Bogged down in two major wars, running up a national debt of $20 trillion, and on the cusp of domestic turmoil not seen since the 1960s – that's where America is right now. Do we really need another war?

In Washington, D.C., the answer to that question is a near-unanimous "Yes!"

In the rest of America, the answer is a resounding "No!"

So which America will have their way?

It's up to us – it's up to you.

Since 1995, we here at have been mobilizing the American people against the War Party – and we need your help now more than ever. The forces that want to involve us in every overseas conflict are more powerful, and more determined, than ever. And they have the funding – while we have only you.

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Updated November 15, 2016 - 11:20 PM EST
Trump, Putin Agree to Normalize US-Russia Ties
  Obama Claims Trump Will Remain Committed to NATO
'Moderate' Syrian Rebels Battle Each Other
  Iraqi Kurds Deny Demolition of Arab Homes Part of Long-Term Plan
ICC: US Likely Committed Afghanistan War Crimes
Stop John Bolton – on Twitter
India Shelling Kills Seven Pakistani Soldiers at LoC
Saudi Warplanes Kill 14 Yemenis in Attack on Fuel Trucks
US: Israel Bill Aimed at Legalizing Settlements 'Troubling'
The Bolton Threat to Trump's Middle East Policy  by Gareth Porter
Here's the Foreign Policy Stance That Should Displace Neocons  by Daniel L. Davis
The War in Syria Cannot Be Won. but It Can Be Ended  by Phyllis Bennis
A Trump Doctrine – 'America First'  by Patrick J. Buchanan
'Above All, We Need Debate' on Russia  by Stephen F. Cohen
Four More Years of Bush-Obama?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Judge to Consider Delaying Bergdahl Trial by Months
Prosecutors Question Julian Assange at Ecuador Embassy in London
Trump Adviser Linked to Turkish Lobbying
Afghan Leader Defies Parliament by Telling Sacked Ministers to Stay
Afghan President Asks UN to Add Taliban Leader to Sanctions List
Duterte Says if ISIS Comes to Philippines, Forget Human Rights
Philippines Police Boss Says US Guns Deal on After Duterte U-Turn
New Satellite Imagery Shows How Myanmar's Military Is Torching Villages
Clashes in Myanmar's Rakhine Raise Weekend Death Toll to 30
Japan, South Korea Agree to Controversial Intelligence Deal
Kyrgyz Leader Orders Probe of Political Opponent
Russian Police Find Evidence of Fraud During Parliamentary Election
Russia Says MIG-29 Jet Fighter Crashed in Mediterranean
Europeans Agree Defense Plan After Campaign Swipes by Trump
Ukraine MPs Throw Punches Over Kremlin Dig
Moldova's Pro-Russian President-Elect Wants Snap Parliamentary Election
Five Dead as Mediterranean Migrant Death Toll Rises
Police, Migrants Scuffle on Border Between Serbia and Croatia
Guerrilla Group Claims Responsibility for Attack at French Embassy in Athens
Poland Re-Examines Remains of President Killed in 2010 Plane Crash
Nigerian Police, Shi'ite Muslims Clash in Kano State, Nine Dead
Tunisia Seizes Three Arms Caches Near Libya Border
Libya's UN-Backed Government Appoints Finance Minister, Deputy to Unlock Funds
Guinea Bissau President Says Will Dissolve Government
Congo Cabinet Resigns as Part of Deal for Kabila to Stay
ISIS Commander Wanted by Italy Arrested in Sudan: Lawmaker
South Sudan: UN Adviser Warns of Genocide Risk
Kenya to Miss November Deadline to Close Somali Refugee Camp
Bombers Target Pilgrims; 198 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Claims Suicide Attacks as Mosul Campaign Makes Slow Progress
Battle With ISIS Leaves Melting Pot Iraq Town in Ruins
ISIS Ousted From Yazidi Villages Near Mosul
Air Strikes Batter Two Hospitals in Aleppo Countryside: Monitor, Medic
Turkish Warplanes Strike 15 Targets in Northern Syria
Russia Says Aleppo Rebels Used Chemical Weapons on Syrian Army: Tass
UN Peacekeepers Return to Syrian Side of Golan
Turkey Closes Syrian Border Gate After Clashes: Governor
EU Puts Syrian Central Bank Governor Under Sanctions
Explosion in Istanbul Suburb Wounds Ten
Turkey Could Put EU Talks to a Referendum Next Year: Erdogan
76 Experts Urge Donald Trump to Keep Iran Deal
Russia and Iran in Talks Over $10 Billion Arms Deal
Palestinians: Israeli Bill to Silence Mosques Will Lead to 'Catastrophe'
Right-Wing Israeli Leaders Push Forward Assertive New Legislation to Preserve Jewish Settlements
Israel Court Denies Request to Keep Amona Settlement
With Bill to Legalize Settlements, Israeli Ministers Are Pushing Obama to the Security Council
UN Envoy Warns West Bank Camp Could 'Explode'
Israeli Journalists Accuse Facebook of Infringing on Freedom of Speech
United Arab Emirates
UAE Court Jails Three Men for Involvement in Banned Groups
Colombia Publishes New FARC Peace Accord in Effort to End War
Venezuela Dialogue Gives Maduro Breather, Angers Opposition Base
Mexico to Discuss Deportations With Trump Team
Soldier on Leave Killed in El Salvador by Suspected Gang
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