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Updated December 12, 2016 - 11:02 PM EST
CIA Aims to Undermine Election With Russia Scare
  Lacking Evidence, Senators Seek Probes Into Russia Hacking Claims
Aleppo Fight in Final Stages, Govt Controls 98%
  US: Troops in Syria at Risk of Attack From Turkey
  ISIS Recaptures Syrian City of Palmyra in Major Advance
Boeing Signs $16.6 Billion Airliner Deal With Iran
  Netanyahu to Offer Trump 'Five Ideas' for Killing Iran Nuclear Pact
Rand Paul Vows to Block John Bolton Nomination
Iraq Army Claims Small Gains in Mosul Fighting
Suicide Bomber Kills 50 Yemeni Troops in Aden
Istanbul Bombings Target Police, Kill 38
Trump: Condition 'One China' Policy on Trade Deals
Yet Another Undeclared US War  by Rebecca Gordon
The Istanbul Bombings Are a Sign of the Trouble Turkey Is Now In  by Patrick Cockburn
Who's Afraid of a Little Russian Propaganda?  by Jack Shafer
Stop the CIA Coup  by Justin Raimondo
War on 'Fake News' Part of a War on Free Speech  by Ron Paul
How War Propaganda Keeps on Killing  by Robert Parry

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UK Says West Cannot Treat Russia as an Equal Partner
Bombing at Egyptian Coptic Christian Cathedral Kills 25
Suicide Bomb Kills at Least 29 at Somalia's Main Port
Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Colombia's Santos Calls for 'Rethink' of War on Drugs
The War at Home
Chelsea Manning's Clemency Petition Reaches 100,000 Signatures, Forcing White House Response
Snowden Backers Beam Calls for Pardon on Washington News Museum
Police Expect Trump to Lift Limits on Surplus Military Gear
Muslim Teen Reported NYC Subway Harassment, Now Missing
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan Says China Air Force Conducts Long-Range Drills
Anti-China Protesters Rally in Hong Kong as Vote Looms
China 'Blocks' Mongolia Border After Dalai Lama Visit
North Korea's Kim Guides Special Operations Drill Targeting South
China Puts Temporary Ban on North Korean Coal Imports
Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Commander Slain in Malaysia
Philippines President Rejects Rebels' Demand to Free More Prisoners
Indonesia Police Say Arrest of Woman in Bomb Plot Points to New Militant Tactic
Emergence of Political Islam Puts Indonesian President to a Test
ISIS Claims Killing of Counterterrorism Officer in Pakistan
Pakistan Names New Military Intelligence Chief
Deaths in Kashmir Gun Battle Trigger Anti-India Protest
Taliban Chief Reinforces Position With Backing of Two Key Members
Myanmar Military Killed Seven of My Children, Says Rohingya Refugee
Kyrgyzstan Amends Constitution in Referendum, Boosting Government Powers
Egypt Denies Rift With Saudi, Drift Toward Iran
Egypt Reopens Gaza Crossing for 3 Days
Gambia's President Jammeh to Challenge Election Loss at Top Court
Troops Deployed to Streets as President Rejects Election Defeat
Two Girl Suicide Bombers Kill at Least Three in Nigeria's Maiduguri: Official
Suspected Car Bomb Kills 2 Policemen at Checkpoint Near Somali Capital
Lawyer: Algerian Journalist on Hunger Strike Dies
Ivory Coast to Register Three Million Undocumented Children
Refugees in Seven Boats Rescued Off Libya
Another Mass Grave Found Near Mosul; 47 Killed in Iraq
Turkish Air Strikes Kill 19 Kurdish Militants in North Iraq
Iraqi Commander Wounded in Mortar Attack South of Mosul
Car Bombs in Iraq's Falluja Kill Eight People: Police and Medics
US Defense Secretary Carter in Iraq for Talks on Mosul
Iraqi Christians Confront Painful Memories in Town's Clean-Up
US and Russia Propose Safe Exit for Aleppo Rebels: Opposition
US-Backed Alliance Announces 'Phase Two' of Raqqa Campaign
Turkish Army, Allies Enter ISIS Syrian Bastion Al-Bab
Syrian Rebels Risk Being Killed Elsewhere if They Leave Aleppo: Turkish Foreign Minister
Russia Says More Than 20,000 Civilians Left Eastern Aleppo on Saturday
Turkey Vows Vengeance at Funeral for Police Killed by Istanbul Bombs
As Turkey Cracks Down, Kurdish Mayors Pack Bags for Jail
Turkey Shifts Closer to Expanding Powers for Erdogan
Dozens Detained in Feto Probe in Istanbul
Turkey Seeks to Arrest 55 People Suspected of Financing Gulen
Iran Says Gulf Worried About War Risks With Trump
Atomic Agency Leader Warns of Disaster if Trump Tears Up Iran Deal
Iran Summons UK Envoy Over 'Divisive' May Remarks to Gulf Arabs
Threatening and Racist Language Also Part of the Israeli Soldier's Arsenal
Netanyahu: Trump Feels 'Very Warmly' About Israel, Jews
Coalition Chair: I'd Prefer if Arab Israelis Didn't Vote
Advanced F-35 Fighter Jets Set to Land in Israel Today
3 Israelis Take Wrong Turn in West Bank, 'Rescued' by PA Police
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
British FM's 'Proxy War' Comment Misconstrued: Saudi Arabia
French MPs to Vote on Extending Emergency Powers Beyond Election
Turkish Karate Group Seeks Asylum in Germany
Exit Polls Show Romania's Leftists Winning Parliamentary Vote
Rescuers Save 1,164 Migrants in Mediterranean, Find Six Bodies
Mexican Military Not Meant to Serve in Drug Cartel Crackdown, Top General Says
Radio Journalist Shot Dead Outside Home in Northern Mexico
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