The Washington Post is promoting a group that lists as a "Russian agent of influence." And yes, they want the FBI to "investigate" us.

Also included on their blacklist: WikiLeaks, the DrudgeReport, and the Ron Paul Institute.

Oh, and the defeat of Hillary Clinton was a Russian plot, made possible by the dissemination of "fake news" by us and the other blacklisted sites.

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Updated November 28, 2016 - 11:14 PM EST
WaPo's Witch-Hunt Against Alternative Media
Israeli Strike Kills ISIS Men Along Syria Frontier
  Rebels Hand in Weapons in Evacuation Deals Near Syrian Capital
  Syria Says Three Districts Captured in East Aleppo Offensive
  ISIS Bomb Targets Rival Rebels in Recently Captured Syrian Town
Obama Expands Global War on Terror to Somalia
Somali Refugee Student Injures 11 on Ohio State Campus
Iraqi Parliament Votes to Legalize, Subsidize Shi'ite Militias
Libyan Forces Suffer Casualties as ISIS Holds Out in Sirte
Threats Between Erdogan and EU Ring Hollow – They Need Each Other  by Patrick Cockburn
NYT Advocates Internet Censorship  by Robert Parry
The Witch-Hunters
 by Justin Raimondo
The Call of the Mu'ezzin
 by Uri Avnery

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WaPo Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist
by Ben Norton & Glenn Greenwald
Trump Adviser Warns Him Not to Pick Romney for Secretary of State
Denmark Is Urged to Clean Up US Military Waste in Greenland
Iran Considers Naval Bases in Yemen, Syria
South Sudan Ready for New UN Force Deployment Any Time: Cabinet
Civilians Suffer at Displacement Camps; 122 Killed in Iraq
Iraqis in Liberated Mosul District Wave White Flags
Iraq, Torn by War and Strife, Is Slowly Drawing the Notice of Investors
Winter Closes in on Refugees Fleeing Iraq's Mosul
ISIS Chemical Gas Attack: 22 Syrian Rebels Exposed, Turkey Says
Warplanes Hit ISIS Targets in Northern Syria: Turkish Army
Hundreds Uprooted in East Aleppo as Syrian Army Advances
Qatar Says Will Help Syrian Rebels Even if Trump Ends US Role
Turkey Detains BBC, Voice of America Reporters in Southeast
EU and Turkey Locked in War of Words Over Refugee Pact
Turkey Warns of Opening 'European' Gates to Migrants if Pushed by EU
Turkey Detains 'Wanted Kurdish Female Militant' at Istanbul Airport
Deported From Palestine: Why Israel Fears Journalists
Israeli Security Services Tread Carefully With Arson Allegations; Several Arab Villages in Israel Also Battled Blazes
Palestinian Firefighters Return to West Bank, After Assisting Israel in Extinguishing Fires
Man Arrested for Calling Online to Burn Arab Villages in Retaliation
Israel: Dozens Arrested Thus Far for Arson, Incitement
In Kafkaesque Case, Bedouin Man Freed on Bail After 'Sarcastic' Facebook Post
Israel Decides to Buy 17 Additional F-35 Fighter Jets
Middle East
Kuwait's Islamist-Dominated Opposition Wins Near-Majority in Snap Elections
Yemen's Exiled President Visits Civilians in Aden
Lebanon to Try Gemayel Assassin in Absentia
Sweeping UK Spy Bill Dubbed 'Snoopers' Charter' Becomes Law
MPs Launch New Attempt to Interrogate Tony Blair Over Iraq
Ukraine's Missile Test Plans Near Crimea Heat Up Row With Russia
Austrian Asylum Center Hit by Molotov Cocktail
India's Modi Threatens to Turn Pakistan Into Desert
Fighters Attack Army Base in Pakistan's Northwest
Militants Kidnap Six Pakistanis Working for Polish Oil Firm
Pakistan's New Army Chief Brings No Change in Policy: Defense Minister
Afghan Vice President Is Accused of Assaulting Rival and Taking Him Hostage
Kabul Police Raid Shisha Cafes in 'Debauchery' Crackdown
Philippines Says 11 ISIS Sympathizers Killed in Southern Siege
Two Soldiers Hurt in Philippines Clash With Maute Group
Manila Police Safely Detonate Suspected Bomb Near US Embassy
UN Close to Sanctions Deal to Slash North Korea Export Earnings: Diplomats
Protest Against South Korean President Estimated to Be Largest Yet
Indonesia Police Make More Arrests in Foiled Jakarta Bomb Plot
Malaysian Cartoonist 'Zunar' Arrested at Literary Festival, Charged With Sedition – Again
Uganda Says 55 Police, Tribal Insurgents Killed in Clashes
Uganda Police Arrest Rwenzururu King Over Deadly Clashes
East Congo Militia Kills 30 Civilians, Most From Rival Ethnic Group
Car Bomb Attack Hits Somalia's Mogadishu; 11 Killed
UN: Boko Haram Blocking Aid to Scores of Refugees in Cameroon
Nigerian Militants Blow Up Oil Pipeline: Official
Thousands Protest UN Rights Probe in Troubled Burundi
Gambia's President Vows 'Zero Tolerance' of Election Violence
Sister, Militant Source Deny Woman Arrested in Libya Is Wife of Veteran Islamist
Brazil's Temer Vows to Block Amnesty for Election Crimes
US Military
Pentagon Halts GI Bill Benefits for Reservists
Marine Corps Experiment Silences Entire Infantry Battalion's Weapons
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