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Updated January 14, 2017 - 11:11 PM EST
Day-to-Day Pentagon Costs Exceed 50% of Budget
Allies Block Last Obama Showdown With Russia
  Trump to Keep Russia Sanctions 'For Now'
  Denmark Plans Military Spending Increase, Citing Russia
  Poll: Americans Come Out of Election More Scared of Russia
Senate Intel Panel to Probe Trump-Russia Links
  Trump Adviser Flynn Held Multiple Calls With Russian Envoy
Trump Nets Russian Invite to Syria Talks
  Reuters Claims Secret 'List' Blames Assad for Chemical Attacks
Chinese Media Slams Tillerson Threat Over Islands
The Foolish Optimism of Hoping for Chelsea Manning's Freedom  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Two-State Solution Still the Only Game in Town  by Uri Avnery
Learning to Love a Multipolar World  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
Can Trump Tame the Pentagon?  by William J. Astore
Who's the Real Manipulator of Elections?  by Jonathan Marshall
Police to Trump: 'Help Us Continue to Militarize'  by Abigail R. Hall-Blanco

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Havana Hails End to Special US Immigration Policy for Cubans
Obama 'Screwed' Us, Say Angry Cuban Migrants on Their Trek to US
Democrats Confront FBI Chief at Closed-Door Intelligence Briefing
The War at Home
UK PM May Says Trump Dossier Author Has Not Worked for Britain for Years
Trump Promises Full Report on Russian Hacking
Trump Team Disavows US-Jewish Businessman Who Discussed Jerusalem Embassy Move With Abbas
Chelsea Manning Describes Bleak Life in a Men's Prison
Chicago Police Routinely Trample Rights, US Finds
Ex-MI6 Agent Who Wrote Trump File Was Case Officer for Poisoned KGB Spy
Trump Likely to Tap Business Executive to Head Navy: Report
Settler Leaders Invited to Attend Trump Inauguration
Wasserman Schultz Confronted Comey About Russian Hacking
Lockheed Martin CEO Meets Trump, Says Deal to Lower F-35 Costs Is Close
UN Chief Prepared to Meet US Lawmakers Amid Push to Cut Funds
Turkish Troops Will Remain on Cyprus, Vows Erdogan
Turkey's Erdogan Says Greeks Avoiding Solution in Cyprus
Italy Expels Tunisian With Indirect Link to Berlin Attacker
Lone Migrant Children Arriving in Italy by Sea Doubles in 2016
Serbia Arrests Suspect Linked to Montenegro Election Plot
Kosovo Says Serbia's Train to Its North Violates Sovereignty
Serbia Says It Will Retaliate if France Refuses to Hand Over Kosovo Ex-PM
Belgian, French Women Held in Hungary for Terrorism-Linked Activity
Swiss Limit Tibetan Protest Against Visit by Chinese President
Russia Woos Top Libyan Military Chief
Rival Libya Government Seizes Ministries in Tripoli
Nigeria: 11 Killed in Multiple Bomb Blasts in Madagali
Clashes in Nigeria's Divided Heartland Pile Pressure on President
African Union Will Not Recognize Gambia's Jammeh From Jan. 19
No, We're Not Going to Invade Gambia: Nigerian Army
US Moves to Lift Decades-Old Trade Embargo Against Sudan
Ivory Coast Army Mutineers Strike Deal With Government Over Bonuses
'He's Not the Real King': Rwandan Royals Argue Over Succession
Americans Still Dying
Special Forces Soldier From Cibolo (TX) Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Jordan
Cold and Angry, Gazans Challenge Hamas Over Electricity
Tapes Show Netanyahu Hesitant to Cross Sheldon Adelson in Deal With Local Competitor
UN Ambassador Warns of 'Further Anti-Israel Measures'
Thousands Rally in Israeli Arab Town After State Demolishes Homes
Palestinian Imams Preach Against Trump's Plans to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
Symbolic Buildings, Bridge Captured in Mosul; 118 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Reach Nineveh Govt Building in Mosul: US Official
Anti-ISIS Fight Going as Fast as Possible: Pentagon Official
Canada to Reestablish Embassy in Iraq After 26 Years
Syria Calls on UN to 'Punish' Israel Over Airport Attack
Turkey Says United, Peaceful Syria Impossible With Assad
Syrian Army Advances Towards Damaged Damascus Water Source
Syria: Deal Reached to Repair Wadi Barada Water Supply
ISIS Khalid Ibn Al-Walid Army Beheads 'Wizard' in Syria
Turkey's Parliament Approves Key Articles of Constitutional Reform
Turkish Court Arrests Two Uighurs in Relation to Istanbul Nightclub Attack
Turkey Offers Citizenship to Foreign Property Buyers
Erdogan Says Early Turkish Election Not Desirable, but Not Unthinkable
Iran Nuclear Deal Working, Wise for Trump to Uphold: US Envoy to UN
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Position for Power
Airbus Versus Boeing: Iran Deals the Difference in Plane Battle
Middle East
Pentagon: US Airstrike Kills al-Qaeda Senior Leader in Yemen
Six Palestinians Surrender to Lebanon Army
China Aircraft Carrier Capabilities Tested on Latest Mission
Taiwan Works to Keep Its Central America Friends (among Its Few)
Philippines Says Any US Move Against Beijing in South China Sea Would Be in Its Own Interest
Journalist Killed by Masked Gunmen in Pakistan
Rights Watchdog Raps Nepal Over War Crimes
Korean Minister Says 'Comfort Woman' Statue Outside Japan Mission Inappropriate
US Intelligence Services Issue Warning Over Instability in Mexico
Explosive Device Injures Top Official With Chile's State-Run Mining Company
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