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Updated January 3, 2017 - 11:07 PM EST
US Downplays Its Civilian Deaths in Iraq, Syria
  ISIS Bombs Another Baghdad Market, Killing 35
  52,369 Killed in Iraq During 2016; 3,174 Killed During December
Syrian Rebels Mum on Upcoming Peace Talks
  Russian Airstrikes Back Turkey's Advance on ISIS-Held City
WAPO Admits: Russia Didn't Hack Electrical Grid
  Trump Faces Bipartisan Calls to Remain Hostile Toward Russia
  Trump Spokesman: No Evidence Russia Effected US Election
Bolton: US Should Cut Aid to All Who Voted Against Israel
  Israeli Officials Back Shoot-to-Kill Policy of Suspects: HRW
Saudi Airstikes Kill 25 in Yemen, Including 11 Civilians
In Gen. Mattis, Trump Finds a Major Torture Opponent
Top Scientists Urge Trump to Abide by Iran Nuclear Deal
Washington Frozen Out of Syria Peace Plan  by Ron Paul
US Special Operations Numbers Surge in Africa's Shadow Wars  by Nick Turse
Details Still Lacking on Russian 'Hack'  by Robert Parry
Can Trump and Putin Avert Cold War II?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Perils of Russophobia  by Patrick Lawrence
'Pro-Israel' Hawks Are No Good for the US or Israel  by Daniel Larison

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Bitcoin Becomes Best-Performing Currency 2016
Almost Famous: Israel Recruits D-List Celebrities to Counter BDS
Trump 'Aggressively Courting' Netanyahu to Attend Inauguration
ISIS Makes Unusual Claim of Responsibility for Turkey Attack
Trump on North Korea ICBM: 'It Won't Happen!'
South Korea Considers 'Measures' as China Blocks Charter Flights
Thai General Promises Not to Stage Coup After Election
Thai Election Won't Happen This Year, Legislator Says
Cambodia to Arrest Three Behind Photoshopped Image of King
Afghan Minister Suspended Over Phone Tax Investigation
Myanmar Vows Action on Police Abuse After Video of Beating Emerges
Christmas Message Leads to Death Threats, Police Case in Pakistan
Egypt Destroys 12 Gaza Smuggling Tunnels
Egyptian Judge Facing Corruption Charge Hangs Himself: Lawyer
Egypt Arrests 12 Protesting Transfer of Islands to Saudis
DR Congo
Fresh 'Rebel' Attacks in East DR Congo Leave Six Dead: Official
DR Congo Set for Talks on Implementing Crisis Deal
Deputy Leader of Libya's UN-Backed Government Resigns
Sudan Gunmen Kill 8 People in Darfur
Suicide Bombers Attack Peacekeepers' Somali HQ, at Least Three Dead
Gambian Govt Shuts Three Radio Stations Amid Post-Election Crisis
Cuba Puts on Show of Strength as Trump Inauguration Nears
Around 60 Killed as Drug Gangs Clash in Brazil Prison Massacre
UK Soldier, 113 Killed in Iraq; Bombs Blanket Baghdad
ISIS Gunmen Attack Police Station in Iraq's Samarra
French President Reaffirms Support for Anti-ISIS Mission in Iraq With New Year Visit
Turkish PM to Visit Iraq This Week to Discuss Fight Against Terror
Airstrike in Syria Kills 8 Jihadi Militants
No Preconditions for Attending Astana Syria Meet: Iran
Germany Sees No Future for Assad Despite Military Gains
Iran Denies Receiving Saudi Invite for Hajj Talks
29 Companies Qualify to Bid for Iran Oil and Gas Projects
Israeli Settlements Grew on Obama's Watch. They May Be Poised for a Boom on Trump's.
Likud MP to Propose Bill Granting PM Immunity From Prosecution
Netanyahu Questioned by Police for Three Hours Over Alleged Gifts
'Made in Israel': Rise in US Complaints Over 'Mislabeled' Exports From Settlements
Israel Will No Longer Return Bodies of Palestinian Hamas Militants
Israeli Army Approves Moving Illegal Settlement Outpost to Contested Palestinian Land
Ukraine MP Insists Shooting Someone in Road Rage Incident Was 'Legal'
Cologne Police's New Year's Eve Security Tactics Spark Political Debate in Germany
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