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Updated December 14, 2016 - 11:17 PM EST
NBC: Putin 'Personally' Directed US Election Hack
US Trims Arms to Saudis Over Yemen Deaths
Amid Confusion, Aleppo Evacuation Deal Back On
  Iran and Turkey's Secret Talks on Syria Revealed
  Rebels of Aleppo Will Fight On, but Assad Has Taken Their Power
Trump Takes on the Defense Industry
  Trump Picks Exxonmobile CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State
Top Spy Agency Doesn't Buy CIA Assessment
US: Iran's Nuclear Vessel Order Doesn't Violate Deal
Pentagon Pushes Taiwan to Spend More on Military
If Assad Takes Eastern Aleppo He Thinks He Will Have Won the War  by Patrick Cockburn
American Military Power in Asia and the Trump Factor  by Tim Shorrock
Trump's Team Should Ditch the 'Clash of Civilizations'  by Emma M. Ashford
Why They Hate Rex Tillerson  by Justin Raimondo
The War on Free Speech Escalates  by A. Barton Hinkle
Nuclear War Is No Longer 'Unthinkable' for Russia  by Nikolas K. Gvosdev

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Moscow Says Allegations About Its Influencing US Election Are US Infighting
Global Journalist Arrests in 2016 at 30-Year High
Govt Watchdog Conducting Investigation Into Pentagon Whistleblower Retaliation
Google Publishes Eight Secret FBI Requests
VA Staff Left Veteran's Body in Shower Nine Hours, Tried to Hide Mistakes
Journalist Executed in Mosul; 74 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Made Weapons in Mosul Up to Military Standards: Report
Iraqi Shi'ite Forces Aim to Clear Border Strip With Syria
EU Vows Not to Pay for Rebuilding of Syria if Opposition Is Crushed
Turkish Military Strikes ISIS Targets in Northern Syria: Army
Syria Strike Kills Three ISIS Operatives, Some Involved in Paris Attacks: Pentagon
UN Security Council to Meet on Aleppo Amid Atrocity Accusations
US Wants International Observers in Aleppo to Oversee Evacuation
Red Cross Says Ready to Help in East Aleppo Evacuation
Turkey to Set Up Tent City for Up to 80,000 Refugees Fleeing Aleppo: Deputy PM
Turkey Plans to Build 89 New Military Outposts on Syria, Iraq Border
Turkey Detains Pro-Kurdish MPs as Crackdown Continues
Coalition of Aid Groups: Seven Million People Are Now Starving to Death in Yemen
Yemen's Toxic Trash Mountain Adds to War Woes
Two Thirds of Palestinians No Longer Believe Two-State Deal Possible
PM Says Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Would Be 'Great'
Doubts About Israeli Submarine Deal Spur Supreme Court Petition
Israel to Boycott Swedish FM on Her Visit to Region
Car-Ramming Foiled at West Bank Checkpoint, Police Say
Art or Incitement? Police Open Investigation Into Netanyahu 'Rope' Poster
Embarking on Rare Visit to Muslim Countries, Netanyahu Vaunts Israel's Popularity
US Paves Way for Possible $1.7 Billion Tank Sale to Kuwait
Egypt Says Church Bomber Linked to Muslim Brotherhood
ISIS Claims Cairo Cathedral Bombing: Group's Amaq News Agency
Egypt Military Court Jails 141 Brotherhood Supporters Over 2013 Unrest
Gambian Military Takes Over Offices of Electoral Commission
Burundi Opposition Reject Mediator Days After His Arrival
Hunger Gnaws at Host Families in Boko Haram-Hit Northeast Nigeria
Uganda Charges Traditional Leader at Center of Unrest With Terrorism
South Africa Holds South Sudan Rebel Machar as 'Guest'
Mexico Grapples With a Surge in Violence
Tired of Abductions, Mexican Townsfolk Kidnap Drug Boss' Mom
India Activists Seek Justice for Wrongful Convictions
Filmgoers Arrested for Refusing to Stand for India's National Anthem
Afghan Vice President Accused of Sexually Assaulting Rival
Tending to the Living and the Dead in a Battle-Torn Afghan City
Philippines' Duterte Says He May Not 'Be Around' Till End of Term
Philippines Rejects Rebels' Condition for Ceasefire
Thai King to Pardon Up to 150,000 Inmates, Including Royal Insult Convicts
North Korea Rejects UN Report on Abductions, Separated Families
5 Marines Rescued After Osprey Goes Down Off Coast of Okinawa
Ukraine's Defense Ministry Says Website Hit by Cyber Attack
Merkel, Hollande Back Extending Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine
Catalan Pro-Independence Leftists Arrested for Burning Photos of King Felipe
Ex-Member of Spanish Death Squad Arrested for ISIS Links
Japan Hopes to Make Progress on 70-Year-Old Island Dispute With Russia
Putin Visit to Japan Won't End Islands Dispute, Kremlin Says
Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Plans to Run for President in 2018
Preparing for Trump, EU to Back Defense Spending Review: Draft
EU Struggles With Split Over Turkey Membership Bid
Wary of Euroskeptics, Socialists Break EU Parliament Alliance With Conservatives
Separatist Forces May Slow Bosnia's EU Progress: Envoy
Austria Says Will Not Breach Asylum Cap, Sidestepping Rights Row
Large Protests in Poland as Leader Vows to Stifle Opposition
Minister: Romania to Beef Up Military Spending Due to Russia
Azerbaijan Reveals It Bought $5 Billion of Weapons From Israel
Italy Convicts Tunisian Over Sinking That Killed Almost 700 Migrants
Macedonian Opposition Leader Contests Election Defeat
Germany to Deport 50 Rejected Afghan Asylum Seekers This Week: Report
Venezuela Opposition Pushes for President's Trial
Venezuela Frees Four Jailed Maduro Opponents
Colombia Court Approves Fast-Track Peace Reforms
US Lawmakers Urge End to Honduras Security Aid After Murder of Land Rights Activist
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