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Updated January 27, 2017 - 11:17 PM EST
Pentagon's Options for ISIS Center on Escalation
Rebels Back Trump's Talk of Syria 'Safe Zones'
  Syrian Islamist Rebels Announce New Alliance Against Al-Qaeda
  Turkey Faces Long and Difficult Fight Against ISIS in Syria
  Gabbard's Syria Visit Riles Congressional Hawks
Iraq Considers Retaliatory Ban on US Visitors
  ISIS Executes, Attacks Civilians in Mosul; 78 Killed in Iraq
Pentagon: Mattis Remains Opposed to Torture
  Poland, Lithuania Both Rule Out Hosting CIA Black Sites
Trump to Speak With Putin on Saturday
Philippines DM: US Military Deal Still Intact
Turkey Faces Long and Difficult Fight Against ISIS in Syria  by Patrick Cockburn
The Nihilist Intelligence Officer  by Philip Giraldi
Trump's First Big Mistake  by Justin Raimondo
The Injustices of Manning's Ordeal  by Marjorie Cohn

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Trump: Border Wall Will Be Funded by 20% Import Tax on Mexican Goods
Trump May Name Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorists
Theresa May: UK and US Cannot Return to 'Failed' Interventions
Journalists at Inaugural Protests Charged With Felonies
ISIS Executes, Attacks Civilians in Mosul; 78 Killed in Iraq
Exchanging Fire Across the Tigris as Battle for West Mosul Looms
Germany Extends Military Training Mission in Northern Iraq
Trump's Vow to Use Torture Won't Affect How Canada Fights in Iraq, General Says
Just Back From Syria, Rep. Gabbard Brings Message: 'There Are No Moderate Rebels'
UN Aid Chief Accuses Syria of Blocking Help to Neediest
Syrian Observatory Says Army Thwarts ISIS Attack Near Aleppo Supply Route
UK 'Open-Minded' on Timescale for Exit of Syria's Assad
Turkey Sees Nusra Front as Terrorist Group, Acts Accordingly
Syria's Million-Tonne Russian Wheat Deal in Jeopardy
Turkey Angered as Greece Blocks Extradition of Soldiers Over Coup Attempt
Over 5,000 Turks File Cases at European Court Over Purge
Foxman: Israeli Govt Doesn't Really Want US to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
Israel Approves 153 More East Jerusalem Settler Homes
Gaza's Water Shortage Worsens, No Easy Solutions Seen
Gaza Comedian Who Criticized Hamas Released From Jail
Police to Interrogate Netanyahu Over Alleged Corruption for Third Time on Friday
How the Surge in East Jerusalem Construction Plans Could Spell End of Two-State Solution
Middle East
Netanyahu: Trump Understands 'Danger' of Iran Nuclear Deal
Unpaid State Salaries Deepen Economic Pain in Yemen's War
ISIS Pushing for Asian Links, Expansion, Philippines Says
Police: Indonesia ISIS Suspect a Well-Educated Former Official
'Give US Our Children Back': Hunger Strikers in Sri Lanka Demand Answers
Six Indian Soldiers Killed by Avalanches
Pakistan Bans Famed Religious TV Host for Hurling Blasphemy Allegations
The War at Home
Expecting Trump Action, US Suspends Refugee Resettlement Interviews
Senior Staff Resigns En Masse From State Department
Gitmo Numbers Likely to Rise Under Trump
Trump Angry as Manning Questions Obama
Rights Advocates Warn of Backlash if Trump Pursues Torture
Donald Trump's Twitter Account Is Secured Using a Personal Gmail Address That Could Be Hacked
Stephen P. Cohen, Secret Broker of Mideast Peace Talks, Dies at 71
New York Man Gets 20 Years for Plotting ISIS-Inspired New Year's Machete Attack
Libyan Forces Say They Found 90 Bodies at Site of US Air Strike
Tripoli Force Suspects Eastern Military Backers in Car Bomb Blast
Throngs Cheer New President's Triumphant Return to Gambia
Congo Plans to Extradite 186 Alleged Burundian Rebels
Egyptian Rights Lawyer Says He's Banned From Travel
Sudanese Opposition Leader Sadiq Al-Mahdi Returns From Two-Year Exile
Three Arrests Made in Mali Over Attack That Killed 77 People
Russia Says No Direct Contacts Yet Between White House and Kremlin
Russia Says British Military Staging 'Show' With Channel Escort
UK's May 'Absolutely' Condemns Torture Ahead of Trump Visit
'Opposites Attract,' UK PM Calls on Trump to Renew Special Relationship
German Court Jails Girl Who Stabbed Policeman in Name of ISIS
Slovenian Parliament Toughens Law to Prevent Migrant Influx
Immigration to Switzerland Slows for Third Year in a Row
Venezuela Opposition Promises Renewed Street Movement
Canada Military Raises Torture Objections
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