Bogged down in two major wars, running up a national debt of $20 trillion, and on the cusp of domestic turmoil not seen since the 1960s – that's where America is right now. Do we really need another war?

In Washington, D.C., the answer to that question is a near-unanimous "Yes!"

In the rest of America, the answer is a resounding "No!"

So which America will have their way?

It's up to us – it's up to you.

Since 1995, we here at have been mobilizing the American people against the War Party – and we need your help now more than ever. The forces that want to involve us in every overseas conflict are more powerful, and more determined, than ever. And they have the funding – while we have only you.

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Updated November 14, 2016 - 11:26 PM EST
Trump, Putin Agree to Normalize US-Russia Ties
NYT: Saudis Deliberately Targeting Civilians
US Soldiers Killed in Jordan Worked for the CIA
Trump Likely to End US Backing of Syria Rebels
  Russia: UN Needs to Confirm Aid Deliveries for New Aleppo Ceasefire
  23 Civilians Killed Across N. Syria as Fighting Resumes in Aleppo
Iraq Troops in Mosul Could Be Trump's First Crisis
  Iraq Kurdish Forces Destroying Arab Homes in Apparent War Crimes
  String of Bombings in Baghdad; 152 Killed in Iraq
Trump Wants 'Ultimate Deal' Between Israel, Palestinians
  Over PM's Objection, Israel's Parliament Aims to Legalize WB Outposts
Major Pakistan Attack Reflects Growing ISIS Presence
Gitmo Psych Care: Where Even Nightmares Are Classified
Trump's NATO Stance Fuels Hysterical Predictions
Memo to Trump: Defense Spending Is for Actual Defense  by Ron Paul
Donald Trump's Foreign Policy: What Will He Really Do?  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Dear President Trump  by Justin Raimondo
The Iran Deal Is Now In Critical Danger  by Derek Davison

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China Foreign Minister Says Ready to Improve US Relations
Colombia, FARC Rebels Agree Revised Peace Deal to End 52-Year War
Netanyahu Denies Inciting 1995 Rabin Assassination
1,400 Migrants Rescued in Mediterranean
Pentagon Launches 'Hack the Army' Program
String of Bombings in Baghdad; 152 Killed in Iraq
Kurdish Militants From PKK Killed by Turkish Air Strikes in Northern Iraq
Iraqi Civilians Stranded North of Mosul Grow Desperate
Fragile Army Gains in Mosul Leave Residents Exposed
ISIS Has Caused $35 Billion Damage to Iraq: PM
ISIS Victims Suffer as Evidence of Chemical Attacks in Iraq Grows
Iraqi Troops Say Recapture Nimrud, Site of Assyrian City
Mosul: Hospital Struggles to Cope With Battle Injuries
ISIS Blows Up Govt Buildings in Western Iraq
Turkish Airstrikes Kill 18 ISIS Militants in Northern Syria: Army
Clashes in Syria's Aleppo After Army Warning
Syrian Troops Reverse Rebel Advance West of Aleppo
Syrian Government Texts East Aleppo Residents to Leave
Russian Warship Flotilla Docks Off Syrian Coast
Syria Agrees to Open Border for 24 Hours to Lebanese Bananas: Report
Turkey Issues Travel Warning About US, Cites Protests
Turkey Halts Activities of 370 Groups as Purge Widens
Turkey Suspends 291 Navy Personnel Over Links to Failed Coup
Turkish Military Allows Female Personnel to Wear Headscarf
20,000 Anti-Turkish Govt Protesters Demonstrate in Cologne
Hundreds in Yemen Protest Unpaid Salaries, Fuel Shortages
Israel Expected to Release Documents on Disappearance of Yemenite Children
Abbas Calls on Trump to Implement Two-State Solution to Achieve Peace in Mideast
Israel PM Backs Bill to Limit Noise From Mosques
Trump Advisors Divided Over Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem
Palestinian UN Envoy: If Trump Moves Embassy to Jerusalem We'll 'Make His Life Miserable'
Palestinian Leadership Tensions Flare Amid Arafat Death Anniversary
Venezuela Govt, Opposition Reach Tentative Deals in Dialogue
As FARC, Government Step Toward Peace, ELN Under Fire for Pipeline Attack
Priest Abducted in Mexico Gulf Region Found Alive, Tortured
US Military
Unmanned Hueys Are Coming
The Pentagon's New Background Check System Won't Be Ready for Nearly Two More Years
US Bagram Airbase Bomber Was 'An Employee' and Ex-Taliban
US Embassy in Afghanistan Closed After Suicide Bombing on Military Base
Afghan Parliament Dismisses More Ministers Despite Pleas
US Airstrike Kill 13 ISIS Militants in East of Afghanistan
Afghan's New Anti-Graft Court Hears First Cases in Kabul
ISIS's Pakistan Attack Highlights Changing Tactics
Pakistan Sufi Shrine Attack: Why Islamists Consider Mystical Islam a Threat
Four Children Injured in Suspected Militant Attack on Indonesia Church
Guantanamo Deal Could Lead to Prosecution in Indonesia Terrorist Attacks
Japan Alleges Chinese Intrusion Into Its Territorial Waters
Eight Dead in Clashes Between Myanmar Army and Militants in Rakhine
Philippine Leader Threatens Tough Measures to Boost Drugs War
Russia Says Arrests ISIS-Linked Group Plotting Moscow Attacks
Russian Jews: Putin Did Not Interfere in US Vote
French PM Says State of Emergency Likely to Be Extended
'Everyone Is Afraid of It': France's Massive ID Database Seen as Threat to Personal Freedom
Britain's UKIP Leader Farage Meets Donald Trump in New York

ISIS Militant Caught With Explosives in Albania

80,000 Gather for Catalan Pro-Independence Demo
Pro-Russia Candidate Igor Dodon to Win Moldova Presidential Election
In Post-Arab Spring Egypt, Muslim Attacks on Christians Are Rising
At Least 130 Arrested After Protests Across Egypt Over Poor Economic Conditions and Rising Prices
Nigeria Probes New Reports of Food Aid Stolen From Refugees
Nigerian Militants Say Army Presence Prompts Niger Delta Attacks
Hundreds Killed Since Start of Oromo Protests in Ethiopia
South Sudan: 1 Dead, 6 Hurt in Gun Attack on Soccer Team
Hundreds of Boko Haram Fighters Surrender in Chad: Sources
Congo M23 Rebel Leader Still in Uganda: Military
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