Stop Elliott Abrams!

The news that President Trump is seriously considering renown neoconservative Elliott Abrams for the key position of Deputy Secretary of State should alarm all Americans who want to "avoid the mistakes of the past," as Trump put it in his major foreign policy speech. Abrams stands for everything the President said he opposes: regime change, globalism, hostility to Russia, endless wars on behalf of ungrateful "allies."

What's more, Abrams consistently attacked Trump during the campaign, calling him a danger to national security. Why is the President appeasing his enemies?

No matter what you think of Trump, this must be stopped. Contact the White House and call your Senators.
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Updated February 7, 2017 - 11:23 PM EST
Stop Elliott Abrams for Deputy Secretary of State
  Sen. Rand Paul: Don't Let Abrams Anywhere Near the State Dept
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