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Updated January 5, 2017 - 8:28 PM EST
FBI Never Asked for Access to Hacked Servers
Trump to Shrink, Reorganize CIA, Other Agencies
  Trump Wants to Shake Up the CIA
Trump Sides With Assange Over US Intelligence
  Rep. Rohrabacher to Lead Congressional Delegation to Russia
  Sean Hannity's In-Depth Interview With Julian Assange
US Offers to Help Turkey Invade North Syria
  Turkey Hints at Ousting US From Incirlik Air Base
  Pentagon Plans Cyberattacks, Space Weapons Options Against ISIS
US Doubles Number of Advisers Around Mosul
  At Mosul Front, Iraqis Fleeing and Returning Cross Paths
  CIA Officer Who Interrogated Saddam Says There Were No WMDs
Israeli Soldier Convicted for Revenge Killing
Little Reason to Be Optimistic About Trump and Privacy  by Lucy Steigerwald
Foreign Policy Blowback in Germany  by Jacob G. Hornberger
WAPO Richly Rewarded for False News While Public Is Deceived  by Glenn Greenwald
A Blessing in Disguise? President Trump May Be Better for Palestine  by Ramzy Baroud
America or Israel?
 by Philip Giraldi
Kissinger and Revenge of the 'Realists'  by Gilbert Doctorow

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CNN Apologizes for Commentator Who Called WikiLeaks Founder Assange a 'Pedophile'
More Americans Support UN Resolution on Israel Than Oppose It: Poll
US to Transfer Four Guantanamo Detainees to Saudi Arabia in Final Push
Deadly Helicopter Crash; 155 Killed in Iraq
More Than 2,000 Iraqis a Day Flee Mosul as Military Advances
Iraqi Forces Gaining Momentum in Mosul: US Coalition Chief
Kidnapped Iraqi Woman Journalist Released Unharmed After a Week
UN Official: Optimism in East Aleppo Because Guns Are Silent
Thousands Return to Ruins of Freezing Aleppo: UN Official
A New Casualty of Syria's War: Drinking Water in Damascus
Turkey Extends Emergency Rule to Maintain Purge of Gulen Supporters: Deputy PM
Turkey Says Istanbul Attacker's Identity Established, Manhunt Goes On
Turkish Police Recover Six Abducted Pakistanis
US Senators Threaten to Cut Worldwide Embassy Security if US Doesn't Move Its Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem
Netanyahu Says Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter Should Be Pardoned
Israeli Soldier Dies of Wounds From 2014 Gaza War: Army
Arab Separatists in Iran Say Attacked Pipelines in West, Tehran Issues Denial
Colombia Says UN Staff Dancing With Rebels 'Distorts' Peace Mission
Gunmen Slay 6 Vendors at Pop-Up Market in Mexico's Acapulco
Brazil Prison Riot, a 'Butchery Foretold,' Sparks Fear of More Killings
Marines Rescued Injured Operator From Libya in Emergency Mission
Libya Oil-Export Terminal Said to Re-Open as Crude Output Rises
Egypt Arrests Four in Connection With Church Bombing, Death Toll Rises
Egypt Extends Detention of Al Jazeera Journalist
Car Bomb Wounds Four UN Guards in Somalia's Capital
Tanzanian Pilot Freed by South Sudanese Rebels
Hymn of Peace by Nigerian Leaders Strikes Some as Off Key
International Court Rejects Congo Rebel's Legal Challenge
Three Killed, Three Injured in Firing at Various Parts of Karachi
Pakistan Arrests 150 Islamists Trying to Rally in Support of Blasphemy Law
Leader of Philippine Group Sympathetic to ISIS Group Killed
Indonesia Suspends Military Co-Operation With Australia
South Korean Court Formally Starts President's Impeachment Trial
Afghanistan Struggles to Absorb Wave of Returnees From Pakistan
Myanmar Faces Danger From ISIS Militants, Malaysian Police Say
Taiwan's Military May Be First Casualty in Pension Crisis
Tragic End for Migrants Who Thought They'd Reached Italy
Germany Detains Tunisian Man Linked to Berlin Truck Attacker
Kosovo Says French Police Have Detained Its Former Premier
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Shimon Peres and the 9/11 Attacks

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