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Updated January 19, 2017 - 11:28 PM EST
US Strikes in Libya Kill 80 Alleged ISIS Fighters
FBI, Agencies Probe 'Covert Russian Aid' to Trump
Officials Try to Push Trump on Hostility to Russia
  Germany Demands Trump Clarify His Foreign Policy Agenda
  Ukraine President: World Must Unite to Fight Russia
Rep. Gabbard Makes Unannounced Trip to Syria
  Turkey, Russia Launch Joint Airstrikes Against ISIS in N. Syria
  Syria Opposes Qatar, Saudi Participating in Peace Talks
CIA Unveils New Guidelines to Spy on Americans
  The CIA's Secret History Is Now Online
US Must Release Abu Ghraib Photos, Judge Says
Mali: Al-Qaeda Suicide Blast Kills at Least 60
Assange Agrees To Go to US if His Rights Are Guaranteed
A Parting Shot at Personal Freedom  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Democrats Need to Stop Throwing Everything They Can at Trump  by Norman Solomon
Number of Bombs Our Nobel Laureate President Dropped in 2016 Is Stunning  by Kevin Boyd
Obama's Bombing Legacy  by Nicolas JS Davies
The Scheme to Take Down Trump  by Daniel Lazare
Kerry's Big Lie and US Opposition to the Two-State Solution  by Jeremy R. Hammond

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Trump Wants to Spend a Ton Reminding You Our Military Is Kickass
Will Judith Miller Ever Live It Down?
Bacevich and Mearsheimer on Obama's Legacy
UK Widens Justifications for Unmanned Strikes
Russia Allows Snowden to Remain Through 2020
The War at Home
Obama's Pardon of Gen. James Cartwright Is a New Twist in the War on Leaks
Senate Panel Approves Mattis for Defense Secretary
Hacker Who Turned in Chelsea Manning: 'it Was Not My Most Honorable Moment'
SEAL Team 6 Responds to the Intercept's Investigation of Its War Crimes
Jewish Centers Across US Evacuated Amid New Wave of Bomb Threats
Marine Killed in Training Exercise Was Florida 19-Year-Old
Soldier Found in Barracks Is 11th Death at Fort Hood Since November
White House Concedes It Won't Close Guantanamo After All
Guantanamo Prisoner Loses Bid for Release Before Trump Era
Obama to Trump: Keep Russia Sanctions Separate From Nuclear Talks
Obama Says Russia Must Stop 'Meddling' in World Affairs if They Want Sanctions Lifted
Pence: NATO Will Remain a Check on Russia
Trump UN Pick Echoes His Criticism but Breaks From Him on Issues
Whistleblower Snowden Can Apply for Russian Passport Next Year: RIA Cites Lawyer
Anxious European Leaders Seek Audience With Trump
Security Issues Sow Divisions as Cyprus Talks Resume
Protests Erupt Over Romanian Govt Plan to Pardon Thousands
Germany Reviewing Nearly 550 Migrants Deemed a Security Risk
Disabled Refugees 'Overlooked' in Greece: Human Rights Watch
Security Turns UN in Geneva Into Ghost Town as China's Xi Visits
EU Leaders Welcome Brexit Clarity, Merkel Says EU United Ahead of Talks
China Urges US to Bar Taiwan Delegation From Trump Inauguration
China Says Can Resolve Trade Disputes With New US Govt
Xi Portrays China as Global Leader as Trump Era Looms
Pakistani Forces Kill Leader of Banned Sectarian Militant Group
Missing Pakistani Activists' Families Decry Blasphemy Allegations
Indonesian Police Question Islamist Leader as Authorities Warn Over Extremism
Mexico Arrests Ex-Governor Sent Home After US Prison Term
Goldman Prize-Winning Activist Slain in Northern Mexico
Murder of Mexican Activist Triggers Calls for Better Protection of Campaigners
Operations Wrapping Up in Eastern Mosul; 131 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Special Forces Chief Says Mission Accomplished in E. Mosul
Abadi Wants Full Disclosure About 2003 Invasion
Former Nusra Front Says It Carried Out Damascus Bombing
Istanbul Nightclub Attacker Says Was Directed by ISIS
Purges Have Weakened Once Mighty Turkish Military
Turkey Deports New York Times Journalist
Turkey Issues Arrest Warrants for 243 Military Members in Post-Coup Probe
Turkish Prosecutors Seek 142-Year Sentence for Pro-Kurdish Party Leader
Obama: 'Moment May Be Passing' for Two-State Solution
Palestinians Killed in Israeli Home Demolition Raid
Obama Suggests US Embassy Move to Jerusalem Could Be 'Explosive'
Israel Deploys 'Star Wars' Missile Killer System
Trump's UN Pick Nikki Haley Tells Senate: Israeli Settlements 'Can Hinder Peace'
Middle East
Outgoing US Envoy Says UN Needs to 'Push' Iran on Arms Embargo
Six Civilians Killed in Rebel Strike in Yemen's Taiz
Gambia's New President Is Sworn In, in Another Country
Nigerian Air Force Deploys to Senegal as Gambia Deadline Nears
Senegal Army Ready to Enter Gambia if President Refuses to Quit
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Rocked by Protests as Deadly Army Mutiny Spreads
Gunfire Erupts in Ivory Coast Port City of San Pedro: Residents
Germany's 'Marshall Plan' for Africa Unveiled
Egypt Puts Soccer Star Aboutrika on No-Fly, Terror List
Al-Qaeda Says Mali Attack Punishment for Cooperation With France
Ugandan Soldier Executed by Somalia's Al Shabaab Militants: Video
US, Mexico, Cuba Ready to Sign 'Doughnut Hole' Deal in Gulf Waters
Colombia Peace Talks With ELN Rebels to Begin Feb. 8: President
Venezuela President Reneges on Pledge to Free Opponent Lopez
Retired Canadian General Recruited to Deal With Trump Team
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