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Updated December 28, 2016 - 11:22 PM EST
Kerry: Settlements Threaten Two-State Solution
Obama to Announce Anti-Russia Action 'Soon'
  Kissinger Urging Trump to Accept Crimea as Part of Russia
Russia: US Giving Arms to Rebels a 'Hostile Act'
  Erdogan Claims Evidence US Supported ISIS in Syria
  Aleppo Evacuation Overwhelms Idlib Medical Services
Iraq PM: ISIS Will Be Defeated Within 3 Months
40 Killed in Saudi-Led Forces Offensive in Southern Yemen
Behind the Real American Strategic Blunder in Syria  by Gareth Porter
Trump's Israel Envoy Makes Netanyahu Look Like a Lefty  by Chemi Shalev
Do You Suffer From Trump Derangement Syndrome?  by Justin Raimondo
A Sour Holiday Season for Neocons  by Robert Parry

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In Pearl Harbor Visit, Abe Pledges Japan Will Never Wage War Again
How Rex Tillerson Got His Lesson on Iraq
Navy Dismissed Evidence That 'Fat Leonard' Was Cheating US Out of Millions
Cuba Bans Naming Sites After Fidel Castro
The War at Home
US Appeals Court Revives Clinton Email Suit
Graham: 99 Percent of Senators Believe Russia Interfered in Election
Mossad Chief Gives Secret Intel Briefing to Trump Staff
Trump's Homeland Security Pick Falsely Claimed 'Narcoterrorism' Has Killed 500,000 Americans
Russia, Pakistan, China Warn of Increased ISIS Threat in Afghanistan
Afghans Object to Being Left Out of Meeting on Afghanistan
Taiwan Warns of Increasing Threat as Chinese Warships Conduct Drill
China Says Space Program Must Help Protect National Security
Russia Wants to Boost Air Force Presence in Tajikistan
Pakistani Officials Chide Defense Minister for Israel Nuclear Threat
Russia: Ukraine's Ban on Military Exports Not a Big Problem
Romania President Says He Won't Name Muslim Woman to Be PM
Polish Leader Says Opposition Protest a 'Coup Bid'
Montenegro Seeks Russians, Serbians Over Election Attack
Somali Parliament Members Sworn in Amid UN Criticism
Tunisia Wrestles With Return of Jihadist Fighters
Algeria Says 54,457 Involved in 'Terrorism' Since 1990s
Mozambique's Opposition Agrees 7-Day Truce After Call With President
Nigeria's Army Says 3,000 People Who Fled Boko Haram Return to Hometown
Colombia Kidnappings Down 92% Since 2000
Ex-Argentine Leader Fernandez de Kirchner Indicted, Tied to Nuns and Guns Scandal
Bombs, Mortars Punctuate Mosul Fighting; 86 Killed in Iraq
Gunmen Kidnap Iraqi Journalist in Baghdad, PM Orders Investigation
Family Survived Under ISIS for Two Years by Pretending to Be Sunni
US-Backed Force in Syria Advances Towards ISIS-Held Dam
US Says Not Providing Portable Missiles to Syrian Rebels
Syria Rebels Deny Russian Claims of Regime Talks
Iran Says Could Send Military Advisors to Syria's Aleppo if Needed
Iran Says Saudi Arabia Should Be Barred From Syria Peace Process: RIA
29 Turkish Police Officers in Court for First Coup Trial
Turkey: 'Worst Country' for Media Freedom in 2016
Turkey Shuts Down Kurdish Distinctive School
Turkey Has No Confirmed Information About Video of Soldiers: Deputy PM
Lebanese Troops Detain Two Suspects in Killing of Soldier
Hezbollah Chief Says Arab Armies, Regimes Being Destroyed for Israel
Israel Pressing Ahead With Settlements After UN Vote
Israeli Ministers Approve 'Facebook Law' Against Web Incitement
Netanyahu to Be Investigated for Bribery, Fraud
Palestinian MK Placed Under House Arrest
Israel Skipped UN Vote on Syria War Crimes on Netanyahu's Order
Israeli Minister Calls John Kerry's Peace Plan Speech 'Pathetic'
Netanyahu Warned New Zealand It Was Declaring War: New Details on Israel's Battle Against the UN Vote
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