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Updated January 24, 2017 - 11:12 PM EST
Trump Budget Chief Faces Up Against GOP Hawks
  Mick Mulvaney on How to Freeze the Pentagon
  Trump Vows to Keep China From Claiming Chinese-Built Islands
No Progress on First Day of Syria Talks
  White House Open to Cooperating With Russia in Syria
  Syria Peace Talks Begin With Russia Taking Center Stage
Iraq Backs Off Claims of Eastern Mosul Victory
  Iraq PM Orders Probe Into Torture, Killings During Mosul Invasion
  Mattis Celebrates First Day at Pentagon by Blowing Up ISIS 31 Times
No Decision on Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem
Senate Confirms Pompeo as New CIA Director
US Says Libya Bombing Linked to Berlin Truck Attack
US Drone Killing Machine Now on Autopilot  by Laurie Calhoun
NPR Publishes Annotated Version of Trump's Inaugural Speech  by Thomas Harrington
America's Putin Derangement Syndrome  by Daniel Lazare
Why I Voted Against the New CIA Director  by Sen. Rand Paul
Trump's Foreign Policy: An Unwise Inconsistency?  by Ron Paul
From War to More War  by Stanley L. Cohen

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America's Failure in Syria's Civil War
John Judis Interviews Joshua Landis
14 Senate Dems Fall in Line Behind Trump CIA Pick Who Left Door Open to Torture
Trump Admin Backs Off Pledge of Immediate Immigration Change
US Stocks Hit by Trump's Protectionism
Trump Calls Egypt's El-Sissi, Offers Support
Pentagon Confirms Weekend Drone Strikes Under Trump
Govt Executes Militants for 2014 Massacre; 97 Killed in Iraq
Some Mosul Residents Face New Fears After ISIS Rule
ISIS Expel Residents to Defend River Bank in Mosul
Turkish Military Says Killed 65 ISIS Militants in Syria
Russia and Turkey Push Syria's Warring Sides to Seal Truce
Prices Soar, Families Use River Water as ISIS Besieges Syrian City
Czechs Say Polish Man Released After Being Held in Syria Since 2015
UK Increases Weapons Sales to Turkey as Brexit Looms
Fate of Turkish Troops Who Fled to Greece to Be Decided This Week
Turkey Dismisses Deputy Head of TMSF State Fund in Post-Coup Decree
Israeli Security Establishment to Netanyahu: Don't Touch Iran Deal
Glad to See Obama Go, Gulf Arabs Expect Trump to Counter Iran
Senior Palestinian Official: Moving US Embassy 'A Declaration of War' on Muslims
PM: We Want Arab Citizens to Integrate Into Israeli Society
Opposition MPs, Bennett Urge Release of Damning Gaza War Report
Deal to Remove Israeli Outpost in West Bank in Jeopardy
Court Suspends Amona Settlers' Relocation Deal Due to Palestinian Land Claims
Netanyahu Warns Lawmakers: 'Surprises' for Trump Could Harm Israel
Israel's Livni Skips Belgium Trip Amid Threat of Arrest
US Released $221 Million to Palestinians Hours Before Trump Inauguration
Gulf-Backed Yemeni Forces Push Into Red Sea Coast City
China Urges Trump Administration to Grasp Importance of 'One China'
Diplomat Says China Would Assume World Leadership if Needed
ISIS Finds Easy Recruits in Prisons of Indonesia
Indonesia Police Question Cleric Over Lecture on Communist Symbols
Philippines Tells Outsiders Not to Use ASEAN as 'Proxy' for Rivalry
The War at Home
Senate Votes to Approve Donald Trump's Secretary of State Pick Rex Tillerson
Trump Pulls US Out of Pacific Trade Deal, Loosening Asia Ties
New CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Torture, Muslims, Terror, Iran, NSA Spying
White House Disputes Multiple Calls Between Trump Adviser, Russian Envoy
Lawmakers in Eight States Have Proposed Laws Criminalizing Peaceful Protest
Syrian Refugee Chocolate Maker Turned Away at US Border
Trump Picks Academy Grad and Former Rep. Heather Wilson to Be Air Force Secretary
UK Minister Defends 'Failed' Trident Missile Test
Why a Missile Test Is Rocking British Politics
German Arms Sales Drop to Second-Highest Levels on Record
German Police Arrest 'Accomplice' of Austrian Terror Suspect
France's Fillon Says Russia Sanctions Pointless, Dialogue Needed
France Closes Court Case Over Murder of Kurdish Militants
Boy, 12, Questioned in Hunt for ISIS Suspect in Austria
Swiss Asylum Requests Plunge 31 Percent in 2016
Three Malian Soldiers Killed in Landmine Blast
14 Members of Pro-Govt Militia Killed in Mali Attack
In Gambia, Relief Turns to Anger at Ex-Leader's Soft Landing
Egyptian State TV Airs Video of Murdered Italian Student Regeni
Ivory Coast Hit by Fresh Protests in Wake of Mutiny
UN: Boko Haram's Toll Includes 515,000 Malnourished Kids
New Mauritius PM Takes Over From Father, Opponents Cry Foul
Uganda Says Returns Detained Former Congo Rebels to Military Camp
Congo's Catholic Church Warns Kabila Deal Risks Falling Apart
US Lawmakers Propose Sanctions for Venezuela Food Corruption
Venezuela's Opposition Marches to Demand Regional Elections
Hardline Party on Front Line of Venezuelan Political War
Lawyer: Panama to Allow Ex-Dictator Noriega House Arrest
Mexico Captures Son of Sinaloa Drug Cartel Boss 'El Azul'
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