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Updated March 3, 2017 - 11:22 PM EST
Major Papers Target AG Sessions Over Russia
US: Military Force an Option Against North Korea
Flurry of US Airstrikes Against al-Qaeda in Yemen
  45,000 Displaced by Battles Around Yemen's Mokha: UN
Syria Makes Deal With Kurds to Counter Turkey
  Syria Recaptures Palmyra From ISIS for a Second Time
  Civilians Killed in Airstrike That Hit West Mosul Mosque
Report: Mali's Largest Jihadist Factions to Merge
Apparent US Drone Strike Kills Two in Northern Pakistan
White House: Renew, Don't Reform Surveillance Law
Trump Pledges '12-Carrier' Fleet as He Touts Navy Buildup
Sweden Imposes Military Draft, Citing 'Threat' of Russia
Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish  by Ran HaCohen
The Forever Prisoners of Guantanamo  by Karen Greenberg
Trump's SecDef Has Already Brought US to the Brink of War  by Mehdi Hasan
Can Anti-Interventionism Survive the Trump Era?  by Justin Raimondo
How to Engage North Korea  by Doug Bandow
Must It Always Be Wartime?  by Kenneth Roth

More Viewpoints

Attorney General Recuses Himself on Russia Probe
Hosni Mubarak Acquitted Over 2011 Protester Killings
Test for Egypt as Christian Families Flee ISIS Hit Lists
EU Threatens to Introduce Visas for US Travelers
Muslims Offer to Guard Jewish Sites in US
Chemical Attack in Mosul; 36 Killed in Iraq
UN: 4,000 Civilians Flee Mosul Each Day Amid Fighting
Oil Flows Resume From Iraq's Kirkuk Fields After Kurdish Forces Storm Facility
Al-Qaeda Confirms Leader Killed by Drone Strike in Syria
Syrian Govt Says Opposition Holding Geneva Talks Hostage
Syrian Warplanes Strike Homs District
Manbij Villages Will Be Handed to Syria Government in Coming Days: Local Official
Syrian Opposition Likens Palmyra Battles to 'Tom and Jerry' Show
Netanyahu Says He Pitched Trump on US Exit From UN Human Rights Council
Israeli Jets, Tanks Strike Hamas Targets in Response to Cross-Border Fire
Israeli Soldier Who Killed Wounded Palestinian Attacker Has Jail Sentence Postponed
Hamas Mouthpiece Warns: Israel Crossing Red Lines, War May Follow
Lebanon Charges at Least 45 With ISIS Affiliations
China Drills Again Near Taiwan as Island Warns of Threat
China Dismisses Human Rights Activists' Torture Claims as 'Fake News'
Shooting in Thailand's South Kills Four Despite Safety Zone Deal: Police
Philippines Demands Proof for Rights Group's Assertion of Police 'Executions'
Russia Accuses NATO, EU, and Albania of Meddling in Macedonia
EU Urges Macedonia to Drop Block on 'Albanian Language Row' Government
Germany Says to Keep Soldiers in Baltics as Long as Needed
German Authorities Block Events Where Turkish Ministers to Speak
Germany Arrests Syrian Extremist Accused of Massacring 36 People
Northern Ireland Holds Snap Vote in Shadow of Brexit
Russia Reviewing Montenegrin Request to Investigate Coup Plot
Catalans Prepare Vote for Independence From Spain
Ukraine Industrial Group Rejects Separatists' Demand to Register Firms Locally
Austrian Parties Agree on Parliamentary Inquiry Into Eurofighter Deal
Hungary Builds New High-Tech Border Fence – With Few Migrants in Sight
DR Congo
Suspected Militiamen Kidnap Five Workers at Banro's East Congo Mine
Late Congo Opposition Leader's Son Named as Successor
Kenyan Forces Battle Al Shabaab Militants in Somalia
Land Haunts Germany's Effort to Atone for Africa Genocide
UN Says Tide of Refugees From South Sudan Rising Fast
Nearly 1,000 Migrants Rescued Off Libya: Italy
Mexico Says It Will Defend Rights of Its Migrants, Cooperate With UN
Five Guatemalan Ex-Officers to Be Tried for Disappearance, Rape
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Justin Raimondo
Can Anti-Interventionism Survive the Trump Era?

Ran HaCohen
Israel: Neither Democratic or Jewish

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Believing That War Has Consequences

Ivan Eland
Trump Needs To Rethink Terror Policies

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'Isolationist' Trump Rattles His Saber

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Do Orcs Love Their Children Too?

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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