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Updated November 25, 2016 - 11:24 PM EST
First US Soldier Killed in Syria
  Syrian Rebels Show Off New Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  Turkey to Retaliate After Suspected Syrian Air Strike Kills Soldiers
  Iran Commander Expects Iraq Militias to Join Syria War
Bomb Kills 100 Iraqi Civilians Near Baghdad
  Iraq Told Mosul Civilians to Stay: Now They're Shelling Them
West Aims to Revise Nuclear Deal With Iran Ahead of Trump
US Anti-ISIS-Propaganda Campaign: Killing Twitter Users
Trump's National Security Adviser Facilitated the Murder of Civilians in Afghanistan  by Gareth Porter
Expect the Unexpected  by Bonnie Kristian
An Appeal to My Readers  by Justin Raimondo
The Indispensable Nation?  by William J. Astore

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Army Lashes General Over Anthrax Debacle
Trump Turning Away Intel Briefers Since Election Win
Drone Warfare Heads Under the Seas as US Seeks Advantage Over Rivals
Tony Blair: Brexit Could Be Stopped if Britons Change Their Minds
Eight Soldiers Killed in Suicide Car Bombing in Egypt's Sinai
Egyptian Activists Raise Alarm Over Expanding NGO Crackdown
Egypt Suspends Sentence of Writer Convicted of Insulting Religion
Nigeria Army Denies Killing 150 at Biafra Demonstrations
Two Girl Suicide Bombers Attack North Cameroon Town
Somalia: Blast in Mogadishu Kills Top Army Officer, Injures Five
Year Since Bus Bomb, Tunisia Still in State of Emergency
Eritrean Refugees in Israel Sent to Uganda and Rwanda
Libyan Forces Edge Forward Against ISIS Holdouts in Sirte
Ethiopia Detains Foreign Pilots in a Vintage Air Rally
37 Ex-Opposition Fighters Face Coup Charges in Angola
Poroshenko Sure Trump Will Not Change US Policy on Ukraine
Ukraine Leader Urges EU to Uphold Russia Sanctions
EU Vows Unwavering Support to Ukraine but Problems With Deal Mount
Govt Parties Delay Bid to Get Snowden to Testify in Germany
Merkel Fears Social Bots May Manipulate German Election
Syrian Refugee Arrested in Germany With Bomb-Making Materials
'One Dead' in Attack at French Home for Retired Missionaries
One in Three Child Migrants Missing After Calais Jungle Closure: Charity
In Putin's Russia, It Just Got Easier to Find the Perpetrators of Stalin's Purges
Euro MPs Vote to Freeze Turkey EU Membership Talks
Bulgarian Police Fire Rubber Bullets to Quell Migrant Camp Riot
Migrants Torch Greek Camp After Refugee Deaths
Basque Country Leader to Push for More Autonomy From Spain
Bomber Catches Pilgrims at Rest Stop; 114 Killed in Iraq
The Toxic Wake of ISIS in Iraq
ISIS Uses Drones to Attack Iraqi Army in Mosul: Military
In Fight for Mosul, an Effort to Bridge Divide With Sunnis
Aleppo Rebels Agree Aid Plan, Russia, Syria Yet to Approve: UN
Syria Regime Bombardment Kills 32 Civilians in Aleppo: Monitor
UN Says Reports of Syria Envoy Resigning Are Incorrect
Bomb Explosion in Turkey Kills Two, Injures 16
Turkey Has Dismissed 10,500 State Employees Over Suspected PKK Links: Minister
Turkey PM Warns Europe: Cutting Off Ties Would Bring 'Flood' of Migrants
UN Torture Investigator to Visit Turkey, Jails Next Week
Israel Accepts Palestinian Offer to Send Four Teams to Combat Fire
France Urges Labelling Goods From Israeli Settlements
ISIS Executes Colonel in Yemen
A Hard Winter: Afghan Refugees Return From Pakistan
Turkish Teachers in Pakistan Face Uncertain Fate as Deportation Looms
Uzbek Opposition Politician Released After 22 Years in Prison
China: Xinjiang Residents Told to Turn in Passports
Malaysia in Pilot Scheme to Allow Rohingya Refugees to Work
Singapore Says It's Trying to Free Shipment of Troop Carriers Held in Hong Kong
Helicopters Drop Warning Leaflets as Indonesia Braces for New Protests
Colombia, Rebels Sign Peace in Sober Ceremony Amid Opposition
Colombia's Ex-Spy Chief Jailed Over 1989 Assassination
Venezuela Crisis Talks Wobble, December Meeting Key
Peru Govt Renews Bid to Keep Conflicts From Turning Deadly
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