Four years ago, we ran a column that told the real story behind the Benghazi disaster: how the State Department "outsourced" security for Ambassador Stevens to a dubious outfit named "Blue Mountain Security," and a gang of Islamists known as the February 17 Brigade. The story was that Stevens and the others who were killed that day were set up.

Now the real story is coming out, and it turns out we were right.

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Updated November 21, 2016 - 11:22 PM EST
Trump Meets With War Critic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Meeting With President-Elect Trump
Battle Over Control of Trump's Foreign Policy
  Turkey Upbeat Over Appointment of Flynn as Nat'l Security Adviser
Israeli Officials Cheer Trump's 'Pro-Israel' Picks
  Potential SecDef Mattis: Settlements Turning Israel Into 'Apartheid' State
Putin Says Trump Confirmed Willing to Mend Ties
  Senators Vow to Counter Trump Efforts to Improve Russia Ties
US Soldiers Shot at Jordan Base 'Likely Deliberate'
  Rebels Shell Aleppo School Killing at Least Eight Children
  Human Rights Watch: Iraqi Militias Held, Beat Villagers
Kabul Mosque Hit by Deadly Suicide Bomb Attack
Obama Considers Removing NSA Chief Rogers
Yemen Cease-Fire Extension in Doubt
Dozens of Militants Killed in Sinai Clashes
State Sponsors of Terrorism Are Receiving US Taxpayer Dollars  by Christopher Preble
The Washington Post vs. 'Fake News': Pot, Meet Kettle  by Thomas Knapp
Dreaming Up a Reason for NATO's Relevance  by Annie Machon
Flynn, Pompeo, and the Paradox of the New Nationalism  by Justin Raimondo
Installing a Torture Fan at CIA  by Ray McGovern
In Gaza, We Aren't Mourning Clinton's Loss  by Yasmeen El Khoudary

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McCain to Trump: Waterboarding Won't Be Reinstated
Obama: I'll Push Back on Trump if Needed to Defend 'US Ideals'
Venezuela Hopes Relations Improve With Trump
China's Xi Calls for 'Smooth Transition' in Relationship With US
Bolton Warns Obama on Israel Action at UN
The War at Home
Pentagon's Top Weapons Tester: F-35 Still Challenged
Look Inside the Windowless New York Skyscraper Linked to the NSA
SecDef: Temporary Budget 'Unfair to US Troops,' Puts Programs in Limbo
The Infamous Post-9/11 'Sleeper Cell' Case in California Continues to Unravel
7 Militants Killed in Drone Strike East Afghanistan
Afghanistan Accuses Iran of Supporting Taliban
Pakistan: India Shells Kill Three Children in Kashmir
Militant Killed in Encounter in South Kashmir
Pakistan Shoots Down Indian Drone 'Trespassing' Into Kashmir
Four Killed in Militant Attack in Quetta: Pakistan Officials
ISIS Claims Deadly Attack on Pakistani Security Forces
Rebel Group Kills Three Indian Soldiers in Separatist Attack in Assam
Counter-Insurgency Forces Gunned Down at Least Five Maoist Naxals in India
Villager's Execution in China Ignites Uproar Over Inequality of Justice
China's Xi Presses Philippines, Vietnam to Keep South China Sea Issues Bilatera
China Calls for East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State
Dalai Lama Visits Mongolia Over China's Objections
Japan PM Abe: Way to Peace Treaty With Russia Coming Into Sight
Meeting Putin, Philippines' Duterte Rails at Western 'Hypocrisy'
Tens of Thousands Rally Against Malaysia's Prime Minister
Bombs Explode at Supermarket in Myanmar, No Dead or Injured
UK Lawmakers Approve 'Most Sweeping' Surveillance Powers
Revealed: Chilcot Inquiry Was Set Up 'To Avoid Blame'
Ex-Child Soldiers to Sue UK Firm That Hired Them to Be Mercenaries in Iraq
UK Plans to Buy $1 Billion Worth of Enhanced Reaper Drones
Merkel Says She Will Seek Fourth Term as German Chancellor
Germany Cracks Down on Salafists to Shield Refugees
Sarkozy Concedes Defeat in French Right-Wing Primary
France Trains Eagles to Down Drones
Estonia's New Premier Comes From Party With Links to Russia
Obama, Putin Briefly Discuss Syria, Ukraine at Economic Summit
Rescue Ship Carrying Migrants Reaches Italy After Deadly Week in Mediterranean
Mexico President's Rating Hits New Low After Trump Victory
Ten Kidnapped in Mexican State Where 43 Students Abducted
Colombia's President to Allow Peace Deal to Be Debated in Congress
Brazil: Four Dead After Police Helicopter 'Shot Down by Gang'
Haiti's Presidential Redo Goes Well; Long Vote Count Begins
Iraqi Troops Arrive Just Ahead of Militiamen in Sunni Town; 132 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Battle to Take Mosul From ISIS Prompts Fears of More Sectarian Violence
ISIS Kills 12 Sunni Tribal Fighters, Police South of Mosul
Mosul Escapees Tell of Human Shield Ordeal
Iraqi Firefighters Battle to Tame ISIS Oil Well Fires
Millions Throng Iraq Shrine Amid Huge Security Deployment
UN Self-Rule Plan for Aleppo Rejected by Government
Turkish Military Announces Killing 20 Militants in Northern Syria
ISIS Attack Kills One Turkish Soldiers, Injures Two in Northern Syria
All Hospitals in Eastern Aleppo Out of Action After Bombardments: Officials
Hospital Workers Rush to Evacuate Infants in Aleppo Bombing
Obama 'Not Optimistic' About Syria's Immediate Future
Turkish President Hints 'His People' See US Involvement in Coup Attempt
Turkish Finance Officials Arrested Over Coup Links
Erdogan: 'Impossible' IDF Soldiers Acted in Self-Defense on Marmara
Bombs Interrupt Pop Performance in Southeast Turkey
Turkey Protesters Rally Against Crackdown on Pro-Kurds
Turkey: Refugees Set Deportation Center on Fire, Escape
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Denies Arab Coalition Violated Yemen Truce
Saudi Soldier Killed by Missile From Yemen Hours Before Ceasefire
Yemen Rebels Prevent Food Aid From Reaching Besieged City
Iran Has Shipped 'Surplus' Heavy Water to Oman
Hayden: US Needs to Push Back Harder on Iran
Iran Appoints New Chief for Army's Ground Forces
Hamas-Linked Imam, Israel Chief Rabbi Unite in Call for Peace
Suspended Due to US Pressure, East Jerusalem Construction Plan May Be Revived
Bill to Ban Mosques' Prayer Calls Gets New Life After Shabbat Loophole Eases Ultra-Orthodox Concerns
Netanyahu Faces Conflict-Of-Interest Scrutiny in Submarine Deal
Thousands of Arab Israelis Protest 'Muezzin Bill' After Friday Prayers
ISIS in Egypt Beheads Sinai Clerics Mistaken for Priests
Egypt Hands Journalist Union Head Two Years in Prison
Egypt Says 292 Face Trial for Sisi Assassination Plots
Monkey Sets Off Clashes in Libya, 20 Dead
Libya's Government Faces Forced Currency Devaluation
Somalia's PM Says Secures Ceasefire Between Two Warring Regions
Mali's Local Elections Marred by Boycotts, Kidnapping
Congo Authorities Block Opposition Demonstration
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