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Updated March 9, 2017 - 11:21 PM EST
US Marines Deploy to Raqqa, Artillery in Tow
  US Confirms More Ground Troops Sent to Syria
  US Mulls 'Reserve' Deployment to Kuwait for ISIS Fight
  Abadi: Iraq to Continue Airstrikes Against Syria, Other Neighbors
  Suicide Bombings Kill at Least 30 at Tikrit Wedding
CIA: WikiLeaks Disclosures Help 'Adversaries'
  Comey: Americans Shouldn't Expect Absolute Privacy
  CIA's 'Digital Innovation' Division Can't Seem to Keep Its Own Secrets
US Gen.: Russian Cruise Missile Threatens NATO
  Trump Picks Hawkish Critic of Russia as NATO Ambassador
  Sources: Huntsman Tapped as Ambassador to Russia
ISIS Attacks Afghan Army Hospital, Dozens Killed
House Passes $578 Billion Military Spending Bill
US Rejects China's Proposed North Korea Deal
Trump to Resume Halted Saudi Arms Sales for Yemen War
Mad About THAAD: An Untimely Decision  by Mel Gurtov
Vladimir Putin Isn't a Supervillain  by Mark Lawrence Schrad
Only the Israeli Dead Matter: Israel's Failure at Investigating Its Bloody Wars  by Ramzy Baroud
Congress Created a Monster  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Reagan Redux at the Pentagon  by Kelley Vlahos
Risks in Demonizing Diplomacy With Russia  by Jack Matlock

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House Roll Call Vote on Defense Budget
NATO, US Slap Kosovo Move to Create National Army
What the CIA Thinks of Your Anti-Virus Program
Chinese Mistake Satire on Trump as Real News
Carnage at Tikrit Wedding; 178 Killed in Iraq
Snipers Play Cat and Mouse in Battle for Mosul
Rubble and Ash in Mosul Museum Retaken From ISIS
Warplanes Bomb East of Damascus After Truce Declared, Residents, Monitor Say
ISIS Leaders Are Fleeing Raqqa, US Military Says
Turkish Diplomats Seek Asylum in Switzerland: Paper
Turkey Has Stepped Up Spying in Germany, Says Berlin
For First Time, Hamas Prepared to Accept Pre-1967 Borders for Palestinian State
Israeli Lawmakers Advance Bill to Curb Loudspeakers in Muslim Call to Prayer
B'Tselem: Israel Does Not Compensate Palestinians for Collateral Damage
Walled Off Hotel: Not All Palestinians Are Happy With Banksy's Bethlehem Hotel
Middle East
Saudi Police Kill Suspected ISIS Militant: Ministry
Lebanon Appoints New Army Chief
NATO General Visits Israel After Stops in Egypt, Jordan
Germany Says Worried About Russian Missiles in Kaliningrad
Germany Deports Tunisian Terror Suspect to 'Likely Torture'
Gambian Police Launch Probe Into Journalist's Beating
Gambia Investigators Exhume Remains of Opposition Activist
South Sudan: Renegade General Calls for Overthrow of Kiir
Three Mass Graves Discovered in Central Congo: UN
Sudan's Omar Al-Bashir Pardons 259 Rebels
WikiLeaks: CIA 'Vault 7'
The CIA's No Good, Very Bad, Totally Awful Tuesday
FBI Probing Release of CIA Hacking Tools
CIA Disclosure: A Warning for Israel's Intelligence Agencies
CIA Didn't Break Signal, or WhatsApp, Despite What You've Heard
Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft React to WikiLeaks' CIA Dump
Apple to 'Rapidly Address' Any Security Holes as Companies Respond to CIA Leak
The War at Home
To Fund Border Wall, Trump Administration Weighs Cuts to Coast Guard, Airport Security
India Native Faces Nevada Sentencing on Terrorism Charges
Lynne Stewart, Lawyer Jailed in Terrorism Case, Dies at 77
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Says Taiwan Has 'No Future' Diplomatically
China Defends Hong Kong Law Interpretation to 'Firmly Oppose' Secession
China to Formulate National Intelligence Law This Year
Thousands Cross From Myanmar to China Amid Border Violence
Myanmar Set to Dodge Full UN Probe on Rohingya Abuse
Indonesia Jails Leaders of Deviant Sect for Blasphemy
Bangladeshi Asylum Seekers Tricked Into Radiation Clean-Up in Japan
Malaysia Warns of Long N. Korea Inquiry, China Says No Action Yet
Bolivia's Morales Approves Coca Law After Treatment in Cuba
Colombian Anti-Kidnapping Group Shutters as Abductions Fall
Mexico Cancels Sugar Export Permits to US in Trade Dispute
Honduras to Probe Alleged Drug Cartel Links With Ex-President
United Nations
UN Plans Reforms to Stamp Out Sexual Abuse by Peacekeepers
UN Wants Cyber Surveillance Treaty
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