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Updated March 13, 2017 - 9:01 PM EDT
Trump Gave CIA New Authority on Attack Drones
  Trump Seeks to Ease Rules on Counterterror Operations
Former US Diplomats Warn of Russia Hysteria
  Russia Growing Impatient for Improved Dialogue With US
  US Accuses Russia of Aiding Former CIA General in Libya Oil Battle
Damascus Bombs Kill 74, Mostly Iraqi Pilgrims
  Assad: Yet to See Concrete Action by US 'Invaders' to Fight ISIS
US-Led Airstrike Kills 11 Civilians in W. Mosul
  General: Iraq Has Retaken 30% of Western Mosul
Netanyahu Seeks Settlement OK From Trump Aide
  Palestinians: Trump-Abbas Talk Proves Israel Has Partner for Peace
Taliban Infiltrators Kill Eight Afghan Police
US Seeks Hundreds of Millions in War Debts From Cambodia
Dreams of 'Winning' Nuclear War Against Russia  by Jonathan Marshall
Calm Down About North Korea's Nukes  by John Glaser
Why America's Military Shouldn't Be Managing International Affairs  by Ted Ellis
A Flawed UN Investigation on Syria  by Gareth Porter
Truman Was Right About the CIA  by Jeff Deist
Debunking America's 'Good' Occupation  by Andrew J. Bacevich

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Turkey's Stance Against Kurds Alienates US, Russia
Seven Ways to Keep the CIA Out of Your Home
'Carlos the Jackal,' 1970s Extremist, Faces Paris Trial
Troops Move Further Into Mosul; 74 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Devastated Mosul Museum, or Did It?
Ministry: Foreign ISIS Experts Killed in Mosul Blitz, Including Former Mercedes Executive
ISIS Frees Mosul Prisoners as Grip on Last Major City Slips
Nearly 100,000 Displaced Since Start of Western Mosul Assault
American Aid Group Braves Sniper Fire, Explosions Amid Iraqi Battle With ISIS
Mass Grave of Shiite Inmates Killed by ISIS Found Near Mosul
Ex-Qaeda Affiliate in Syria Claims Damascus Bombings
Syrian Rebels Want Astana Meeting Delayed to Assess Ceasefire
300 Families of ISIS Fighters Flee Syria's Raqqa: Activists
Erdogan Calls for Sanctions Against 'Banana Republic' Netherlands
Netherlands Revokes Landing Rights for Turkey Foreign Minister
Denmark Warns Turkish PM to Postpone Visit as Germany Mulls Legal Options
German Lawmakers Call for Withdrawal of Bundeswehr Troops From Turkey
France Urges Turkey and EU States to Ease Tensions
Turkey Says All Deals With EU in Jeopardy if No Visa Liberalization
Turkey Protesters Slam Jailing of Journalists
Iran Unveils Domestically Produced Tank, Production Line
Second Passenger Aircraft Arrives in Iran After Lifting of Sanctions
Middle East
Jordan Soldier Who Shot Israeli Schoolchildren Freed After End of Sentence
Saudi Teen Killed in Security Raid on Shi'ite Village
Leftover Cluster Bomb Kills Child, Guts House in Kuwait
Germany Rebuffs Trump's Call for a Big Jump in Military Spending
Two Arrested After Germany Shuts Down Essen Shopping Mall Over Fears of Terrorist Attack
Two Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 16 Wounded in Fresh Fighting
Serbia to Get Russian Jets Before Election
Poland Says Will 'Play Rough' With EU After Tusk Vote
Britain Has a Brexit Backup Plan if Talks Fail, Says Minister
Cyprus: EU Opposes Peace Deal Giving Turks Key Freedoms
Belarus Police Detain Protesters, Journalists Amid Protests
Parade Sees Tributes to Israeli Soldier Convicted of Killing
IDF Soldier Receives Lenient Sentence for Sexual Assault
Arab Israelis Protest Mosque Loudspeaker Bills
Israel Cabinet Considering Bill to Strip Rights of Citizens Accused of Treason
Fifteen Killed Near Yemen Red Sea Port
Rand Paul on Yemen: Are US Interventions Doing More Harm Than Good?
South Korea Liberals Likely to Win Power, May Bring Softer North Korea Stance
Seoul Braces for Protests Amid Calls for Park's Arrest
Malaysia Says Only 315 North Koreans Left in the Country
Malaysia, North Korea to Begin Formal Talks Over Return of Malaysians: Minister
Gunmen Attack Military Airport in Eastern Afghanistan
To Interest Trump, Afghanistan Dangles Investment Opportunity
Philippines, Maoist-Rebels Agree to Resume Talks Next Month
Hundreds of Islamic Front Child Soldiers Released in Philippines
Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Kidnaps Teacher in Sulu
China Blasts CIA After WikiLeaks Reveals Extent of Agency's Hacking Abilities
China's Xi Pushes Advanced Technology for Military
Suspected Maoist Rebels Kill 11 Police in Central India
Pakistan PM Seeks Help From Clerics in War Against Militants
Indonesia Arrests Nine Suspected Militants
South Sudan
South Sudan 'To Profit' From Crisis With $10,000 Visas: Aid Groups
South Sudan Is Battling a Famine, but Will Jack Up Permit Fees for Foreign Aid Workers by 100-Fold
South Sudan Rebels Say They've Abducted Two Indian Engineers
African Union Force in Somalia Needs Troop Surge, Chief Says
Hundreds of Somali Soldiers Protest in Mogadishu Over Unpaid Wages
Uprooted by War, Threatened by Boko Haram and Desperate to Go Home
Policeman Killed in Checkpoint Attack in Southern Tunisia
Hundreds Protest in Guinea Bissau as Political Crisis Deepens
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