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Updated December 8, 2016 - 11:09 PM EST
US Hawks Plan for Getting Into a War With Iran
Bill Would Forbid US Funding ISIS, al-Qaeda
  Congress Overwhelmingly Passes $618 Billion Military Spending Bill
Syria Halts Aleppo Offensive to Evacuate Civilians
  Aleppo Rebels Slam US for Trying to Negotiate Evacuation
  Lieberman: Israel Attacked Syria to Prevent Hezbollah Getting WMDs
Iraqi Warplanes Bomb Market, Killing 55 Civilians
  US General: Mosul Battle Could Take Two More Months
Syria Takes Aleppo Old City, Rebel Losses Mount
  Aleppo Rebels Slam US for Trying to Negotiate Evacuation
  Lieberman: Israel Attacked Syria to Prevent Hezbollah Getting WMDs
Libya's Gen. Hifter Meets Russia FM, Seeking Support
Trump Picks Gen. John Kelly to Head Homeland Security
House Dems Push for Info on 'Russian Interference' in Vote
US Strikes on Syrian Troops: Data Contradicts 'Mistake' Claims  by Gareth Porter
Firsthand: Gen. James Mattis' Role in Fallujah  by Dahr Jamail
Obama Leaving Trump the Power to Wage War Almost Anywhere  by Joshua Keating
Cutting Waste Isn't Enough to Curb Pentagon Spending  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Are Sanctuary Cities Legal?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Mattis on Our Way of War  by Jon Basil Utley

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GCC and Britain Announce New 'Strategic Partnership'
Washington Post Appends Editor's Note to Russian Propaganda Story
Girl Posting to Twitter From Aleppo Gains Sympathy, but Doubts Follow
Text: Assange Questioning at the Ecuadorian Embassy
Bombers Successful in Mosul, Baghdad; 129 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Attacks Iraqi Soldiers in Mosul
UN Scrambling for Land to Shelter Displaced Outside Mosul
ISIS Hostage John Cantlie Appears in Propaganda Video
Turkish Air Strikes Kill 23 ISIS Militants in Syria's Al-Bab Region: Army
Russian Military Adviser Killed by Shelling in Aleppo: Agencies
Syria Minister Says Aleppo Advance Is 'Strategic Victory'
Aleppo Rebels Call for Five-Day Ceasefire
Western States Press Syrian Government, Russia, Iran to Agree to UN Plan
Syrians Leaving East Aleppo in Bus Loads: UN
Aleppo Displaced Hide Out in Last Rebel Districts as Army Closes In
US Urges Yemen to Accept UN-Drafted Roadmap for Peace Talks
US Sanctions Two Yemenis, Charity Tied to Al Qaeda in Yemen
Israel Votes to Advance Settler Homes Bill
Netanyahu in High Stakes Gamble With New Settlement Bill
Netanyahu to Hollande: I Will Meet Abbas in Paris Without Peace Conference
Germany: Israeli Bill Violates International Law
Terrorists on Motorcycles: IDF Simulates Cross-Border Attacks in Gaza Division Drill
Two Hamas Militants Killed in Tunnel Collapse
Energy Giant Shell Inks Oil Deal With Iran
Iran Nuclear Deal Is 'Vitally Important': British PM
Middle East
Why Did Bahrain Ban Al Jazeera From the GCC Summit?
Lebanese Army Arrests Militant Suspects Over Links to Soldier Shooting
NATO Commander Says 150 Turkish Officers Have Left Post-Coup
Egypt Protest Law Amendment Offers Little Change, Lawyers Say
Egyptian Women's Rights Advocate Azza Soliman Detained
The War at Home
Donald Trump, James Mattis Differ on Vladimir Putin, Russia
Trump Picks Iowa Gov. Branstad as US Ambassador to China
Pentagon Pick Mattis Made Nearly $1,000,000 on Board of Defense Contractor
Sen. Rand Paul: Trump's Sec. of State Must Understand 'Iraq War Was a Mistake'
Bob Dole Worked Behind the Scenes on Trump-Taiwan Call
Santa Ana (CA) Declares Itself a Sanctuary City in Defiance of Trump
Search Underway for Marine Hornet Pilot Who Ejected Off Japan
Military Targets Handling of Misconduct Cases
Boeing Chief Pledges to Work With New Admin. After Trump Threatened to Kill AF One Deal
Afghan Taliban Leader Joins Peace Process
Ties Between Russia and Taliban Worry Afghan, US Officials
China Pushes Back on Michael Flynn's 'Radical Islamist' Remarks
Dissidents Urge Trump to Press China on Human Rights
US Has 'Enduring' Interests in Asia-Pacific, SecDef Says
Muslim Separatist Militants in Thailand Kill 6 Civilians
US Wants to Repair 'Bad Relations' With the Philippines: Duterte
Kazakhstan Detains Suspected Oil Thieves Linked to Islamists
British Lawmakers Back PM May's Brexit Timetable
UK Intelligence Called Israel 'True Threat' to Middle East
Uncertainty Over US Position Delays Action on Ukraine Peace Deal: Germany
Russian Police Arrest 12 People Suspected of Terror Links
CIA Director Visits Albania for Counterterrorism Talks
South Sudan Deports US Reporter for Government Criticism
Somali Forces Retake Port Town From Faction Loyal to ISIS
East Libyan Security Forces Say Attack on Oil Ports Averted
Morocco Says Four Migrants Drown, 34 Rescued
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