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Updated December 19, 2016 - 10:08 PM EST
Cop Kills Russia's Envoy to Turkey: 'for Aleppo'
Berlin Truck Crash Kills 9, Injures 50
Obama Expected Clinton Win So Didn't Hit Russia
  DNC Chair: Russia Hacked Dems 'Hourly' Through Election Day
  Podesta: Trump Allies May Have Worked With Russia to Hack Dems
Aleppo Evacuations Slow as Qaeda Burns Buses
  Coalition Strikes Near Palmyra Killed 38 Militants: Monitor
Witnesses: Iraqi Sunni Militia Killed 'Suspects'
  US 'Got It So Wrong' on Saddam: Analyst Who Interrogated Dictator
52 Troops Die in Suicide Attack in Yemen's Aden
  Fierce Clashes Reported in Yemen-Saudi Border
  US, Saudis Downplay Reports of Limited Military Support
Iran Seeks Nuclear Panel Meeting Over US Sanctions Bill
Congress Mandates Report on How Much Wars Have Cost
China Says US 'Hyping Up' Underwater Drone, Will Return It
Washington's Commandos Without Borders  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
The US Navy's Redesigned Future Ship Still Won't Fight  by Mandy Smithberger & Pierre Sprey
US Trims Arms Transfers to Saudis, but It's Nowhere Near Enough  by Matt Purple
Tripwires on the Way to the Inauguration  by Justin Raimondo
Clinton's Defeat and the 'Fake News' Conspiracy  by Jonathan Cook
Trump to Inherit Vast Surveillance Powers  by Nat Parry

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by Eric Margolis
Congressional Push for Sanctions on Russia Could Set Up Clash With Trump
Amid Finger Pointing at Russia, US Brings Tanks Back to Cold War Depot
Duterte Threatens to End Deal Letting US Troops in Philippines
UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief Says Iran Showing Commitment to Deal
String of Bombings in Central Iraq; 61 Killed Across Country
'Liberated' Mosul Civilians Not Safe From Violence, Casualties Rise
'Tragedy' Inside Mosul as Food Runs Out and the Battle Against ISIS Drags On
Two Months Into Fight for Mosul, More Than 100,000 Flee the Iraqi City
Kurdish-Shiite Row Erupts at Iraqi Football Match
UK, US Have Vaslty Different Estimates of ISIS Fighters Killed
Mosul Battle Leaving Legacy of Environmental Damage
Turkish Jets Pound ISIS Targets in Syria, Kill at Least 20: Military
Aleppo Evacuations Will Be Monitored After UN Reaches Deal
Multiple US Airstrikes Destroy ISIS Weapons Cache in Palmyra
Thousands of Aleppo Residents in Limbo as Transport Fails to Arrive
350 People Evacuated From Rebel Area of Aleppo: Medic
John Kerry: Aleppo Bombardment Could Have Been Averted but for 'Divisions' in Washington
Suicide Car Bombing Kills 14 Off-Duty Turkish Soldiers
Turkey Detains Seven Over Kayseri Bus Bomb Attack
Turkey Holds Nine Over Reprisal Attacks on Pro-Kurd Party
Protesters Ransack Pro-Kurdish Party Local HQs After Turkey Attack
Materials Used in Bus Bombing Similar to Those in Istanbul Attack: Deputy PM
Lebanon Forms New Government: Televised Statement
Lebanese Army Shells Militants Along Northeastern Border
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
UK Cluster Bombs Used in Yemen by Saudi Arabia, Finds Research
Kerry Hopes for New Yemen Ceasefire in 2 Weeks
Washington Presses Riyadh for Yemen Peace
Israeli Settlers Agree to Govt Deal to Leave Illegal Outpost
PM Orders Crackdown on Illegal Arab Construction
Hamas Blames Israel for Killing Its Drone Expert in Tunisia, Vows Revenge
Israeli Lightly Injured in Suspected Shooting Attack in West Bank
Israel Mulls Increasing Number of Work Permits for Palestinians
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian in Clash With Stone-Throwers: Palestinian Ministry
Israeli Arab Lawmaker Suspected of Smuggling Phones to Palestinian Security Prisoners
Middle East
Jordan: Police Storm Crusader Castle, Free Captive Tourists After Gunmen Kill 9
Ayatollah Khamenei Condemns UK After PM May's Comments
Mexican Police Find 5 Bodies Loaded in Back of Pickup Truck
Mexican Journalist Releases Probe of Missing Students
Growing Number of Venezuelans Trade Bolivars for Bitcoins to Buy Necessities
Bolivia Ruling Party Defies Referendum, Backs President Evo Morales for Another Term
The War at Home
Judge Bars Bergdahl Prosecutors From Using Wounds at Trial
Trump Donated $10,000 to West Bank Settlement
J Street 'Vehemently Opposed' to Trump's Choice of Ambassador to Israel
Washington Post Automatically Inserts Trump Fact-Checks Into Twitter
Marine Corps Recruiter Convicted on Sex Charges Says Ex-Commandant's Talk Went Too Far
Gunmen Kill Five Female Airport Workers in Afghanistan
Afghanistan to Investigate Vice President on Charges of Assaulting a Rival
Moscow to Host Crucial Meeting With China, Pakistan to Discuss Afghanistan
Militants Kill Three Indian Soldiers in Kashmir Ambush
India Names New Military, Spy Chiefs
Rights Group: Indian Police Have Killed, Tortured Hundreds of Suspects
Indian PM's Camp Seeks Support From Unlikely Quarter: Muslim Women
Ships Off UN Blacklist as China Said to Halt Use of North Korean Crews
US Senator Seeks to Reassure South Korea on Commitment to Troop Funding
Indonesian Police Arrest Dozens Ahead of West Papua Protest
Indonesia Military Transport Plane Crashes in Papua; 13 Dead
Myanmar Military Launches Attacks on Ethnic Rebel Forces
ISIS May Set Up Terror Base in ASEAN Region, Warns Malaysia's Defense Minister
Russia Supports China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project
In Pakistan, Five Girls Were Killed for Having Fun. Then the Story Took an Even Darker Twist.
Polish Leaders Try to Defuse Media Row on Third Day of Protests
Polish PM Calls Opposition's Parliament Protest 'Scandalous'
11 Gunmen Killed in Chechnya by Police, Regional Leader Says
Ukraine Says Five Troops Killed in Worst Clash in Months
Israeli Blogger Jailed in Belarus for Criticizing Azerbaijan's President
Police Find ETA Weapons Trove in Southern France, Arrest Five
Azerbaijan: 'We Have Closed Deal to Buy Israel's Iron Dome Missile System'
Ten Policemen in Egypt Charged With Torturing Man to Death
After Church Attack, Egypt's Christians Fear They Are Main Target for Militants
Suicide Bomber Kills Seven in Benghazi, Wounds Eight
Algerian Defense Ministry: 125 'Terrorists' Killed This Year
Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Living in Uruguay Denied Entry to South Africa
West Africa Bloc to Take 'Necessary Actions' to Uphold Gambia Vote Result
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Confirmed as Ruling Party Candidate for 2018
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