EDT
ISIS Steps Up Counter-Attacks in Iraq's Mosul
  Iran: Turkey Mustn't Violate Iraqi Sovereignty Over Mosul
  Iraq MP Urges Inquiry Into Airstrike Against Shi'ite Funeral in Daquq
  ISIS Captures City; 482 Killed Across Iraq
UN Blames All Sides After Syria Evacuation Fails
  Syrian Army Makes New Gains South of Aleppo
Gunmen Kill 61 Police Trainees in Pakistan
US Gen.: ISIS Aims to Establish Caliphate in Afghanistan
Army Chief Talks Up War With Russia, Insists US Will Win
US Ups Pressure, Philippines' Duterte Backs Off 'Separation'
Khadaffi's Murder  by Eric Margolis
Obama's Pivot to Asia Hits a Roadblock in the Philippines  by Ron Paul
Washington's New Lock-Step March of Folly  by Robert Parry
Dump Duterte – for Starters  by Patrick J. Buchanan
A World Gone Mad  by Philip Giraldi
The Lone Wolf of Gaza  by Stanley L. Cohen

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'Spies for Hire' – in the UAE
35 Turkish Diplomats Seek German Asylum
Four Killed in India-Pakistan Cross-Border Shelling
Soldiers Struggling to Repay Bonuses Issued in Error
Iceland, a Land of Vikings, Braces for a Pirate Party Takeover
ISIS Captures City; 482 Killed Across Iraq
US Drops 1400 Bombs on ISIS in First Week of Mosul Fight
Ferocity of Kirkuk Attack Points to Tough Fight for Mosul
Jihadist Traps Lie in Wait for Iraqi Soldiers
Iraq's Liquor Merchants Left High and Dry
Israeli Aircraft Strikes Gaza After Militants Fire Rocket
Palestinian Villages 'Get Two Hours of Water a Week'
Rise of the Drones Triggers Quiet Revolution in Israeli Air Force
Israel Will Help Rebuild Gaza if Hamas Disarms, Lieberman Says
Israel Defense Chief Gives Interview to Palestinian Daily
Police Arrest Man, but Say London Airport Incident Not 'Terrorist-Related'
British Lawmakers Ask Obama to Let Hacking Suspect Face Trial in UK
Serbia Unmasks Plot to Sway Election in Neighboring Montenegro: PM
330 US Marines to Be Temporarily Stationed in Norway in 2017
Bulgaria Presidential Candidate Vows to Improve Relations With Russia
French Citizens Killed in Surveillance Plane Crash on Malta
PM: Egyptian Military's Role in Economy Likely to Be Reduced After 2-3 Years
Egypt PM Expects IMF Deal to Be Signed Within Two Months
Four Killed in Anti-UN Unrest in Central African Republic
Nigeria to Meet Niger Delta Leaders, Militants on October 31
Clashes in Somalia Displace 75,000 as Rains Threaten: UN
South Africa Opposition Party Challenges ICC Withdrawal in Court
Kenyan President Commutes All Death Sentences to Life in Prison
Colombia's FARC Say 'Close' to New Peace Deal
Colombia 'Torpedoing' Peace Talks, Say ELN Rebels
The War at Home
Authorities Open Fire at Unmanned Drone During North Dakota Pipeline Protests
Lawmaker Blasts Pentagon's 'Boneheaded' Effort to Recoup Bonuses From Soldiers
First Transgender Soldiers Seek Formal Army Recognition
'The Darkness Comes': CIA Torture Victims Describe How the Mental Scars Never Go Away
Refugee Crisis
Some 2,200 Migrants Rescued in Mediterranean, 16 Bodies Recovered
France Clears 'Jungle' Migrant Camp in Calais, Children in Limbo
Closing Calais Camp Will Help Secure Future of Anglo-French Border Agreement: UK Minister
EU to Continue Libyan Coast Guard Training After Attack on Migrants
Indian Police Kill 24 Maoist Insurgents in Eastern State
China Admonishes the US for Visit to Disputed India-China Border
ISIS, Pakistani Taliban Each Claim Killing of Police Officer
Pakistan Says Won't Allow Opposition Protest to Shut Down Islamabad
South Korea's Park Proposes Multiple-Term Presidency
Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Visits North Korean Capital
Bomb in Thai South Kills One, Injures 19
Rights Activists Urge Thai Junta to Drop Sedition Charge Against Lawyer
Myanmar Army Forces Hundreds of Rohingya Villagers From Homes: Witnesses
Philippines Police Plan New Phase in Drugs War
Kyrgyz Leader's Party Quits Parliamentary Coalition
Venezuela Political Foes to Hold Talks in Surprise Move
Children Still Threatened Despite Peace Advances in Colombia
UN Wants $200 Million to Compensate Haiti Cholera Victims
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