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Updated November 13, 2016 - 11:12 PM EST
Trump Expects to End US Aid to Syrian Rebels
  Arab Group Withdraws From Raqqa Push
  Russia, Rebels Spar Over Evidence of Chemical Arms Use in Aleppo
Trump Won't Rip Up Iran Deal, Adviser Confirms
  Neocons Trying to Sneak Into Trump Administration
  Putin Aide: Trump's Election May Avert World War III
  Sweden Seeks Trump Assurances on 'Commitment' to NATO
4 Americans Killed in Blast at Afghan Base
  German Soldiers Kill Two Civilians During Attack on Consulate
ISIS Executes Scores for 'Treason' in Mosul
  Iraqi Kurdish Forces Marking New Border Near Mosul
52 Killed in Blast at Pakistan Holy Site
A Pogrom Shakes a Palestinian Village Strangled by Israel
The Middle East Crises Trump Inherits Could Still Suck Him In  by Patrick Cockburn
AT&T Requires Police to Hide Phone Spying  by Adam Schwartz
Trump: Don't Follow the Bush-Obama Foreign Policy Legacy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Infamy of the Palestinian Elites: An Imminent Split Within Fatah?  by Ramzy Baroud
Trump Will Have Terrifying Powers, Thanks to Obama  by Alex Emmons
The US Is Sleepwalking Into a Hot War in Yemen  by Matt Purple

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Trump May Select an Architect of Bush's Torture Program to Run CIA
Petition to Pardon Assange
WikiLeaks Founder Assange Still Has No Internet in His London Refuge
Privacy Experts Fear Donald Trump Running Global Surveillance Network
Fighting Intensifies in Mosul; 108 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Troops Inch Ahead in Mosul as UN Says Chemicals Used
Iraqi Special Forces Seize Mosul District in Fresh Push
Iraqi Army Denies It Killed, Drove Tank Over a 'Child Soldier'
Fear and Relief at Iraqi Checkpoint on Escape Route From Mosul
Syrian Army and Allies Advance in Aleppo
Turkish Governor Dies After Bomb Attack, 30 Detained: Sources
Turkey Arrests Head of Opposition Newspaper
Middle East
Senior Saudi Prince Says Trump Shouldn't Scrap Iran Deal
Despite Coerced Confession, Israel Will Not Free British Terror Suspect
Ex-Georgian Leader Mikhail Saakashvili Plans New Party in Ukraine, Wants Early Elections
Greek Nihilist Group Urges Attacks to Sabotage Obama Visit
EU Agrees to Extend Border Controls Inside Schengen Zone
Talks on Uniting Cyprus Make Progress, to Resume on November 20: UN
Bosnia Investigates Former Croatian Officers for War Crimes
Austria: Man Accused of Multiple Syrian Battlefield Murders
EU Urges Kosovo to Pass Border Deal With Montenegro
Serbia Deports Russians Suspected of Plotting Montenegro Coup
UK's Lib Dems Will Vote Against Triggering Brexit if No Second Referendum
Venezuela Crisis Talks to Resume on Hostile Note
Uncertain Afghanistan Looks to Trump for Decisions on Troops, Aid
Taliban Claims Explosion at NATO Air Base in Afghanistan
German Foreign Ministry Sees No Change in Commitment to Afghan Mission After Attack
Egypt Imposes Big Security Clampdown, Protests Fail to Materialize
Egyptian Police Arrest Scores of Anti-Sisi Protesters
IMF Approves $12 Bn Loan to Support Egypt's Economy
South Sudan
South Sudan Authorities Shut Down Popular Radio Station
UN Fears 'Ethnic War' in South Sudan, EU Boosts Refugee Funding
In Libya, US Lays Plans to Hunt Down Escaped ISIS Fighters
Canada Eyes Africa Deployment for Troops
Thousands Demand Justice for Dead Morocco Fishmonger
Mali Coup Leader Readies for Trial Over Massacre
Obama Administration Suspends Pacific Trade Deal Vote Effort
Trump Sees Japan's Abe as Ally in Push Back Against China: Adviser
Gunmen in Philippines Seize Six Vietnamese Sailors Near Rebel Stronghold
Americans Still Dying
Family, Friends Remember Lawrence (KS) Staff Sgt. Killed in Jordan
Green Beret From Tucson (AZ) Dies in Jordan Attack
Special Forces Soldier From New Hampshire Dies in Training Exercise Near Key West
Special Forces Captain From Rolesville (NC) Killed in Afghanistan
Combat Engineer Fom Mississippi Dies in Training Accident in Hawaii
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