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Updated January 13, 2017 - 11:27 PM EST
Thousands of US Troops Head for Russian Border
  Trump's Defense Pick Says US Must Be Ready To Confront Russia
Tillerson Seeks More Saudi Bombing of Yemen
  CIA-Nominee Pompeo Would Defy Trump's Orders to Torture
  US Intel Officials Warn Israel Not to Share Intel With Trump Admin.
BBC Claims Another Trump Dossier Exists
  Trump and Spy Chief Differ on What Was Said in Call on Dossier
Israel Fires Rockets at Syrian Military Airport
  Syrian Ceasefire Largely Holding: UN
  Russia Agrees US Should Attend Syria Talks: Turkey
US Claims Self-Defense in Massacre of Afghan Civilians
Obama Broadly Expands NSA Power to Share Surveillance
'Specific' Evidence Not Necessary for UK Drone Strikes
DoJ to Probe FBI Director Over Handling of Clinton Probe
Trump's Enemies Pushing Him Toward Conflict With Russia  by Patrick Buchanan
How a Former CIA Officer Reads the Trump Dossier  by Philip Giraldi
The Problem With US Backing of the Philippines  by Christine Guluzian
The Foreign Plot to Oust Trump  by Justin Raimondo
The Iranian Connection in the Age of Trump  by Rajan Menon
How Obama Spread the Mideast Fires  by Daniel Lazare

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Assange Agrees Extradition if US Releases Manning
Snowden Asks Obama to Pardon Manning Over Himself
NSA Hackers to Stop Selling Stolen Cyber Weaponry
Obama Ends Special Cuban Immigration Policy
Mortars Strike Civilians in Mosul; 142 Killed in Iraq
US Soldier Dressed in Iraqi Fatigues Photographed in Mosul
Iraqi Forces Link Up in North Mosul, Make Gains in Southeast
British Military Jets Smash ISIS Targets in Battle for Mosul
ISIS Fighters Shoot Each Other in the Chaos Following UK Missile and Drone Raids on Jihadi Targets in Mosul
US Tweet Over Kurdish Fighters Sparks Angry Response From Turkey
Erdogan Spokesman Slams US Military for Backing Syrian Kurdish Militia
US Sanctions Syrian Officials for Chemical Weapons Attacks
At Least Seven Killed in Suicide Attack in Syrian Capital
Russia Says Changing Make-Up of Syria Strike Force: Agencies
Aleppo: Who Controls What
Turkish Ruling Party Warns of Elections if Constitution Bill Not Passed
Turkish Lawmakers Brawl in Parliament Over Erdogan's Bill to Expand Executive Powers
Israeli Army Tactic: Intimidating Palestinian Children in the Night
Israel Condemns Paris Summit as 'Rigged'
France Plays Down Paris Middle East Peace Talks Prospects
Israeli Official Who Plotted to 'Take Down' British MPs Resigns
Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian 'Attacker' in Refugee Camp
In Rare Demonstration, Thousands Protest Power Cuts in Gaza
Israel Increases Aid to Gaza Strip
Poll: Yair Lapid Leads Pack to Replace Netanyahu, Bennett Second
Former Palestinian Governor Among Dozens Arrested by Israeli Forces in West Bank
Middle East
US Says It Killed 3 Members of al-Qaeda Affiliate in Yemen Strikes
Reports: US Soldier Committed Suicide at Kuwait's Camp Arifjan
Rival of Libya's UN-Backed Government Tries to Seize Ministry Buildings in Tripoli
US Set to Lift Some Financial Sanctions Against Sudan
Gambian President's Party Seeks to Block Rival's Inauguration
Suspect in Ivory Coast al-Qaeda Attack Arrested in Mali
Tunisian Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters Demanding Jobs
UN: Humanitarian Crisis Triggered by Boko Haram Is Worsening
The Trump Administration
Tillerson Disagrees With Trump on Nearly Everything
Some Trump Cabinet Picks Are Testifying They've Never Spoken to Him About Their Top Issues
Rand Paul Finally Got to Ask Rex Tillerson if He Agrees With Trump on the Iraq War Being a Mistake
Senate Easily Approves Waiver for Trump's Pentagon Chief
Mattis Says 'Very, Very' Confident in US Intelligence Agencies
Trump Taps Giuliani as Cyber Security Guru
Trump's Pentagon Pick Mattis: The Capital of Israel Is Tel Aviv
Rex Tillerson Couldn't Recall Exxonmobil Subsidiary's Work With Iran
Trump, Russia, & the 'Dossier'
Biden: Intel Officials Told Us Trump Allegations Might Leak
Former MI-6 Spy Known to US Agencies Is Author of Reports on Trump in Russia
Christopher Steele, Ex-Spy Who Compiled Trump Dossier, Goes to Ground
US Officials Said to Warn: Trump's Ties to Russia Could Pose Security Risk to Israel
The War at Home
US to Pay Billions to Toxic Water Marines
Republicans Move to Defund UN Over Anti-Settlement Resolution
Democrats Urge Obama to 'Deprive' Trump of Use of Gitmo
Cyprus Reunification Talks Break Up With Plan to Keep Talking
Germany's Merkel Says EU Must Boost Security Cooperation, Funding
Merkel: No 'Eternal Guarantee' for US Cooperation With EU
EU Eyes New Libya Approach to Block Feared Migrant Wave
Poland's Centrist Opposition Ends Blockade in Parliament
Irish Court Case on Whether Brexit Can Be Reversed to Be Heard This Month
China, Russia Agree on More 'Countermeasures' Against US Anti-Missile System: Xinhua
Chinese Tabloid Says US Needs to 'Wage War' to Block Off South China Sea Islands
Avoiding China's Wrath, Philippines Puts Off Upgrades to South China Sea Isles
Nigeria Trims Ties With Taiwan as It Courts China
Myanmar, Bangladesh Agree to Start Talks on Rohingya Refugees
Venezuela Arrests 3 Opponents Amid Threat of Crackdown
Mexican Priest Missing Since Jan. 3 Found Dead, Diocese Says
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