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Updated November 1, 2016 - 11:21 PM EDT
US Calls on Saudis to End Airstrikes on Yemen
ISIS Kills Afghan Tribal Elders in Suicide Attack
US Warplanes Will Kill Fleeing ISIS Fighters
  First Iraqi Troops Enter Mosul, but Fighting Largely in Suburbs
  5,561 Killed in Iraq During October
Aleppo Rebel Attacks Slow, but Civilian Toll Rises
  Syrian Army Enters Metro Damascus Town, Driving Rebels Back
Hackers Dump More Intel From NSA's Elite Equation Group
MI5 Chief Presents Russia as Threat to British Interests
Justifying the Saudi Slaughter in Yemen  by Gareth Porter
Inside the Invisible Govt: War, Propaganda, Clinton, and Trump  by John Pilger
Losing the Philippines Won't Imperil US Interests in Asia  by Ted Galen Carpenter
The End of Obama's Term: a Report Card on Latin America  by Ted Snider
Nuclear Weapons – the Time for Abolition Is Now  by Robert Dodge
Let's Rethink What 'Leadership' Means in Foreign Policy  by Daniel L. Davis

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South African Spy Company Used by Gadhafi Touts Its NSA-Like Capabilities
France: 52% Believe Apology Is Owed for Colonization of Algeria
4 Bodies Found on Highway Near Mexican Capital
Pakistan: Indian Fire Kills 4, Wounds 6 Civilians in Kashmir
5,561 Killed in Iraq During October
Iraqi in Wheelchair Makes Risky Escape From ISIS
Peshmerga Complete Advance Against ISIS, Iraqi Army Pushes on to Mosul
Turkey Wants Raqqa Offensive to Begin After Mosul Campaign Completed
Iraq's 'Mosul Regiment' Wants Its Base and Honor Back
UN Says Tank Shell Hits Its Aleppo Office
UN Syria Toxic Gas Inquiry Extended 18 Days to Allow More Talks
Turkey Detains Editor, Top Staff at Opposition Newspaper
Three Turkish Soldiers, 13 PKK Militants Killed in Clashes
US Concerned About Press Freedom in Turkey After Arrests: State Department
Dismissed Turkish Journalists Launch Campaign to Subvert Media Censorship
Erdogan Rides Patriotic Wave With Crackdown at Home, Combative Policy Abroad
Palestinian Gunman Shot Dead After Wounding Three Israeli Soldiers
Israeli Ministers Vote to Keep Lists of Users Who Access Porn Online
Senior Officials Push Annexation of Large West Bank Settlement
Defense Ministry to Ramp Up IDF Reserve Payments
Lieberman: Israel to Invest $900 Million in Gaza Border Towns
Middle East
Hezbollah Ally Michel Aoun Elected President of Lebanon After Two-Year Political Deadlock
Cholera Outbreak Deals War-Torn Yemen Yet Another Blow
More Than 1,000 Children Left in Calais Camp, Say Charities
Police Swoop on Paris Migrant Camp After Calais Jungle Clearout
Ukrainians Shocked as Politicians Declare Vast Wealth
Kosovo Urges Citizens to Avoid Serbia Over Arrests
UK Has Foiled 12 Terror Plots Since June 2013: Spy Chief
Ruling Party in Georgia Wins Constitutional Majority After Vote Run-Off
The War at Home
WikiLeaks Release Shows Donna Brazile Passed Along Question Ahead of CNN Debate
Rights Groups Ask Facebook to Clarify Policies on Content Removal
When the FBI Has a Phone It Can't Crack, It Calls These Israeli Hackers
Bizarre Leaked Pentagon Video Is a Science Fiction Story About the Future of Cities
Nigeria to Investigate Alleged Rapes by Police and Troops
Nigerian Governor Accuses UN, NGOs of Misusing Aid Money
Nigerian Militant Group Threatens More Attacks if Army Campaign Continues
Islamic Bloc Says Chief Quits After Mocking Egypt President
After Saudi Halts Oil Shipments, Egypt Turns to Iraq Deal
France, Withdrawing Forces, Says Will Not Abandon Central African Republic
Western Powers Voice Support Libyan PM in Standoff With Rivals
Morocco Protesters Take to Streets Again Over Fishmonger's Death
Belgium, Congo Activists Urge Probe Into Congo Corruption Claims
Taliban Envoy Breaks Silence to Urge Group to Reshape Itself and Consider Peace
Wave of Afghan-On-Afghan Insider Attacks Hits Afghan Army
Pakistani Police Detain 1,500 in Crackdown on Opposition
Security Forces Kill Four LEJ Militants Linked to Quetta Police Attack
Indian Police Shoot Dead Eight Islamists After Prison Escape
Controversial Chinese Cybersecurity Law Enters Home Stretch for Approval
Australia, Indonesia Consider Joint South China Sea Naval Patrols
Uzbek Opposition Politician's Prison Term Extended to Total 25 Years
Foes in Venezuela's Political Crisis Agree to Cool Rhetoric
US Diplomat Meets With Maduro to Support Venezuela Dialogue
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