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Updated December 29, 2016 - 11:24 PM EST
US Expels 35 Russian Diplomats, Closes Offices
  Trump on Russia Sanctions: 'We Ought to Get on With Our Lives'
Limited Syria Ceasefire Begins
  Possible US Airstrike Kills 22 Civilians in Eastern Syria
  Talks but Little Consensus on Syria's Future
  Turkey Claims 44 ISIS Killed, 117 Wounded in North Syria Fighting
Obama To Veto Any New UN Vote Criticizing Israel
  Kerry Speech: Settlements Threaten Two-State Solution
  Netanyahu Condemns Kerry, Says Speech 'Biased Against Israel'
  Leaked Doc Claims US Told Palestinians of UN Abstention in Advance
US Airstrike on Mosul Hospital May Have Killed Civilians
The Fight to Rein in NSA Surveillance: 2016 in Review
Palestine 2017: Time to Bid Farewell to Washington and Embrace the Globe  by Ramzy Baroud
Belatedly, a Defense of a Whistleblower  by Linda Lewis
Obama's Christmas Gift to Trump: A Ministry of Truth  by Thomas Knapp
Hawkish Blind Spots and Danger of Provoking China  by Daniel Larison

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Russia Vows Retaliation Over New Sanctions
Japan's Defence Minister Visits Yasukuni Shrine After Pearl Harbor Trip
US Government Collecting Social Media Information From Foreign Travelers
ISIS Supporters Call for Holiday Attacks in Europe
Large-Scale Attack on North Mosul; 72 Killed in Iraq
After Mosul Fight Against ISIS Stalls, Iraq Sends Reinforcements
Syrian Kurds, Allies Set to Approve New Govt Blueprint
Russia, Turkey, Iran Eye Dicing Syria Into Zones of Influence
Transition Towards Peace in Syria Can't Involve Assad, Says Turkey
Russian Embassy in Damascus Shelled Twice: Statement
Fire Kills Two Syrians South of Beirut
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Five Dead in Attack in China's Xinjiang
Chinese Police Kill Attackers After Xinjiang Explosion
China Upset at Name Change of De Facto Japan Embassy in Taiwan
Quoting Mao, China Says Taiwan, HK Independence Supporters Will Fail 'Like Flies'
Philippine Blast Wounds at Least 30 People at Boxing Match
Manila Residents Speak Out About Duterte's War on Drugs
Blast in Afghan Capital Wounds Member of Parliament
Kashmir Reader: Newspaper Printing Again After Ban Lifted
US Calls Pakistan Student Group Wing of Banned Militant Organization
Closed Mongolian Court Jails 3 for 1998 Murder of Democracy Hero
11 Dead Migrants Found on Libya Beaches; Another 900 Rescued
Dozens of Boko Haram Fighters Surrender in Southern Niger
Burkina Faso Replaces Army Chief After Series of Attacks
Sudan MPs Vote to Bring Back Post of Premier
Uganda: Mukono Mob Lynches Senior UPDF Officer
Congo Opposition Leader Sentenced to Five Years in Prison
Mali Says Suspects Islamist Group Kidnapped French Woman
Ex-Defense Chief Ya'alon Warns: Israeli Army at Risk of 'Looking Like ISIS'
Israel Postpones Vote on New East Jerusalem Homes Before Kerry Speech
Kerry's Peace Principles: Jerusalem Would Be Capital of Two States
Full Transcript: Kerry Blasts Israeli Government, Presents Six Points of Future Peace Deal
Yair Lapid Slams Benjamin Netanyahu for Skipping UN Vote on Syria War Crimes
Israel's Attorney-General Orders Criminal Probe Against PM Netanyahu: TV
Abbas: Willing to Resume Peace Talks if Israel Freezes Settlements
Palestinian Refugees Protest for Human Rights
Israel Arrests Brother of Hamas Security Chief: Army
Middle East
Iran Says It Warns Off Foreign Planes Near War Games
Oman Joins Saudi-Led Islamic Alliance: Gulf Sources
Explosion Kills Local Official in Northern Lebanon
One Turkish Soldier Killed After Clashes With Kurdish Militants
Saudi 9/11 Bill Overcomes Obama's Veto, Criticism as Push for Rethink Fades
Detained Bahraini Activist Freed and Immediately Re-Arrested
Berlin Terrorist Suspect Sent Truck-Selfie
Number of Migrants Leaving Germany Voluntarily Rises in 2016
ISIS Militants in Chechnya Mow Down Policeman by Car During Gun Fight
Spain Detains Two Suspected Jihadists, Munitions Found
Italy Says Another 900 Migrants Rescued in Med
In Venezuela, Lynchings Kill One Person Every Three Days: Report
Venezuela Military Trafficking Food as Country Goes Hungry
Colombia Congress Approves Amnesty for Thousands of FARC Rebels
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