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Updated December 5, 2016 - 11:28 PM EST
Trump's Taiwan Phone Call Planned All Along
Syrian Rebel Losses Likely to Ease Trump's Shift
  Fearing Loss of CIA Backing, Syria Rebels Turn to al-Qaeda, Saudis
  Syrian Forces Continue to Gain Ground in East Aleppo
SecDef: US Must Stay in Iraq After ISIS War
  UN to Stop Reporting Iraqi Casualties After Military Complains
  ISIS Counter-Attacks Slow Iraq's Invasion to a Halt
Defense Execs Bullish on Global Arms Spending
US Furious at UN for Differing Afghan War Reports
Foreign Secretary: UK Supports Saudi Bombing of Yemen
Trump Must Abandon Regime Change for Iran  by Ron Paul
'Anti-Semitism Awareness Act' Is an Unconstitutional Mess  by Anthony L. Fisher
Congress Is Trying to Send Missiles to Syria's Jihadists  by Daniel DePetris
Dana Rohrabacher for Secretary of State?  by Justin Raimondo
Obama's Last Chance  by Pratap Chatterjee & Tom Engelhardt
Clinton's 'Russia Did It' Cop-Out  by Robert Parry

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Army Chief of Staff Visits Bragg, Tells Troops to Be Ready
'Low-Level Yemeni Militant' Held for 14 Years at Gitmo to Be Released
VA May Have Infected Vets With HIV and Hepatitis
New York Governor Blacklists BDS Businesses
How US Security Aid to PA Sustains Israel's Occupation
The War at Home
The NSA-Cyber Command Divorce Is Inching Closer to Reality
Hurricane Hermine Unearths WWII War Relics in Delaware
Man Who Claimed to Be CIA Asset Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison in Arms Deal Sting
Pentagon Wants Eye-Reading Software, X-Ray Tools, and a Virtual Facebook to Fight Terrorism
Haqqani Still Pose 'Greatest' Threat to American Troops in Afghanistan: US Commander
Afghan President Says Taliban Wouldn't Last a Month Without Pakistan Support
Taliban Hang Student Suspected of Assassination
12 Lashkar-E-Islam Terrorists Killed in Khyber Agency Air Strikes
India PM, Pakistan Foreign Affairs Adviser Exchange Pleasantries in Brief Encounter
Russia Rejects Indian, Afghan Criticism on Pakistan
Taiwan City Planning a Makeover Says a Trump Agent Showed Interest
Smaller Military Must Be More Resourceful, Says Chinese President Xi Jinping
Mass Protest Demands Ouster, Arrest of South Korea President
US Warns Crackdown in Myanmar Could Radicalize Rohingya
Philippines Vice President Quits Cabinet, Citing Plot to 'Steal' Job
Uzbekistan Has First Election Since Soviet-Era Ruler's Death
Egypt's Top Constitutional Court Upholds Law Restricting Street Protests
Women, Children Leave ISIS Holdout in Sirte: Libyan Forces
Somali Forces Kill Seven in Clash With Faction Loyal to ISIS
Ethnic Killings Rampant in Once-Placid South Sudan Town
Morocco Arrests Suspected Militant Involved in French Plot
Fake US/Dutch Embassies in Ghana Shut Down After Decade Issuing Visas
Colombia's ELN Says Peace Talks Will Begin Once Rebels Freed
Raul Castro: Cuba Will Ban Naming of Monuments After Fidel
Freedom Songs: Chile's Sounds of Resistance Ring Out Again
Attacks on Mosul Civilians Continue; 115 Killed in Iraq
Chaos Erupts as Iraq Delivers Aid to Mosul
Secret Weddings and Phone Calls in Mosul Under ISIS
Report: ISIS Leaders Called to Choose Successor to Baghdadi
Airstrikes Kill 21, Including 3 Kids, in Syria's Idlib
Intense Syrian Bombing of Besieged Aleppo, Troops Advance
Syrian Rebels Weakened in Aleppo Battle by Their Own Divisions
Fleeing Aleppo Fighting, Syrians Describe Terrifying Choices
Russia Seeks Full Withdrawal of Aleppo Rebels
Think Twice Before Walking Out of Nuclear Deal, Iran Cautions US
Netanyahu Says Will Discuss With Trump 'Bad' Iran Nuclear Deal
Netanyahu: Notwithstanding Obama or Trump, Israel Does 'What It Wants' on Settlements
In Harsh Criticism, Kerry Says Israel Must Choose Between Settlements and Two States
Defense Minister Lieberman: Lets Wait for Trump Administration Before Regulation Bill
Palestinian President Abbas Gets Boost in Fatah Congress Vote
Two Youths Suspected of Lighting Brush Fire in Israel
Leaflets Distributed Calling on IDF to Disobey Amona Orders
Turkey's Crackdown Curiously Spares the Literary World
Erdogan Wants Trade With Russia, China in Local Currencies
Yemen Forces Prepare Assault on Rebels Near Key Strait
ISIS Victim Suit Ties Twitter Ads to Terrorist Propaganda
Teenager Charged Over Police Fire Bomb Attack
5 Gunmen Killed in Counterterror Operation in Russia's Dagestan
Azeri Security Forces Say Kill Man Trying to Detonate Suicide Belt
Italy's PM Announces Resignation After Referendum Defeat
Austria Far-Right Candidate Defeated in Presidential Poll
Ukraine: Five Police Killed in Friendly-Fire Shoot-Out
Local Official, Two Journalists Shot and Killed in Finnish Town
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