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Updated November 30, 2016 - 11:21 PM EST
US Admits 'Mistake' in Killing Syrian Troops
  Israeli Jets Strike Outside Damascus, No Casualties Reported
  Syria Officials Want to Oust Aleppo Rebels by Trump Inauguration
  Bipartisan Hawks Push for US Attacks Against Syrian Govt
US Coalition Says Mosul Battle 'Very Hard'
  ISIS Fighters: It's About Politics, Not Religion
  Iraq PM: Trump Promises Increased Military Support
Taliban Offers to Defend Afghan Mine, Pipeline
Iran: US Forces 'Unprofessional' in Gulf Ops
German Spy Agency Finds Islamist Amongst Its Own
Trump, May Agree: NATO Needs to Spend More on Defense
How a Syrian White Helmets Leader Played Western Media  by Gareth Porter
Trump Should Give NATO to the Europeans  by Doug Bandow
Flynn and the War on Yemen  by Daniel Larison
The Uselessness of NATO  by Justin Raimondo
The Swamp of War  by Andrew Bacevich & Tom Engelhardt
The Fantasy at the Center of Israel's 'Muezzin Bill'  by Jonathan Cook

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on Parade

by Philip Giraldi
Clinton Introduced Bill to Criminalize Flag Burning
Barrett Brown Leaves Prison Still Chained to a Crime He Didn't Commit
Libyan General Haftar Meets Russian Minister to Ask Help
Spanish Civil War Ruins Offer Lesson on Cost of Conflict
FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump
Attack in Ohio
Ohio State Attacker May Have Self-Radicalized, Officials Say
ISIS Says Its 'Soldier' Behind Ohio State Attack
Anti-US Facebook Rant, Terror Propaganda Eyed as Motive in OSU Attack
The War at Home
Publications Called Russian-Propaganda Distributors Consider Suing Anonymous 'Experts'
Intelligence Experts Urge Obama to End Edward Snowden's 'Untenable Exile'
Watergate-Era Church Committee Staffers Urge Leniency for Snowden
Something Happened to Activist Email Provider Riseup, but It Hasn't Been Compromised
Taliban Fighter Case Stirs Question on Law of Armed Conflict
Clearance Operation: Afghan Army Kills 21 Militants
Afghan General Dies in Helicopter Crash
Militants Kill Seven After Storming Indian Army Base
New Pakistan Army Chief Faces Tensions With India and Afghanistan
Pakistan's Outgoing Army Chief Sends Warning to India Over Kashmir
Park Geun-Hye, Embattled South Korean President, Says She's Willing to Resign
South Korean Opposition Parties Agree to Impeach President Park
China Says Hopes for 'Clear' Message With New North Korea Sanctions
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Beijing Untypically Quiet on Taiwan Drills in South China Sea
Disqualified Separatist Hong Kong Lawmakers Lose Appeal
Senior Chinese Official Calls for Hong Kong to Oppose Independence
Roadside Bomb Hits Philippine President's Security Team Ahead of Visit
Hardline Islamists Push Agenda as Blasphemy Case Ignites Indonesia
Violence in Haiti as Losers Reject Presidential Vote Results
Violent Clashes Mar Brazilian Senate Vote on Austerity
What Next for the Rebels if They Are Defeated in Aleppo?
UN Syria Envoy Wants Trump to Increase Fight Against ISIS
Turkish Military Says Contact Lost With Two Soldiers in N. Syria
Russia Says Syrian Army Aleppo Advance Boon Not Curse for Civilians
Air Strikes Kill 10 in District of Syria's East Aleppo: Monitor
France Wants Urgent UN Security Council Meeting on Aleppo
UN Humanitarian Chief Says 16,000 Displaced in Syria's Aleppo
Russia to Send 100,000 Tons of Wheat in Syria Humanitarian Aid
Army Opens New Front Near Hawija; 138 Killed in Iraq
Water Cut Off to 650,000 Mosul Residents After Pipeline Hit
Erdogan to Receive Increased Powers as Constitutional Changes Take Shape
Kurdish Militant Group Tak Claims Responsibility for Attack in Turkey's Adana
Fatah Movement Re-Elects Abbas, Opens Leadership Conference
UN Chief: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Prospects Under Threat
Top Israeli Justices Face War Crimes Suit in Chile for Authorizing West Bank Wall
OPEC Deadlocked as Iran, Saudis Harden Positions on Oil Deal
No Breakthrough in Latest 'Difficult' Foreign Minister Talks on Ukraine
France Says Lifting Sanctions on Russia 'Counterproductive'
UK Kicks Off Balfour Centennial Celebrations Amid Palestinian Protests
Bomb Kills Four Somali Soldiers as Forces Mull Attack on ISIS
Sudan Seizes Print-Runs of Four Newspapers Amid Protests
Regional Partners Pledge Billions in Help for Tunisia
Egypt's Parliament Regulates NGOs in Law Activists Says Is Repressive
Burundi President's Aide Survives Attack, Guard Killed: Officials
Uganda Rejects Amnesty's Accusation of Extra-Judicial Killings
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